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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lynn from Psychic Focus Blog Talks About The Dollar Falling And A New World Currency

I found Lynn by accident while searching for information about Flight 370 and boy did I find the mother lode. I then spent hours just reading the entries from 2012 on, and there are a LOT. She posts very frequently, answering questions from readers. She also gives personal readings at very reasonable prices and my wife had great one with her recently. This woman has genuine ability and I like her very practical and detailed insights. She is a very beautiful and giving soul.

She states on her site http://psychicfocus.blogspot.fr that she is a mom of four kids that slowly realized she had psychic abilities and wanted to use them to help others. She covers a lot of topics and is not afraid to dive into future predictions. Dates are not always perfect, as for so many other intuitives, but I think it is worth noting what she has to say for future reference to be prepared.

Speaking of Flight 370, Denise at "Astrology and Psychic Prediction" blog just posted for a second time about this reiterating and clarifying her feelings. She (as well as Lynn) was one of many who sees the plane slipping into an alternate reality, but she also thinks that the plane may have gotten in the way of some experimentation of advanced technology. You can read her post here http://astrologyandpsychicpredictions.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/air-collisions-with-ufos  Moving on…

I hesitate to bring certain information that I get from psychics, and this is one of those moments. But I think Lynn is on to an event that may well happen soon and I think it is important for people to try to be prepared in any way possible.
When I wrote “2012 Messages“, I said that the United States was under long term astrological aspects, the heaviest of which is the Pluto opposition to our Sun in the chart. This is the same aspect that was in force during the American Revolution which was brought on by taxation without representation – sound familiar? It’s happening again. In general, our representatives and government are in the pockets of the wealthy and corporate interests.  

Along with this comes Uranus in Aries making a provocative angle to our Sun showing that this old order of control that we have been living under is going to be broken up so something new can replace it. Uranus promotes freedom and independence. It also promotes new technological advances that help everyone (like the light bulb from Aquarian Edison – Aquarius ruled by Uranus). It also foments revolution if change is not forthcoming or is blocked. It also represents earth changes, especially earthquakes. It represents the energy of change whose time has come.   

Pluto represents power, but it also asks (or rather demands) that there be great transformation. Pluto applies pressure to change, to let go of what stands in the way of spiritual or personal growth. If there is resistance to this force, all the things which are valued start to be forcibly stripped away until there is acceptance, or in extreme cases, death. Pluto is the great cosmic steam roller, slowly but surely applying pressure.

I don’t think the United States will dissolve, but it will be changed and its influence may be weakened. I feel that if the U.S. does not become a true leader and team player on the world stage (power sharing instead of trying to extort or push others around to get their way), the power will be greatly diminished. The people are realizing, both personally and politically, that they do have the power to change and to manifest what they want, not necessarily what the power brokers want.

Part of the power of the USA is the wealth, which hasn’t always been used in a positive way or been very carefully maintained. Lynn says that because of this debt and the lack of real assets backing it up (besides land), countries like China are seeing that vulnerability and may even at some time, call in their investments here -- and they want gold or land, not paper money. This is the big picture that Lynn lays out, but here are some notes and quotes…    

*NEW NOTE November, 2017: To preface the following predictions, Lynn turned out to be correct in that the market took a dive  in early 2015, but it was not THE major one that is coming. After that comes a financial reset and myriad changes in every aspect of living. From my information, it seems it will happen before 2020, but not before the wealthy can move funds around to avoid any major damage to their pocketbooks. The market is heavily manipulated, therefore she saw what should have happened, but was prevented through human intervention of will, power and control. In the comments below, someone talked about digital currency, and this seems to be the route that will be taken as the dollar begins to be unmasked as the weak  currency that it is. If you are wanting to follow this subject and get more current info, I urge you to go to Lynn's Psychic Focus blog and use the search box to check the latest predictions about the dollar and currency. Whatever happens, remember that we will get through it and come out much better on the other side of it. Have faith.       

Lets start with the present and go through a timeline. Right now the market looks good, even while people are still losing their jobs and their houses. But at some point when the Dow reaches around 17,000 (it’s been hovering around 16,500), look for it to fall in stages, going down in a saw tooth configuration (like 2 down and one up), always loosing ground. Here are some excerpts from many different Q&A sessions at her site:

“ ... I see the stock Market taking a pretty good hit in July…July 14 seems to be highlighted…”

“When is the dollar crashing....?  Um, It feels to the future, but not too far out. My gut is telling me sometime in 2015 it will be obvious by how the stock market and consumer items such as gasoline and food are priced.  There will be a trend and then there will be a radical break from the trend, and we will know.”

“I again see the Christmas tree directing me to Christmas 2014 to early 2015.  It looks like the dollar will be collapsing at that time and the stock market will reflect this [predicted Feb 2014]…”

“ ...I see the stock market stay steady and gradually rise while the wealthy manipulate it and also make as much as they can before the collapse. ...Once the stocks start to decline (I see the stock market decline on a chart that looks like saw teeth) and then there will be a huge dip.  Once you see the decline begin, be cautious....I do not see the dollar collapsing by the end of 2014, but I see a lot of concern as if its days are numbered.  It looks like it is just barely hanging on. There is a lot of talk on how to preserve it.”

“I also get this bubble is going to bust, and bust soon.. Like within the next year, and the wealthy know it.  I also get those at the very top of the pyramid (and I see a pyramid in my mind) will be fine because they will manipulate their way into what serves their best interest, but those directly beneath them will suffer some serious life changes that they aren't able to accept.” 

Interestingly, she sees that real silver will be the one that makes “the big jump” in price, not gold.

This is Lynn’s timeline as she sees it now. Remember that it may be delayed or the effect lessened depending on the consciousness at the time.

As if this isn’t bad enough, she continues to lay out her vision of how things start to snowball. As the markets decline and we continue to try to deter Russia from any more bold moves, China starts to make a move and she says:

 “Once China gets involved, that is when our dollar gets in trouble…It looks like they [China] literally have a mountain of it [gold].  I see China getting to where they don't want our dollar, and they want to be paid with gold -- and we owe them a lot.  I see that once they take Russia's side, if we don't remove whatever punishments we are giving them, China will want full payment on what we owe -- and they won't take our dollar....They won't take payments and/or interest as they are doing now…That will be the punishment they give us.”
 “Within the next couple of years, probably by 2016, China is really going to make a push to try to get the gold standard back.  And I see the UN becoming involved at that time, and start to propose a worldwide currency.  When the threat of the gold standard starts and then the UN begins their discussions, that is when our financial situation really begins to collapse and I see the dollar really losing its value.  Like maybe even as low as half of what it is worth today.  The real value will be in physical precious metals because that is what the UN currency will be backed by…When a new world currency goes into effect, people will exchange their dollars for this new currency and they are going to realize that they have much less money than they thought…”

So according to her, it looks like there will be a great financial “reset”. You may wonder why the USA would give up its own currency. Lynn says that because of borrowing from the IMF, the UN stipulates that the USA (or anyone else) must adhere to UN decisions first and the USA laws after that. Remember that. It’s an agreement that is in force as long as someone is beholding to the IMF.   

She continues: “During the financial reset, the focus will be on jobs and trying to rebuild the economy and the mass of the people realize it can't be done if all the money is held at the top -- to some extent it has to be distributed to the workers because the social programs won't be available….Working families will be able to live off one income.  They won't be rich, but they can sustain.”

After the reset, things are changing rapidly and she sees that there is a “shift in what jobs are valuable. I get there is a trend coming for more natural and homeopathic treatments.” 

Well that’s one good thing. People have been wanting access to natural treatments for a while now, but they have to pay out of pocket. It also looks like in the far future there will be cards with credits on them that are refilled, but at the same time there will be a lot of bartering going on.  

Although Lynn is not the only one talking about his, I have never heard this whole particular outline of future events. I’ve heard “new currency”, “one bank” or “financial downturn”, but never explained in such detail as to how things could potentially start to click into place so quickly.

Remember also that this will not be the only thing going on. We will be bombarded with many things all at the same time, including earth changes, which I want to get to in a post soon. This is all a reflection of our rapid soul evolution at this time and “time compaction”, where it seems that we can not accomplish what we used to do in the same amount of time as before, so we have to choose what’s most important and let the rest go.

You can see how all this could have a real effect on people if they are not grounded and balanced. It may push a lot of people to the edge or right over it if they are not ready for such radical change. This is why I recommend (along with Lynn, and many others) daily meditation. You may not be able to control what’s happening around you, but you can create a peaceful space and strong energy around you that can actually insulate you from much of the harshness and craziness around you. 

This will be important in the future, both for our sanity, to connect with our higher selves so that we know what is truth and what is not and to know what to do (if anything) and when to do it. We can also be there for others who don’t understand all this and are freaking out.

That’s all for now.



  1. Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed your perspective on my readings. You have a natural gift in expressing your words through writing. Love and light- Lynn

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  3. Thanks, Orlando Psychics. Feel free to post any comments here regarding any feelings about the info here, or anything else you want to add. I welcome any psychic input here about what the future could hold, or if you agree with the psychic information provided here. Thanks for following. We are all in this together.


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