Welcome. Here you will find information gathered from many spiritual sources about what may happen after 2012 and about the Grand Shift of the Ages. It is my intent to help people to understand the significance of this event, and to discover the possible scenarios of this moment in time so that we can be prepared, aware and awakened...

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sherri Cortland and the Guide Group

Before we get started, I wanted to offer all who land here this Holiday Season a gift. I create Sacred Sound meditation music which can be used both as a meditation aid and to help raise your vibratory rate. Go to this link at CD Baby and receive a full CD MP3 download of either of my CDs for $4 (for a limited time) I will also make physical CDs available too for $5. These are professionally recorded and manufactured, shrink wrapped CDs in jewel cases. Happy Hoilidays, in whatever way you observe this time, where the people of earth seek to bring more light to the planet.    

After reading Sherri Cortland’s  newest book, Raising Your Vibrations for the New Age (Ozark Mountain Publishing), I think we may have found one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable providers of spiritual insight and practical solutions that I have seen. You might think of her as a cosmic cheerleader and coach packed in to one. She is dedicated to helping others to find ways to grow spiritually and supplies not only guidance from “The Guide Group” (GG for short), but uses her abilities as a Naturopathic Doctor and metaphysician to give information that can act as a support system for anyone on the spiritual path – newbies and old initiates alike. As a bonus, the book contains a CD of a guided meditation that was given to her through her guides. For more about her and her work, go here: www.sherricortland.com

Sherri desired so much to contact her guidance and found that the best way for her was through automatic writing. As she began to write, her guides taught her about noticing windows of opportunity by which we can choose to rise above our naturally negative reactions to events or people and shift to a more positive way of perceiving our experience, thus creating more light within ourselves and for the earth while overcoming any karmic lessons. This included a lot of practical suggestions to easily work your way into a higher consciousness, one of which was so simple, even Sherri questioned it. The guidance was to smile. I actually tried it and lo and behold, people really respond to this. It made me feel better too, as if I could provide a little lift to someone’s spirit using just a split second of my time. The world needs more light, and if it’s that easy to infuse light into the world one smile at a time, why not?

On to the channeling.

In this newest work, there is a lot of information about 2012, but not really predictions of specific events. There is a lot on the “New Earth” and this great shift we are undertaking now as a soul group along with the transitioning mother earth. This may sound familiar to some, as Dolores Cannon (see previous post ) also was getting the same information  about a raising of energetics from a 3rd to a 5th dimensional earth and populace.

The first thing I learned was about the significance of this time period. It is not just that we as a soul group are being challenged to rise greatly in vibration and transcend the 3rd dimension, but that the earth as well is making this shift, and that is the big show that beings throughout the Universe are coming here to watch right now – the show that we are participating in. Supposedly this has never been done – ever. So realize that you are a part of something huge that is going on and that you have a part to play as well as choices to make.

If we are in the Shift now, I wanted to know when it would be complete, but I found that a lot of it depends on us and how quickly we evolve.

“2012 is not written in stone...the planet will complete the Shift when the time is right”

According to Sherri and the Guides, we are actually “waist deep” in the Shift right now, that due to an error in calculation, the alignment that everyone is expecting in December 2012 actually already took place in 1998. So don’t even give those apocalyptic announcements any energy. I think what is happening is that 2012 will  be the year of the beginning of massive energetic infusions, and this will bring a corresponding energy of great shifts and changes in our world on a physical level. I’m talking more of political, cultural, business and lifestyle changes, but this could also include strange weather patterns, as the earth struggles to adjust to this in relation to any negativity or resistance from us (which tends to put a “drag” on the whole process).      

In January 2010, Sherri channeled this message:

“The vibrations of the planet and its inhabitants are about to undergo a great amplification in vibrational levels. The increases that take place over the next 3 years will be greater than that of the last 3 decades combined.”

This was written in early 2010, so the end of that 3 year period is the end of 2012 – so far. Everything is subject to change. That’s one of the reasons I put out this information. I try to get current projections on what is happening because things are shifting so quickly.

One important message from the guides (as well as many other spiritual teachers) is to really watch what you think, say and do, with no judgment or criticism of others as we do not know another’s soul lessons. The energy of these actions is negative and dims the light (especially gossip) and we need to bring more light, not less.

“Foundations are being shaken...the people of earth are being shaken to the core...for the sake of spiritual progress...the recession is a tool to make changes that are important...What is perceived as an economic downturn is actually a course correction...”

One of the foundations being shaken is that of conventional religions, especially if they tend to use the “us versus them” mentality. The Guides: “We are not saying that people should not be spiritual, we are saying that people need to be concerned about other people, no matter what religion they might be.”  

“As the Journey to completion of the Shift continues, you will see a breakdown of the religious belief systems that are so important to people at this time.”

The Guides see the election of Obama coinciding with our own elevated energy, and bringing much needed light after the Bush years, showing that we as a group have “opted for a peaceful way to grow and learn”. They say that with some European countries “on board” and Australia “ready to go” you will see a great opening of light spreading across the world. Regarding political cycles, remember that we are all attracting our leaders to us to reflect our own energies, just as we attract our friends, so even though it seems that the Bush years were dark for many, realize that he was a soul playing a part, what Sherri calls a “relationship villain”. These souls are all around us and come to prod us to grow, no matter how difficult it seems for us.

“The bonds and shackles that are part of the fear-driven, karma-driven, third dimensional lives on earth will be removed.”

According to her Guides there are souls here that are at the 5th dimensional level, some close and some who will not be making the shift due to the need to learn certain lessons in the 3rd dimension. Those “left behind” are no less than any other, they just have lessons to learn that can only be done in that atmosphere. The 4th dimension will remain as is, the realm of the astral, a kind of netherworld where souls check in after passing on. Some souls still are stuck there, but souls were never meant to stay there. So it is up to the 5th dimensional plane for as many as can make it. And by the way, it seems that many animals will make the shift, too, which should be interesting. 

“Those who shift with the planet will have a different type of body than they do now...this is something that will happen automatically...”

Evidently being a 5th dimensional being will bring a lot of changes: Vegetarianism – that means no carnivores (and eventually existing only from Light), a newer lighter body and psychic perception, as the veil is lifted and we communicate with each other and our friends and relatives who have passed. This New Earth will have different fruits and vegetables and different, brighter colors. There will be no war, as we recognize the futility of fighting and innately feel a kinship with each soul on earth. Because this is taking place in the 5th dimension, understand that those in the 3rd dimension do not have the ability to see it. These dimensions have always been around. It is our limited perceptions that create the disbelief in other worlds, or other earths in this case, co-existing side by side.
“Human beings will continue to evolve further than what is happening during this shift since it is just one stage of your evolution as a species...”

Life will go on. The earth and its people will go on. This is not the end, nor is there an end in sight, just a continual evolution until maybe one day we as singular souls return to the Source of our creation and begin again.