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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Insights From Dolores Cannon About The New Earth

Dolores Cannon http://dolorescannon.com/ has been practicing regression hypnotherapy since the 80s. As she gained information from her clients (through their subconcious link to their soul information) she tried to help them understand what was causing certain problems through traumatic past lives and to try to help them heal.

The latest series of  3 books entitled, The Convoluted Universe, now are giving information about souls who are coming to the earth for the first time to help with this time of transition. This is laid out completely in her latest book, Book III of the series. They come to her because they are confused, depressed, unhappy and in general, want to "go home", except for the fact that they don't know where "home" is. They just know that it isn't here. Most have lived on other planets, in other dimensions, but all of them are new to earth life and its difficulties.

One wave in particular has the job of just "being". This means that their energy is so strong that they are meant to just wander about and spread it all over without even thinking about it. Just by their presence, they raise vibrations. When told about this, they tend to get upset because they want to do something tangible, not just hang about. They have a hard time accepting that they are doing something valuable every minute of every day without thinking about it.

As the tale unfolds over many, many regressions, Dolores discovers that these souls have come in 3 waves, beginning around the early 1960s and continuing up to this day. Of course, the newer ones have a little easier time of it, as they are already "hardwired" into the new vibrations existing now. In addition to these souls, there are also around 10,000 "grid keepers" spread throughout he planet. These are souls that are here to mend the torn or weakened etheric consciousness grid lines that crisscross the earth. Supposedly, as this is done, the earth becomes more stable and it opens the way for us to go higher.

When Dolores first encountered this New Earth idea, she, like many, wanted to know more details. At first, it seemed that what would happen was that the earth would raise its vibrational rate up and up until it hit a critical point, at which time it would separate into two entities -- one earth being left in the 3rd dimensional reality of duality and the other being born into a higher or finer dimension. Those souls who were able to raise their vibrations with the earth and to respond with their heart center would go on to the new earth. Those that were stuck in the mire of 3rd dimensional living, who bought in so solidly to the duality, who are obsessed with power and greed, who can not release their karma, will stay behind. Evidently, the old earth will not be a happy place, but the new one will. She says that the New Earth will go to a higher dimension and that we will take our bodies with us. That would be an interesting trick, as I think the the body would have to be like a "light" body, one of a much finer structure.

About dimesions, first of all, we are already living an interdimensional existence. We are being influenced by and influencing them as well. Time does not exist, except for us here at this level, in this space. If we are in a higher state, we may get a glimpse of the other dimensions that are exsisting out of time in the same space as we occupy. Past lives also are running concurrent to present and future lives. This is a hard concept to wrap our heads around, as our senses are limited, so we can only say that we either believe this or not.

It seems that whatever dimension the new earth will be in, it will be as if the two earths will eventually be aware of what happened, but that the perception of a transition will vary among people. Those on the old earth will probably percieve that those who have transitioned to the new earth have died, or are not around any more. The ones on the new earth will definitely know what has happened, but likewise will just not be seeing some folks around.

This is starting to sound like "the rapture", but it's not that way. It's not about the nasty, bad people being punished and the good, saintly folks being taken to "heaven". It's about choice, and it is a soul learning experience, as well as a galactic experiment (-- yes, earth  and it's populace has always been a little ongoing experiment). In the end, it is just a play that we participate in that looks and feels very real. There is no judgment in the end, just those participating in varying degrees in the darkness and the light. All souls are of God/Source/All That Is.

At this point, I want to introduce another idea. As Dolores was questioning away at the subconscious/soul source, she finds that it is not really two earths, but that there will be MANY new dimensional earths. That each one will contain people that have chosen to live in a similar manner. As people start to shift and start to make choices of love over fear, they will gradually gravitate to a new timeline, if you will. So it's not going to be as if everything switches on like a light. It is a subtler change. She says that as we shift to a higher vibration, life will become easier, sweeter. This is how you will know you are heading in that direction. This all matches with the thing about us being able to manifest more quickly as the 2012 time period progresses.

They say that we will be moving to a more liquid diet and become more conscious of our body and its needs. One of the signs that you are moving up in vibration will be that you get really sick when you eat meat, especially red meat because of the lower vibrations of a slaughtered animal in fear.

In order for us to shift, there also has to be adjustment of our DNA; sort of an energetic rewiring that ends up being a real and physical change in that structure, activating our 12 strands of DNA (of which we currently use 2). This adjustment is happening automatically now when a person starts shifting up. It is as if the call is put out. One way that you can notice this is that you may feel a tingling in your spine, like swirling sensation, or backaches. Evidently this change is needed to access the new earth vibrations and will have the side effect of making one extremely psychic, or able to know and feel the truth around them and the truth from others. There will be no masquerades.

One more interesting thing that was mentioned was a cleansing wind of some kind that would roll around the planet. It would not be like a hurricane nor with any of the associated damage, just a strong wind that would actually have other energies attached to it that would clear and cleanse both the energetic atmosphere and also the physical pollutants. This wind would not only blow across the earth, it would blow through the earth -- and through us. The effect on people would only be positive, as it would cause a sort of amnesia about any old negative feelings we have had so that we can move on more easily.

 There is no timeline given as to when this will unfold, but they did say in earlier material that the energetic shifting has been ongoing since around 2003 and that in 2010 it was stepped up. All of her books are good information, but for the current state of affairs involving the New Earth and the Volunteers, I recommend reading this last book. You can purchase at their site, online at other sites like Amazon, or probably at your local New Age bookstore. Try her book page at her publishing company website -- Ozark Mountain Publishing here http://www.ozarkmt.com/!itemInfo.php?item=148.

Until next time...Namaste'