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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cosmic Events plus Predictions from Steven Hairfield

Although this is a spiritually based blog, we are experiencing physical effects of this time period brought on by measurable energies such as solar flares, the changing magnetic field of the earth, the shifting of the plates and more. In this period that we are in, we will be seeing not only great spiritual transformation, but great earthly and cosmic events that accompany this.

In the midst of these large and uncontrollable events, we react physically and emotionally while attempting to hold our old patterns together. Everything is accelerating, everything is racing. People are trying to cram as much as they can into their lives. What is actually needed is less. Less activity and more rest. Our bodies and souls are doing so much. The DNA is shifting and our souls are doing a lot of spiritual work in multiple dimensions all the time.

“Zero point” has been covered extensively by Greg Braden and others. For centuries the earth’s magnetic field pulsed at around 8 cycles per second. In the last 8 years, it has risen steadily to around 11 cycles per second and continues to climb. One of the predictions about the 2012 time period is that when the earth reaches a critical 13 cycles per second, it will first slow, then stop completely, then begin spinning in the opposite direction. This is the zero point. This has been proven to have happened many times in past eons. This will cause the polarity to be reversed on the earth and the sun to rise in the west and set in the east. During the time when it stops rotation and begins again, there will be days of darkness for those in areas of night time when this happens, and long days where the sun does not move from its position in the sky. If this does occur, everyone must remain calm and stay put. Many will be very confused.

The cycle of evolution for humanity and for the earth is approaching a new point. Everything is a metaphor, a symbolic combination of physical and spiritual. As we approach this point, the earth will be drawn to point to a new pole star, indicating a new level of evolution has begun. We all know the axis points to Polaris, the North Star, right now, but it is in the process of making a move to point to another new star, as we come upon the closing of another 26,000 year (more or less) age.

However, in order to point to the next star, the earth has to rotate about 51 degrees. This is a pole shift, where the poles are not reversing, but physically sifting location. Edgar Cayce said that if this could be accomplished gradually, there would be little disruption. If on the other hand this takes place in one massive shift, there would be a sloshing of oceans and drastic movement of land. Here is a great short article on this, written about the Edgar Cayce transcripts and showing some good simple illustrations.  http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/blog.aspx?id=3030

This all gets back to what degree we are open to change and a spiritual shifting. The easier we shift to a more spiritual perspective and using higher consciousness daily, along with meditation, the easier this transition will be for everyone on all levels. Those who can not tolerate a higher energy or vibratory rate will probably put up a fight, resisting, causing more friction, more shifting of the earth, and eventually have some sort of disease or pass altogether. Those who can go with the higher vibratory rate will actually be energetically protected in a sense, as a low vibrational disease (or thoughtform, if you will) is not able to enter a higher vibratory rate without being shifted and neutralized. This is not a judgment, this is metaphysical energetics 101.    

Lori Toye, an Ascended Master channel, metaphysical writer and teacher, (see her article here http://www.iamamerica.com/pages/earthstar_1.html ) is also is a Joytish practitioner (like an ancient form of Eastern astrology) and hence interested in the Vedic ways of India. She explains that in those teachings, we are now in what is termed the Kali Yuga, a period of darkness, “The Age of Quarrel”, with many more thousands of years to go before we emerge. So how can this be a time of spiritual enlightenment? We get a mini-age of ascending light. She says:

Krishna prophesies a 10,000 year Golden Age that begins 5,000 years after the beginning of the Age of Kali-Yuga. In essence, it is an age within an age...a minor short cycle of ascending light...we have experienced roughly 100 years of this smaller ascending cycle of light...”

Steven Hairfield is a psychic and an actual American monk. I once again stumbled upon his site and video interviews. Here are his predictions for 2011 on Youtube from January 3, 2011   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUJ3O85pqp8  He has many other vids on many topics, including 2012, so you can continue on watching if you like.

He states that the year 2010 was “the year of discontent”. This year, 2011 is the “year of unrest” showing inner turmoil from individuals all the way up through the masses. Sounds difficult for those without a little inner knowledge and spiritual overview of the times. Here’s more...

“...disagreements with all forms of government, all forms of control...”

“...later in the year we could be on the brink of global war...but all of the factions involved will decide that it is not the best idea...[and it will be averted] mainly because we learn to communicate and express the truth of who we are...”

“..no one will be able to hide who they are or what they have become...the truth of who you are is going to come out this year"  

“Flooding will continue...greater than last year...the weather is a direct reflection of human kind...we are all connected. Mother Nature is reflecting back to us ...what we are putting into it...the more turmoil we are in, the more that is reflected back to us...”

“We usually have a tornado season, but the tornado season hasn’t stopped...this will continue throughout our country and the world.”

This will be ongoing and increasing into 2012, appearing in places that previously did not have this activity, he says. As I post this, people from teh midwest to Norht Carolina are recovering from a swath of tornados that tore through the country.  

“2012 is not about the End Times...it is more about the deeper awakening to the Divine nature of self, about who we are inside...to achieve a higher dynamic of the human form “   

Solar flares are known to create havoc with electronics. They also contain gamma rays that are thought to be a stimulus to new evolution. When a Solar flare goes off, it blows through the solar system, sending these rays through space and right through the planets. Solar sunspot and solar flare activity has been nonstop since the beginning of 2011 after being mostly absent for the last two years. This has a physical affect on people, such as increase in depression among other symptoms. It is one more cosmic event heralding this new time and participating in this evolution.

But it also has another affect according to Steven Hairfield:

“...that which is unawakened within us is being prodded, pushed and slammed awake...doors within us collapsing, doors within us opening, and entire rooms expanding to let the Light in...”

So take heart in this age of turmoil and unrest. Find your joy, find your hearts desire, find your path to higher awareness and find peace in your heart. When you are feeling stable, help someone who needs it, someone right in your own family, neighborhood or community. It is here locally that changes will begin, not from a governmental level. If you can not watch or listen to negativity or tragic stories on the news without emotionally participating or falling into fear, do not do it. Turn the channel. Best to try to remain detached, but with compassion for all.

Until next post...Namaste’