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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ryan Michaels, young teen psychic from “Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal”

If you’ve seen the TV show “Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal” you may have seen Ryan Michaels, now an 18 year old teen. Ryan had a talent for precognition, among other psychic skills, and, like all the kids there, needed to get some insight into how to manage and use his abilities in a positive way so that he could live a more normal life.

You can’t believe what all these kids (and their parents) are going through on a daily basis while struggling to work through a talent that at times seems like a gift and at other times a curse. Mainly they are isolated from friends and sometimes family, and frightened of the spirits and visions that they see. The psychic mentors and counselors on the show seem to really help the kids cope and even thrive.

At this point, I’d like to take a moment to introduce “Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls” (if you are not yet ware of this), a booklet that I wrote specifically for the purpose of helping all teens to understand the connection between the physical and the spiritual. It gives beginner spiritual and metaphysical teachings, breaking them down so they are easy to understand. Works great for parents too who are trying to teach kids in a more conscious way. (For more info see the link at the right side of this page.)   

Ryan is a plain spoken, down to earth young man who sincerely wants to help. He has a website here http://www.psychicrayan.com/ where you can get a reading from him or get assistance from his many other talents, such as locating missing persons.

When I caught up with him for an interview, one of his predictions had just come true. This was about a bizarre incident that he foresaw involving animals escaping a zoo and where someone died. On October 19 near Zanesville Ohio, a man who was keeping 56 exotic animals (like lions, bears, wolves, monkeys, etc.) opened all the cages and then tragically committed suicide as the animals ran amuck and the SWAT teams were called in.

Ryan’s main message is about the connection between our negativity and the way the earth is responding to it. To him, this is the energetic that is taking center stage as we progress through 2012 and beyond, and unfortunately there is not a lot of good news.

Let’s first talk about THE date, the infamous December 21, 2012. Once again, Ryan echoes many others in saying that this is not the end of the world, nor is it likely to produce any earth-shattering cataclysms.  

He says that people are very frightened these days, but it is not that particular day which is the problem. They need to be concerned about every day in their lives because of the way that they are acting and the way they are treating the earth. He says, “All this end of the world stuff is just dates and it will peak around 2012, 2013 and then we will begin to get back on track, but the coming years may be rough for a lot of people”.

Ryan explains that after 2012, people are going to think that the date they feared has come and gone, but the earth disasters will still be happening, and worse than before. Even then, with mother nature acting up, people will go on living their lives as before, not caring what they do to the earth.

He talks a lot about our relation to the earth. He sees that there is a lot of negativity from people that is being mirrored back to us by earth changes and crazy weather. But unfortunately, not many people are making the connection and doing something about it by changing their attitude.

“Everything that we think, feel and do—that leaves an impression on the earth...”

He says, “The earth is just saying ‘Hey, I’m done’ and showing that by natural disasters. And it’s going to get a lot worse in 2012, but also in 2013 and 2014, too. The earth is going to retaliate, and retaliate hard. Its not just 2012, it’s been going on for many years. It’s just going to get worse and worse [until we realize what we are doing].”

“This winter [2011-2012] is going to be pretty bad in a lot of places...more snow in states that don’t get a lot of snow...if they usually get a foot, get ready for 5 feet”

For the rest of 2011and especially in 2012, he says the earth is not going to be the same. It is going to be record for tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis and flooding. The major problem is going to be earthquakes; there will be nowhere that is safe or untouched by them, that they are going to start happening in places that are going to “blow peoples minds”.

“I don’t think the people understand the negativity that they are sending out into the earth’s atmosphere that changes the world we live in”

“The earth is already starting this new process. I don’t see anything that will be untouched by natural disasters. And until people realize this and quit being greedy, rude and ignorant, the earth is just going to come harder and harder at us until we do change. And if we don’t change, maybe something that is suspected on 2012 could happen.”

“Mother nature is really struggling. People walk around this earth with their eyes open but they are not seeing the damage that is done, not seeing the negativity that is being put out there and we are in for a lot of heartache, a lot of pain, a lot of deaths. The death rate of kids, babies, starvation and thirst is going to be going up the beginning of 2012. The casualties are going to up by three times the normal rate.”
“Earth as we know it is coming to an end, I don’t see anything staying the same.”

He sees very extreme summers and winters. Starvation and dehydration, people freezing in winter and dying of the heat in the summer. But he doesn’t see any one major catastrophic event happening, like an asteroid hitting the earth, or California breaking off into the Pacific – nothing major that is going to wipe us all out. But every kind of natural disaster will still be happening. No Ice Age or anything like that, but a radical shifting of the seasonal weather from place to place, as in a month of spring turns in to fall, a month of fall turns into winter, a month of winter turns into summer.

You can see how this type of weather pattern could wreak havoc on crops and could very well be the reason he sees all the starvation. I know just recently, just before Halloween, we had a Nor’easter blow through here in New England where I live, dropping tons of snow in some places, yet the trees had not even changed yet! Now as I write, the final leaves are dropping from the trees, a full month AFTER they were supposed to drop. And also, has anyone thought that the sun is rising and setting at a slightly different point than last year? I garden and I watch the path of the sun, and I can tell you it has changed here. So these are the type of changes we may be experiencing more and more.       

On the domestic front, he says:

“I do not think that the US will recover [from the economic crisis] for a very long time.”

“There will be talk about fixing it and making things better, but I feel that the people are being lied to on a daily basis [about a recovery] and they should believe it when they see it.”

Ryan predicts Obama as a one-term president: “People will want to make a change and I am seeing a Republican being voted in. I’m seeing a lot of problems with the next election...the elections are going to become very dirty this upcoming election and not worth voting for. I think the president will already be picked long before the people vote.”

He sees no new wars, but troops being sent out and brought back continually.

Outside of earth, there are things happening, too. “Something is going to get stuck in the earth’s atmosphere and remain there for quite a few years and get a name.”

“A moon on Jupiter or Saturn is going to lose its orbit and will not be there in the late future... they will just look up one day and it will be gone.”

He does see that there will be problems with solar flares. (These can cause massive electrical outages, even fried transformers which are harder to get back on line.) There could be something like an asteroid or other space-related incident that scares people, which he sees as sort of like the “family” coming in to help shift the earth consciousness. He likens this to the analogy of a parent trying to correct bad behavior with scare tactics, but then when nothing bad happens, the children (us) just go on doing things the way we always did. 

In the end, it’s up to us to determine the future that we want for this world through more high-minded thoughts and actions. We can only hope that many others feel the same way.

Ryan: “I think this year we all need to think positive. We need to realize that the way we think does affect the earth and its vibration. With this I think that we can make a change and help fix the unfixable.”

I leave you with another quote from Ryan:

“We changed the earth. Because of this, we must change for the earth”

Until next time...

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