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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Notes, Updates and A Fond Farewell

This will be a departure from my usual more “reporting” style of posting. I had some things I felt like I needed to say.

This will be the last post on this blog. I will keep this site up so that folks can reference any past predictions with what is happening at the time they read this, as some things get delayed and shifted somewhat from the predicted timeline. I also think that this site contains a vast amount of spiritual insight from all the gifted people I’ve quoted. I’ve really learned a lot myself and would like to think that doing this for the past 6 years has helped others as well.         

It is now November and from what I have heard, we are approaching a critical time on Earth. It is more important than ever to become grounded and centered. Meditate, pray for peace and for the highest good to come about. Know that whatever comes down the line in the next years are the signs of the crumbling of a controlled, corrupted, co-opted reality and the birth of a new, more authentic way of living. The birth process is miraculous, but it is messy and sometimes overwhelming, so we must stay calm with no fear and see this transition through to better times.

Sorry for the ominous beginning, but I just want everyone to be aware that the changes are speeding up. At the same time, we are heading toward a closer relationship with the Earth and with each other. We are living in a time of great confusion and uncertainty for most, yet people are awakening very quickly and are able to see through the fog that is the third dimension. They can sense truth more easily, intuitively know when something is “not right” and are willing to do something about it. Know that through your spiritual practices, an objective stance and the release of fear, you can protect yourself while contributing a positive force to the energetic changes that are occurring now.           

Free Will
All my life I have searched for the truth. I’ve always wanted to know what is really going on here on Earth, both spiritually and in the physical world we call “reality.” In the end, the one answer to everything was: “energy.“ Our energy creates our reality. Energy is the reality first and foremost. This energy is a part of everything and waits for us to call it forth. We have the choice of how to use this energy as we have free will.

For better or worse, this is a free will planet, so along with any positive shifts, we are experiencing the daily atrocities and wars that one can see in the news stemming from the negative use of this gift. People say if God existed, He wouldn’t let these things happen, but again -- free will. Yes there is the occasional miracle when the stars align, figuratively speaking, and the energy is so concentrated in one direction that, boom, it happens, reality follows, and we are amazed. We start to think, yes, this could happen more often, and it can. But then we forget how powerful we are and return to our lower natures, the bickering and petty issues, the attention to our fears, which then manifest. Such is the third dimensional condition we live under at this time. But things are shifting extremely quickly. We are in evolution overdirve.

Free will is important. We can do just as much good with free will as the harm that others can do with their negative or nefarious wills. At this time, something great and wild is happening. It is said that this has never happened before, ever. There is an energy shift from above and beyond our realities that is pulling us higher in energetic frequency, shaking loose the duality of the third dimension. The Mayans knew this and tried to give us the information about the time period when this would happen --2012. That’s the time when the energy began moving rapidly up, up and up, doubling in speed, faster and faster. People may not have noticed it then, but it was always happening quietly in the background until now when it swells like a wave, ready to break.

Hopefully most will choose to ride the wave and advance to our next energetic destination, however that may look, but there are still a lot of souls who like the old vibratory rate, enjoy the density and the games, and they may choose not to go with us, resisting until the end. That’s okay, because everyone has an indestructible soul, and will go where they need to go to learn what they need to learn. It’s just that at this point we are sort of in a contest of wills between the two desires and also feeling the paper-thin barrier now between the third and fourth dimensions. This will make for a period of conflict for a while, but we will get through it. We will live to see the first parts of this shift happen in our lifetime, a shift that will resonate through ages to come, throughout the dimensions, throughout the Multiverse. It is that huge.

I know people are wanting a new way of living on Earth. They are waking up and seeing all that has been going on all this time and seeing what it could be instead. You can see this happening now. Some use their energy to get involved physically in trying to change the way things are, some disconnect from it altogether and some will walk a middle path, visualizing the world that they wish to see, holding love in their hearts for all and for the Earth herself, just being a force of light in the world, holding the energy. The main thing now is feeling the connection to all things, having forgiveness and compassion for self and others, yet trying not to get too caught up in the heaviness, and maybe most of all, releasing fear.    

Visualizing is using your free will energy to create. It is a power that we innately have and more people will be awakening to this as we go. This Shift can not be stopped. It is part of our evolution and part of this galactic cycle. We will be joining our galactic family and learning more about the true history of who we really are – a unique and gifted species living on a gem, a special and precious “water world.”

Planet X
There has been so much controversy about this. Some people don’t believe it even exists at all. There is far too much evidence on Youtube videos and from photos to deny that something is going on. There are cases of lens flare and other anomalies, but there are some very authentic sightings as well.      

On a clear morning, here in New England, especially this August, just before the sun came up, the sky was filled with a strange coloring, kind of like light orange. Some mornings it was more intense than others, but only lasted for a matter of minutes, maybe up to a half hour, then dissipates and the sky returns to the blue coloring with the bright sun coming up. I’ve seen this days in a row. It just kept happening, same color every time. It may still be going on in areas closer to the Equator.

What I said in a previous post was that the Planet X system has a gigantic brown dwarf that is spewing something reddish out of it (probably iron oxide) and I believe we are seeing it mix in with our atmosphere and causing this slight coloration in the morning sky, and sometimes in the evening sky, depending on where you live. I live in the northeast USA but some who live closer to the Equator will also get full blown discs (sometimes more translucent) in the sky that are not the regular planets in our solar system.  

Also at sunset, I see the Sun set in the usual place, but then to the north (instead of the West), a good ways apart physically from where the Sun went down, there is a pocket of illuminated sky that stays there even after then Sun disappears. It is way too far north to be the Sun.

I believe there is definitely something happening. I don’t know if we will ever see this system unmistakably in broad daylight in our skies (it has been seen in part briefly and video taped in many places) but I would expect the weather to be affected too from this over the next few years as it moves through our system, due to the pushing of our magnetic field from this system. This may cause gigantic electrical storms as well.

The US Election
There are previous posts about t his, but I have a little bit of new info that I found on this. From Aubrey Parks of Dream Visions http://www.dreamvisionspsychic.com/ , in a Facebook video post she does a quick reading on the election. She had actually predicted back in 2015 that Hillary would win. In this reading from October 2016, she saw that the people are going to stand their ground for what they want, a “messy and disorganized” process, that people will stand up and say “this isn’t working.” There will be a lot of heavy emotions during and after the election. She says if Hillary does get in, she won’t be in for long, either resigning or being impeached. People are realizing that we can’t be going down the same old road and it’s time for a change, and it could get crazy, but this is needing to happen. So, she says be prepared and stay positive. In addition, a post about 2017 form psychic Craig Hamilton –Parker gives a one liner about Hillary saying that she will resign from politics (no mention on whether he thinks she will be president at the time).

Financial Reset
No matter how I worded it, I may have scared the crap out of some people by posting this info. If I did, I apologize. I still think it is coming, maybe next year, maybe the year after, but the volatility and economic strangeness will be there the whole time. Many times psychics feel these things far in advance, but to them it feels imminent at the time.    

I’m trying to walk a thin line here where I can help to warn people in advance about what may be coming soon, yet keep reminding them that they can change the future. The future is in so much flux now that nothing is really certain until it is almost upon us, as far as predictions go, but I tried to use reliable resources to help determine this (I’m not consciously psychic). Nothing is set in stone, except maybe some large scale events that can not be stopped (yet may be lessened in severity). I’m talking about cyclic events like Earth Changes, such as the warming of the Earth which is melting ice caps (causing flooding and climate issues) or changes in the Sun, etc. Some earth changes will be quick, some may take place over say a hundred years or so. Most events can be shifted by us because we created them to begin with (did you know with many people you can change the weather or move a bad storm?), but I do believe that some things are at a nexus in the timelines – all timelines meeting there and proceeding out again on slightly different courses – and these can not be changed due to higher energies at work or maybe because it is like a planetary lesson.    

If by some tricky manipulations the market does not fall and stay down for a while, or currencies do not undergo a change, it is also predicted that the economy certainly will downturn, as in 2008/2009 in the near future – unless we can use that free will creativity. This up and down doesn’t have to be like that. It’s just a money maker for investors and those who have all the money, but want more. This money situation can definitely shift for the better with little or no transition if we use our creativity. We can get around it. We just have to think outside the box, or outside “the system” if you will, and keep in mind that money is just an artificial invention to make it easier to trade. What has happened is that the bankers got a hold of this a long time ago and instead of freeing us up, it became a way to lock people into a cycle of perpetual debt and bondage, and we got used to it.

That said, do remember that the stock market is really legalized gambling and was never a great place to invest your money. If you’ve got the risk tolerance, by all means go for it, but realize that the system is about to change and no matter how well it seems it is doing, or how well it recovers after a dip, the word from the psychics is, a full on reset is approaching. The aftermath may be a little messy, but as we adjust we will understand what is really important. Values will shift for the better. I would advise to keep some currency at your house for emergencies regardless of whether it is a banking emergency or a weather emergency. If power goes down you can’t use your cards or withdraw cash. While you are at it, stash some water and non-perishable food too just to give you a cushion.   

For a quick look at the financial situation as it stands (along with other critical issues) check out the latest from Simon Parkes https://youtu.be/ADTu3CbO7BU  If you want to see any more of his videos, the official name is “connecting consciousness” or look for Wolf Spirit Radio. There are a lot of people copying and posting his work.

I was amused when Alex Collier (contactee) said that with his (telepathic) “talks” with the Andromedans that they wanted to know why we have to “pay to live here.” I would ask, who has ever really had the right to own and sell parts of the Earth for that matter? The same concept can be found at the site, The Free World Charter http://www.freeworldcharter.org/en , which I found a long time ago and loved the idea of. It’s fascinating and really opens your eyes to different possibilities. The premise is: What if everything were free? It amazes me that people who I have floated this idea to just shoot it down right away. “It will never work”… “You need money.” I say if everyone agreed to it, it could happen. Even on a smaller scale, if you had enough diversity in raw materials and abilities. Greed wouldn’t work because anyone can have as much of whatever they want, so it’s useless to try to hoard something or sell anything because everyone has what they need. People who loved making or doing something would give to those that loved what they made or did. Something to think about.

Every once in a while you hear me talk about timelines. Every time we think about doing a particular thing, a part of us moves out on that timeline, even if we didn’t actually do it in this dimension. Multiply that by the number of people on Earth and many variable future timelines emerge. In addition to creating timelines, we can also jump timelines because actually everything is happening at once. This has said to have been done many times in our history, sometimes by human consciousness, ET intervention (for good), or sometimes by those who want to control future events by incorporating the use of advanced technology (which still will not stop the Shift).

From what I have heard, we are on a “positive” timeline, meaning that we are not out of the woods completely, but that we have the opportunity to choose an easier future. It still takes people to simply be open to it, to allow a higher consciousness, a higher frequency to take hold in their hearts and minds. The Earth is already well on her way. We have some catching up to do.

The New Earth
Way back in 2001, Dolores Cannon (ground-breaking past-life hypnotherapist) started a series of books called, “The Convoluted Universe,” where she was given the information about the New Earth. I did a post on this. She got her info from subjects that easily went under and were able to access what you may call the higher self, or subconscious, where “it” would start talking about the subject in trance in the third person. Then it would start to volunteer information about what is happening on Earth with the Shift and how it will unfold. That information was just volunteered. Dolores was very surprised when this happened and it continued with different people who did not know each other that came to her over the years. Here is a link to that series and other books by her: http://www.dolorescannon.com/latest-books

This is a concept, or prediction, that the Earth is going to go through a dimensional split as it moves up in frequency. I still don’t quite understand it, but the idea is that those who are ready to move with the New Earth energy will move to a different timeline, a higher energetic place, whereas those who could not (or would not) raise the vibratory rate will be on the other timeline where it is a lot more difficult, even disastrous, as they cling to the energy and fear of the third dimension.

One of her clients said in trance that one of the ways that this could be accomplished was to put the whole world in stasis. We would go to sleep and when we wake up we would be in that different energetic place, but still Earth. There would be a separation so that some would still be in the lower energies in the third dimension, some in a higher energy pattern, neither being aware of the others existence. She said we would notice a difference, a lightness, a clarity. One of her subjects said this has been done before recently to “adjust the Sun’s frequency.” This may seem far-fetched, but I don’t discount anything.

Some see this as an ascension process. May be. In a way, everyone is ascending a little each day as their soul accepts the path of their journey back to Source. All I know is, wherever we end up energetically in the future depends on what we do right now. It depends on where our beliefs are now, where our hearts draw us to be, and being true to that in the face of an onslaught of negativity while backing that up with action every day, being inwardly strong, silently proclaiming it to the Universe. This is the time of the Shift and we are at the very precipice of change. Use your free will creativity to affect the changes that you want to see in your world and for the inner change that may be required for your soul journey.

Many Blessings on your journey