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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More With Will Berlinghof and Cosmic Awareness…Also Channel Jolie DeMarco And The New Energy Beginning In August

Before we get going I just want to say I’ve been hearing a lot of things about people seeing star ships and about the possibility of public ET disclosure. Although I’m sure most who read this already believe there is and has been a presence here on Earth forever (as I do), there are a lot of people who would be very frightened if this occurred as it would rock the foundations of their belief systems. Surely the time will come when there is pubic acceptance and interaction and it may be sooner than you think. Watch the skies…the truth is coming about this and all things. It’s in the rising energy right now and is unstoppable.

In the meantime, here is a link that Will and Callista Berlinghof sent me of a video showing a UFO right over the Olympics in plain view. It’s really something. Evidently “they” like a good show, too http://the2012scenario.com/2012/07/ufo-over-olympic-opening-ceremony/#more-137116.        

Will was featured in the 2012 Messages book as a channel for the energy known as Cosmic Awareness. He has a new site here www.rainbow-phoenix.com  where he and Callista also give more channeled information. Will is also available for private readings. In addition, you can go to Cosmic Awareness Communications site and sign up for transcriptions of channelings from Cosmic Awareness and choose email or snail mail. http://cosmicawareness.org/index.html  They also have an extensive archive from over the years

At this time there is a new recording that you can listen to regarding the ET presence and many other topics. Here are some highlights (When Will channels Cosmic Awareness, he is in a full trance state. I’m using the pronoun “he” to simplify that Will is doing the channeling.)       

He was asked if there were any events from August to October that were on everyone’s timeline that could be spoken about and the answer was that there are no set times for exact events to happen due to the difference in how people are creating the future. There could be some disastrous events for some who focus on lower energy and some miraculous events for those in higher energy.

Whatever happens, it is important to see any surprising events as “finally breaking down the status quo, allowing other forces of a higher spiritual nature to finally break through”. He says that because of the great degree of manipulation of those in power to keep everyone asleep, there may be some events that will “shock and awe” in order to awaken humanity. “Know that the changes are coming, are very near now, and to stay as focused, as positive, as uplifted as possible even when events around them seem to be exploding all over.” These events are to show that this is a “complete overthrow that is happening and not simply a change of guard”.    

Feel free to check in and explore what else Cosmic Awareness has to say at their site. One of the things I like about his info is that he asks us to question everything and everyone in our reality, even question the validity of his channelings, in order to make your own decisions about your life and to know your power as a “creator being”, so to speak, and to not be a follower. “Trust your own inner instincts and act upon it”. 

Here are some notes on Will’s interview on the Rayelan Allen show on RMN Radio in July, 2012 http://radio.rumormillnews.com/podcast/2010/04/16/cosmicawareness/  I only heard a portion of it, so you can check out the rest if you like.  

He says that the negative elements that have had a hold on the earth for quite a long time are coming to the end of their cycle and that “...the times that lie beyond these times of change and upheaval are indeed the golden times, are a time of miracle and a time of great divine magic...”

He says that “the purpose at this time is a mass experience [for people] to open to their spiritual nature...many are seeking enlightenment”. He adds that the lightworkers are frustrated at trying to manifest the reality they desire, but that as the “realities are begin to shift, more and more are starting to see that they are creators” even though the “powers that be keep the masses in ignorance” to this ability and to the truth. But despite this, many are waking up, seeking their spiritual path and moving toward ascension, or at least a higher consciousness, and most importantly, many have achieved the results that their soul had intended for this lifetime.

“....Awareness is trying to teach of multiple possibilities, multiple timelines...one can have the timeline of experience that one creates for oneself” and that whatever we obsess about will most likely manifest for us.

Recently Will was on a Youtube broadcast of Steve Crow’s Soul Adventure episode 5 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ4kP3ILJ-4. Here are the notes and quotes, but you should listen to the whole thing if you get a chance.

We are being asked to take a “quantum leap of faith” as we stand at the edge of the “precipice” and that a way will be provided so that we can cross the daunting abyss in front of us and arrive on the other side. The precipice that he is referring to is us standing at the edge of our new reality and being afraid to move forward into what seems like an uncertain future.  

Humanity on the whole is still at the point where many are asleep, yet at this time according to Cosmic Awareness “25% of humanity has reached a level of spiritual awareness” that will allow them to make that leap of faith. That leaves 75% possibly unable to make that shift. Then of that number there is 25% who absolutely will not be able to raise their vibratory rate and will have to keep experiencing the darker energies of the 3rd dimension in some form somewhere to complete their learning.

At one point he was talking about our consciousness and put forth the analogy that our soul consciousness is so immense, yet it is as if we are attempting to squeeze something the size of a standard room into the size of a thimble. Yet we still retain a lot of that soul power if we can access it.

What is occurring now is unique in that we are being offered the ability to bypass the 4th dimension and enter into the 5th dimensional consciousness or at least the higher 4th. This allows us to become a true “creator being”, creating whatever experience is required by our thoughts alone, similar to when you are in a dream, realize it and start shifting the dream consciously. I believe this is called lucid dreaming, where you actually take charge of the dream while dreaming.

This is a double-edged sword, for as we come into our abilities to create, we must learn to be more disciplined in our thoughts. Those that do not realize their newfound power may still be thinking in terms of 3d dimensional ideas and therefore inadvertently create a world that still retains the lower ideas of pain, suffering, control, fear, etc., thus perpetuating this drama when it need not be. And further, they would believe so strongly that their false reality is the truth that they would not question it.

“Those who have done their inner work, dealt with the subconscious and the ego and who are ready to become that creator being...may find themselves in a paradise now that rides forward through the Ascension as they become ascended beings.”

Do not be afraid of the upheaval around us and within us for this is the ending of a time and one of wonder and magnificence that will follow. Try not to focus on the upheaval and follow all involved into mass hysteria, but to think for yourself, focus, and energize what you want to happen in your life. Have faith that help is available to move you through any crisis. “These times are the most amazing opportunity to step into the power of your divine nature and accept nothing else.” 

Jolie DeMarco (owner of My Flora Aura in Boca Raton, Florida) channels messages from spirit guides and I did a write up of her latest work The Second Big Shift in a previous post. Although she is not a source in the book 2012 Messages, I believe she is a powerful healer and a clear channel, so I ask her to send me any info she is getting. The following is a slightly edited version of her own experience. Follow her on the Facebook book page here  http://www.facebook.com/The2ndBigShift  or on her blog  www.the2ndbigshift.com/blog/ 

Jolie received a special message for everyone on January 1st. 2012. This was also received as a painting that is included in her Mandala Healing card deck:   

“Birth of the new World- 2 moons will come 2012.
Future—the future will be ‘enhanced.’
Changes will occur and Love and Light will change the world.
The blood red sky will come; stars will shine past the eclipse of the moon.”

Since the painting had two blue moons that are up in the top right corner of the canvas, she wanted to see if that meant anything particular. This is when she found that a blue moon is a rare occurrence where there are two full moons in a month, occurring every 33 months or so. To make this an even rarer occurrence, this August, September and October all have two full Moons in each month, as the full moons tend to last a couple days and roll from the end of one month to the beginning of the next. The term used for “blue moon” can also be more literal and speaks of a time when the Moon can actually look blue. That can happen under certain atmospheric conditions, as in when there’s a lot of ash from fires or volcanic eruptions in the air.

Jolie feels that people that are “awakened already” are more mindful and/or intuitive and will be more so during this blue moon time. Those that haven’t yet opened their minds to worlds beyond will become awakened starting in August. Her messages indicate clearly this energetic shift in August will be very powerful. She explains that she strongly feels that the world will change for the better as many of us are adapting and accepting and choosing to balance ourselves in a higher vibration.

If you are interested in viewing more of Jolie’s channeled “energy art” or Mandalas, you can go to the Mindful healing Center and see them for free, feel their energy and use them to heal or advance. Jolie is currently having another free event mid -August to teach others to use these channeled mandalas in mediation for higher vibrations. Go to www.The2ndBigshift.com  or www.MyFloraAura.com  or call (in Florida) 561-901-5808 to sign up for the free event.

The next day. Jolie has sent me another channeling about this.Here is the message:

"This is a 'time' of re-alignment-in humans physical and energetic form.
As it is a re-alignment 'time' for the atmospheric restructuring for future of planetary connections.
'Any time' this month, submerge human forms (body casing) in water -- 

this will enhance your advancement process.”

Her explaination:

"I see this message to mean in our “human” terms” that ‘time” is hard to describe because to  the spirits there is not “time “ like we have, but they try to describe  time as how we use it for our lives.This message says that we need to stay balanced especially this month of the blue moons due to this “enhancement and advancement” process that is happening in the comics [typo? cosmos maybe?] and our Earth, including each one of our body’s energies. I suggest, not watching too much TV or bad news. You will be much more sensitive to normal situations and this can put you off balance easily. As they suggest, go in the water, cleanse, re-align  and constantly this month stay balanced, keep your aura’s clean and clear and keep the chakras spinning clockwise! All is great and advance smoothly!

Until next time, Namaste'.