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Friday, August 28, 2015

Part Two Of The Recession May Be Right Around The Corner

Because of the recent plunge in the market, I wanted to give any insights that I have come across from psychics. You may think I’m a bit obsessed with this topic but I think it is a pretty big deal for many people and will ultimately be the catalyst that will shift the balance of financial power and influence in the world, which will affect many people here in the US and internationally, as we are all connected now.

For those aware of their inner guidance (higher self) and who have been meditating on a regular basis, this will be just one more 3D issue coming through, and this will probably not phase them in the least. But for most of us, there is some fear about this. Please release that and know that all is well and everything will work out in the end. We just might have to go through some problems before the situation evolves into a higher energy pattern. It is a metaphor for what is happening here, as some people fight to maintain that old energy and those with a higher consciousness reject that energy and live in a new and higher vibratory rate where all things that were “not possible” suddenly become possible. 

I have been giving warnings (from psychics) of this type of event now for over a year. Sometimes the timing does not work out, but when you see things like this happen, and psychics are independently giving the same predictions, you know it is about to unfold. This sudden downturn was a surprise for the Fed who was ready to raise interest rates, when China all of a sudden devalued its currency and sparked this international decline.

If you have seen previous posts on this financial situation, you understand that there is more to it than just a stock market decline. A subtle war is going on; a currency war, a battle to see who will be the next financial superpower. The United States/Fed is trying to stay afloat any way they can (mainly through market and money value manipulation) but it won’t be enough. The truth will come out and the extreme debt load of the US may ultimately be our undoing as the longstanding superpower. It will force a much needed reality check.

Financial astrologer Ray Merriman says that he is seeing planetary aspects that eerily remind him of 2008-2009 when the Dow lost over 50% of its strength, starting in September 2008, where it experienced a 3600 point drop, bottoming in March of 2009. He had also previously said a downturn was coming, at the latest in September. Here is his latest article on that: http://www.mmacycles.com/weekly-preview/mma-comments-for-the-week/mma-comments-for-the-week-beginning-august-24,-2015/

Kyra Oser had stated in a dated prediction from January of 2015 that there would be a “stock market crash” by July 2015 starting in “Asia” and sweeping across the world. She wasn’t far off. In a recent update she (and others) see that the market will remain volatile and that by March, 2016 the market will recover but at a lower rate, but not fully up to previous highs. “The entire process of serious economic change takes place over the course of about a year.” Here is the latest update from her http://kyraoser.com/stock-market-predictions-update 

I have heard that if the Dow recovers to a point, then goes back down, then recovers a little, repeating that pattern, you will know it is headed down eventually and may be there for a while, with a slow recovery. This would probably be the beginning of part two of this recession. Just for comparison, The Great Depression in the 1930s lasted over 11 years. We’ve been in the most recent one now for about 7 years. I want to point out that just because the trading market is going haywire doesn’t necessarily mean that the country comes to a screetching stop, it just gets a little tougher as we slog through it.  

I’m not qualified to give financial advice, but if you have investments in the market I would say you have two choices—wait it out, or on the next upturn grab whatever you can get at the moment from your investments, or exchange it for gold, sliver (not paper) or tangibles like land, to preserve the value. Because we are not just talking preservation of whatever you have built up right now, I am also talking a devaluation of the dollar to its real value at some point in the future, when the truth comes out and the currency shift really begins. You can park it somewhere and reinvest as needed as things are more stable.

This is a process that is playing out now. We will probably see a bottoming out around the new year, as one psychic has said. But the whole situation with the change in fiat currency may take longer and go through many phases with much political wrangling.

It’s better to be prepared for an emergency before it happens, even if it never happens. That is why I’m here. I’m just trying to help people mentally and spiritually prepare for the big bumps in the road and to know that we are in a state of radical evolution in so many areas of life, as is the Earth herself. Things are continually shifting, at times very suddenly. This may last a while, so think in terms of the long run.