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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cosmic Cycles, Wave X and Space Weather

This Wave X is something that has slipped by me as I was more focused on getting out the info on the financial reset. Evidently this effect has been building for quite a while (maybe since around 2008) and is slated to maximize and push through us in late September of this year. The date of September 28th is named specifically by many, which happens to be a Blood Moon, a type of lunar eclipse. This will also be a Super Full Moon, a moon positioned closest to earth, which will make it seem very large in the sky. Super Full Moons are rare, the next one coming in 2033, so I can see why people are seeing this as a trigger.   

As of August of this year, many psychics have talked about the degree of intensity that has entered our lives, a spiritual shift accompanied by the usual firing up of old issues—that is, in other words, craziness in our lives. I can personally attest to that, as can my wife, who is a mental health counselor. She said all her clients are having an extreme amount of issues and problems right now. When energy shifts, everything changes.       

We are on the threshold of the next Age, another 2,000 year cycle. Wave X is said to come every 3,600 years. We are also seeing the return of Planet X  and its system right now, which is said to come around every 3,600 years (give or take) as well, signaling this shift and creating some strange space weather. It seems we are in a convergence, marking an important step in our evolution. 

According to psychic sources, this approaching energy wave is mainly an influx of gamma radiation coming from the Galactic Center. This center is said to be a gigantic black hole around which the entire Milky Way revolves. On the physical level, the ozone layer is supposed to protect us from these rays, but we all know that the ozone is depleted, and thin or non-existent in places. Russian and German scientists say that the power of this wave has doubled in the last 2 weeks and is still rising by the day.

The gamma ray is associated with evolutionary leaps and according to Lisa Rising Berry, a psychic walk-in, this will be a  major shift in a series of increases of energy that have been building up to this point.

Lisa has a nice way of simplifying what is happening. Here is an article from her: https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/wave-x-is-not-a-mass-ascension-event-its-a-step-in-the-entire-process-of-evolution/ Here are some quotes:

 “This will not create a mass ascension, rapture etc…”

“If you have done your physical inner alchemy then your body will vibrate at a level that will turn on your dormant DNA that will give you the ability to obtain ‘gifts.’  These gifts are just new ways of living, it’s evolution.”

“Will this Wave X event create a global awakening….yes and no.  Yes, all will receive this energy, as all are ready for it…yes, it will force them to see things differently…”

“This is exactly how the Wave X energy works...you get out of it what you put into it. It's not your savior, but your helper...”

She goes on to explain that we are still going to be here, all levels of humans, some awake and some still asleep, but that the potential for global awakening increases exponentially when this energy wave pushes through. In a recent Facebook post, she says that she feels that this energy wave will affect the Vagus nerve system, a very long nerve that goes from the head to the abdomen. This nerve has many functions, but the main one being activated may be about having greater visceral or gut reactions to things.       

Lynn at Psychic Focus Blog was asked about the wave and she sees it as not so much as one rush of energy, but “more like ripples onto earth.  We get a blanket of this energy, it absorbs, we get relief and then the cycle starts all over again.” Evidently this energy may cause any manner of unpleasant physical symptoms. Lynn also has seen that there may be some pockets of intense activity when these waves hit us. She warns that if you hear a low humming sound unlike anything you are familiar with, get to the ground and lie down. This is essentially grounding yourself, as these pockets can have a strong effect on the heart, like a shock or a short circuiting.      
Lynn also had some recent questions from readers about highly visible meteors appearing in various places around the globe http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2015/09/fireball-in-sky.html. Usually these space rocks disintegrate before they get through the atmosphere, merely creating a meteor shower high in the sky, but it seems they are coming a lot closer now. If you remember, there was a meteor shower that made it into Russia in early 2013 causing some minor destruction there. In early September of this year a meteor was filmed near Bankok, Thailand, easily visible as it sped through the daytime sky, burning up just 62 miles from the surface. That’s close.

Lynn sees that this phenomenon is related to Planet X and the “sister sun” that have moved nearer to us, that the gravitational force from these new outer bodies are slinging these meteors into our gravitational field, where our gravity picks it up and propels it even faster, thereby allowing the larger space rocks to make it all the way into the inner atmosphere, close to the earth’s surface. Lynn says that this will “peak more and more over the first half of 2016, and then begin to…taper off”. This planet is also messing with our regular weather patterns, as I talked about in a previous post.

The ancients saw signs in the heavens as something that was a precursor to good or bad events, or at least major changes. With everything stacking up right now for a major evolutionary shift that would affect so many people both spiritually and physically, I can relate to that at this time.

In addition to becoming more aware of our spiritual selves, our connection to each other and to the earth, there also may be some dark energy kicking up as it always does when there is resistance to a higher level of energy pushing its way in. The trick to handling this is to first stay focused on what you desire (such as peace), not what you fear. Don’t buy into negativity or talk about it. As a creator being with free will, what you concentrate on becomes your reality.

Try to see this objectively as a cosmic experiment that you are experiencing and co-creating. At this point in our evolution, there will always be those who can not awaken and end up caught in the 3D illusions which cause them fear, pain and sorrow. For those, prayers and compassion are needed.

We are moving with the Universe into a New Age where we become self-aware little masters, wielding our rediscovered power for the good of all, in the light of truth which instantly obliterates darkness. Use your power wisely.