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Monday, September 10, 2012

More From Sherri Cortland and the Guide Group…plus What Event Will Happen On September 21st?

Earlier this year I reviewed Sherri’s book “Raising Your Vibrations for the New Age” (see her site http://www.sherricortland.com ) which had a lot of fabulous teachings from her guide group. She uses automatic writing to receive information from her guides and between their style and her style there is never a dull moment.

In that work there was some great information about 2012 which I included in my blog. What I missed was her first work. “Windows of Opportunity”, which was mainly about becoming aware of the many times in our life where we are being given the opportunity for spiritual growth through recognizing a soul lesson when we get one. Sherri is now reintroducing this work through a second printing. She is offering a special offer for this work for a limited time. While you’re at Ozark Mountain Publishing, check out some of the other fascinating books they offer.

Among the many great personal stories that Sherri provides, this book has more information about 2012 and this time period which I wanted to relate.

In the section called “Evolution”, the guides start by telling her that the bodies we now inhabit did have a genesis back to the primates, but that was seen as the best vehicle for experiencing life on Earth. We are continuing to evolve and they say at in the future, we sill be much more androgynous, a balancing the male and female. Others have stated this as well. This has already started, as we are seeing the heart center of men becoming more open and the women being able to expand to include what seems like “male” behavior or abilities. But the guides are talking about our bodies too, which I have to admit, kind of disturbs me a little. The guides say that the new children and the LGBT are actually on the “front lines”, coming in with a higher vibratory rate and much more tolerance for differences and so will teach us this through demonstration.

We are in a “mass cleansing” period where “there is a lot of Karma being used up right now…and debts are being paid in a big way”. This will also be done through earth changes “that will seem catastrophic to some”, yet after this is done, there will be no more karma and the world will become a “kinder, gentler place”. The guides say that these changes are “normal and natural” and that as they proceed, the atmosphere will become more positively charged and people will take on a new more positive attitude. “World peace will eventually be achieved and there will be a global feeling to everything” and “incarnations will be a time of great learning without the pain and suffering.” In the meantime the planet needs to cleanse itself of all the negative vibrations which are emanating from the humans.

As the energy shifts, people are reacting, sometimes violently, as they are wanting to stay with the old energy and are having trouble adapting. The bottom line is that they must adapt or move on. There is no other way, but there is always a new incarnation for the soul, always another chance to learn. Eventually the atmosphere of the Earth will change so much that any negative or violent activity will not be tolerated. This is slowly being achieved through more and more incarnating souls who can hold the Light, anchoring it to the Earth.

Here is an interesting prediction “…You will see your fist woman president [of the United Sates] in the next ten years.”  This would be between 2016 and 2020 as far as I can calculate. She and the guides also predicted Obama would be the next president.

About 2012 they say “You will not see the Earth destroyed or turned into a chunk of ice…” and that this date is a “date that promotes freedom from being in the dark…to live wholly in the Light.” They go on to say that the more light that is brought to the plane, the higher the vibrational level, the less intense the earth changes will be.

Although the timing may be skewed a bit “…there will no doubt be a shift in the dimension of the planet at this time [around 2012]” to the 5th dimension…it is a done deal.”. They can not see when exactly this will occur as the energy has to be right and depends on the individual and collective vibrational level, but there may be shock and sadness when this shift happens as there will be family and friends looking for each other after realizing they are separated. “For those that do make the shift, they will find themselves in a different type of body…”, similar to a “light body”. The guides want to stress that there is no judgment regarding who stays and who goes. It doesn’t mean you are any less of a soul if you stay or any more of one if you go. It’s just a vibrational state and the evolution of the soul.

They say that words and actions now have ten times the power, so be careful about your thoughts, words and deeds. Try to stay positive.

One of the things that will change is that “within six to seven generations, we will once again stop being carnivores…” as this interferes with the development of the Sprit and introduces the vibration of fear that the animals felt at the time of death into the meat and then into us.

The “Visitors” (ETs) from several planets, including Pleiades and Arcturus, are here watching on the sidelines and interacting with us to try to facilitate an easier transition through this shift and to see to it that we don’t blow ourselves up in a nuclear holocaust.  We have free will but they are under orders to step in if it looks like we might really mess the Earth up through nukes or any other device, as this would not only affect the Earth, this affects all the planets in our system and on out into the Universe in a domino reaction.

“In the very near future, beings from the Pleiades will be making themselves widely known” and they will help us get back on track as they too had once abused their planet and had to find their own way back to balance. The guides say that the governments already now about the ET presence but refuse to acknowledge this. I myself have thought this for a long time and I am sure most of you who read this do as well. The revealing of the truth of this matter will help to create more of a global outlook, which in turn will open things up even more making for a smoother transition through this shift. “This time period is al bout coming together as one world, and soon things will happen that force this to come about.”

Speaking of ETs, in my internet travels from link to link, I found an interesting site. Stan Romanek  (http://www.stanromanek.com/05Equations_website ) has been an experiencer all his life having many alien encounters. This is interesting as it is, but he developed the ability to go into a sleep-like trance and while in this state, draw equations and little diagrams that educated people in physics and astronomy say are real formulas. Stan himself is dyslexic, has a 4th grade education and no interest in complicated theories or mathematical equations.

Then in 2002 he drew one that he remembered he wanted to make mental note on. The message was this: Something important is supposed to happen when this alignment of planets in the little diagram he drew came. It’s just that the diagram was so cryptic, no one could figure out when these planets would align until an astronomer working on his software accidentally hit the keypad and the whole thing came into alignment. The date was September 21, 2012, the Autumn Equinox. This special event may have something to do with Planet X, the new planet that is in our solar system now and heading our way, or with ETs, maybe some type of mass UFO event. We won’t know what it is until then, so keep looking to the skies in anticipation of the new coming into our lives and changing the way the world sees itself, a change for the better.