Welcome. Here you will find information gathered from many spiritual sources about what may happen after 2012 and about the Grand Shift of the Ages. It is my intent to help people to understand the significance of this event, and to discover the possible scenarios of this moment in time so that we can be prepared, aware and awakened...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jolie DeMarco and The 2nd Big Shift

I thought I had exhausted any interesting channelings about this year when I ran across a Facebook ad for a book talking about 2012. I had to click. What I found was “The 2nd Big Shift”, by channel, healer, author and artist Jolie DeMarco. This work is both a collection of channelings from her guides about the energy of 2012 and guidance using her channeled art in the form of her Healing Mandalas Oracle Card Deck. The book has full color pictures of her cards along with descriptions. You can check out her site here http://www.the2ndbigshift.com Jolie is the owner of My Flora Aura Mindful Healing Center in Boca Raton, Florida.

In my book, “2012 Messages” it’s quite clear from the sources that this year is the continuation and building of energy that has been going on for a while, not the end of this upward cycle of intense energetics. As one of Sherri Cortland’s guides says, we are “waist-deep” into it. However, Jolie’s guides have a slightly different take on this. They say that last year (2011) was the first big shift and that this year is “The 2nd Big Shift”.

Her guides state that “There are many small occurrences within a shift. There is one big shift before the Earth will move on to the next shift. The second big shift is 2012, then 2021,then 2025.” She says that “The second big shift [this year] will work its way around the globe...” and “...culminate in a big event” but that there will be “really big changes in the world in 2021”.

The guides say that things are changing “atmospherically” and that this is affecting the air so that we can get acclimated more quickly to the new vibrations, “to get human bodies ready for the next part of the shift...”. where “Earth will be reborn again.”

Jolie sees this current economic problem as just the start of getting people to change the way they exchange energy, to shift the values and realize that we are all connected. As she says, “we are all souls that live together”. I believe that, but fear and worry keep us separated. That’s what keeps the economy in a negative state. When people focus on how bad things are or how bad they could get in the future, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We need to roll with it and adapt. In essence, we have to learn to be happy in all situations that we get placed in. Jolie wants us to be happy and healed so that we can move forward to the next stage of our development more easily and to add more positive energy to the shift we are in.

The work on the healing mandalas began in 2010. Each card portrays a mulit-colored pictogram, many containing sacred geometry. It is said that you can gaze at them or meditate with them and receive insights about your soul needs and inner healing. It is said that as you look upon them, you can receive healing from the positively charged images. I’ve tried them and they can also work as a straight up oracle, giving you needed practical and spiritual information that is useful at the moment. This is a high vibrational tool. You can purchase a set at her site. Go to the “product” drop down list.

In a channeled message on 1-11-12, she received this:

“Birth of the New World—Two moons will come 2012.
Future—the future will be ‘enhanced.’
Changes will occur and Love and Light will change the world.
The blood red sky will come; stars will shine past the eclipse of the moon.

About this channeling, Jolie says: “I personally believe that is this August. (I say August because after doing research on when two full moons happen in one month, it is August, 2012.) This is when this change or ‘enhancement’ is upon us ‘humans’. We will feel another shift that will empower us, similar to a movement, that our ‘new life’ and our beliefs will become intensified. I also believe that it means more people that are currently ‘unaware’ of changes in the earth will start to ‘be-Aware’, as the guides often say. They will be awakened or realize something is happening and have a more positive, higher vibrational outlook to their lives, along with others that are in their life.”

Here is the latest of updates on 2012 energy from the sources in my book. You can also check my Facebook page for mini-updates at www.facebook.com/2012messages  

Jill Amara (Amariah) channels Simion, an energetic collective. Here is the very short version of this time period. You can go to her site and sign up for the newsletter to get more details. http://www.simion7d.com/

“This year of 2012 will see a lot of what will later be seen as spontaneous metamorphoses. This can result in overnight personality and characteristic changes. All dormant potential can now spontaneously manifest.  It is important to allow for these changes as they are observed... This relates to your personal lives, but the ideas can also be translated into global movements.”

Lee says not to get caught up in DRAMA, but to stay in your “zone”, or stay centered and calm, as this is erupting around you. You will be seeing more and more conflict coming up for release, more than in the last 10-20 years. He says we are in an “energy elevator”, but this elevator goes up a few floors then down a couple, then up again, so hold on as we roll through the changes. You can help yourself out by taking care of your physical and emotional state and giving yourself some rest, or some personal time to acclimate to the changes.

This was actually from March, but still applies. Still not much good news economically from Mr.Scallion. He still foresees a downturn in the economy this year, but this may be a slight downturn, not a deep plunge as had been thought earlier.

He sees gas prices rising because of investors using “hedging” to secure oil futures. He says they are worried that there will be problems with Iran. He does see something happening between Iran and Israel in the future, but sees that the USA will stay out of it.

The solar sunspot cycle we are in will peak in 2013, but he doesn’t see any massive grid failures – not this time—but there will be some incidents arising because of these solar flares. The last major cycle of earth changes (in ancient times) was about the water. This time it will be triggered by the Sun and will be about fire. According to him, this will involve the shifting of the Earth’s core and axis, which will eventually point to the new pole star, Arcturus

Thats all for now.