Welcome. Here you will find information gathered from many spiritual sources about what may happen after 2012 and about the Grand Shift of the Ages. It is my intent to help people to understand the significance of this event, and to discover the possible scenarios of this moment in time so that we can be prepared, aware and awakened...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The New Children Speak about 2012

It is said by many channels and psychics that in the future the children will be our most cherished and protected possessions. Part of this may be because many of the young ones incarnated today are special in that their energy and soul consciousness is of a very high vibration. They have brought into the physical world many of their spiritual gifts, memory of their previous soul existence and an inner knowing of their particular mission in assisting this spiritual transition that we are in. We are fortunate to have them in our midst. Not only are they teaching us (re-awakening us), they are helping to lift the heavy human vibrations of this earth just by their physical presence.

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey (http://www.spiritlite.com/) a healer, speaker, writer and teacher, found several gifted children and started asking them questions about their views of the world and how they would change things. It culminated in 2008 with the book “Conversations with the Children of Now”. It covers a lot of ground, but what got my attention was a section on what they had to say about 2012. There is a lot of wisdom in this work given by youngsters ranging from small children to young adults and well worth a look. Out of the mouths of babes, indeed.

A lot of the kids avoided questions about 2012 or played down the whole idea of it being the actual year of some particular event, but there are still some messages here. Mostly they speak in terms of spiritual teachings that we need to understand to transition this time period such as “living in the now”, or living in the present moment.    

Nicholas, now 15 (http://www.nicholastschense.com/home.html), has been confined to a wheelchair from a brain injury sustained at birth but this has not deterred him from becoming an “ambassador for love”, and an articulate one at that. His message about 2012 is to feel the lightness, to pay attention to the changes that bring lightness, that by doing this you actually assist the process that we are in. 

Nicholas: “The earth is experiencing a transition to lightness, unlike the dense energy being felt by the earth thus far...”

Nicholas’s messages are very heart-centered. He says that a change in direction will occur as we participate globally in mediation and prayer, feeling our connection to the earth. As we do this, the earth is “feeling fond love for us” and “much of the damage can be reversed.”

“Grandmother” Chandra (http://www.grandmachandra.com/) is also handicapped, but has great spiritual gifts. Now in her late 20s, she contributed a lot about very metaphysical subjects such as dimensional shifting, opening of “Star Gates”, and using “codes” to awaken consciousness in connection with the whales.

Grandma Chandra: “There are two spirals of energy: One attached to the third dimension...and [the second is] the new spiritual spiral...both spirals are coming to their own conclusion.”        

Scotty was 15 at the time the book was written and has always known that his purpose was here was “to change the world”. He sees the future, mainly in dreams, and what he sees for the 2012 time period is that technology will be very advanced and, unfortunately, this involves weapons of war. Another youngster, Rhianna, chimes in, saying that we are going to be “way too dependent on technology to do things for us”.

Scott: “...I don’t think the world is completely ready for all the changes that are about to happen...”

I want to comment here and say that war is not predetermined for us. We can change the future by changing our mind about the world, and this involves our day to day experiences with others as well as the finding of peace inside ourselves. If we can use the will to put into practice the idea that we are all connected -- from the same Source -- then this can go a long way in bringing peace through negotiation and mediation instead of violence.

However, there are still souls on earth right now that will never understand this and will push for retaliation, who can’t grasp the concepts being put forth. That’s earth right now, a volatile mix of different human consciousnesses having free will in the third dimension, where the physical carries more psychological and emotional weight than the spiritual. But this is changing. The light is going to come on for a lot of people and they are going to realize things they never thought of before.       

Jude Decoff, now 30, is very prolific and is a heavy contributor to the book. I’m amazed at his extensive knowledge and presentation.

Jude: “I have seen a large comet that is going to miss the earth in a few years [around 2012]...”

Jude talks about a lot of cosmic events and goes into some interesting background involving our solar system. He says that the tilt of the earth will lessen but there will still be a “wobble” which may cause magnetic field issues.

Jude: “What I have been shown is that a very large scale earth event will eventually have to occur to wake up the peaceful way of living...”

Of all the kids, he had the most to say about specific changes that may occur, including the creation of a little hand-drawn map of the United States and how he saw the water encroaching on the coasts, up the center as it widens the Mississippi and deluging the bottom half of Florida.  This results in a new, higher sea level. This major earth change for the USA has been spoken of over the years through many different channels and most likely has to do with the activation of the New Madrid fault, which runs up the Mississippi Valley.

Understand that all land on the earth undergoes cycles and periodically needs to be energetically refreshed, especially if the population there has created some stuck energy patterns that are not transmuted. It’s just that the earth at this time also happens to be going through a major energetic cycle, as is the rest of the solar system and galaxy – everything is connected. This is why we will be seeing some cosmic events, as well as earth cleansing events.        

Jude: “The major message that I am receiving [from the earth] is to go away from water – all types of water...especially oceans or coastlines.”

This is just more confirmation that we may be in for a lot of flooding. Still, remain calm. Do your inner work and if you are guided to move, then by all means, make it so, but doing anything out of fear is a mistake. Fear will just bring that which you fear right to your doorstep no matter where you run to.

Jude sees that what is happening with the earth is the release of vast “excess energies”. These energies have the ability to be utilized by us to create the life that we wish to have for earth and its inhabitants. He wants us to meditate on positive change.

Jude: “We need to send healing and love energies to the places on the planet that are highly negative...”

This is most necessary he says, because if we do not use these energies, they will take the form of more natural disasters and earth changes. “We can still change this situation in to a positive, creative change rather than a destructive change.”  This also has to do with healing the earth from all the damage we have done it, especially beginning from the time of the Industrial Revolution.   

Their main message is: Time is speeding up. Live in the Now. Listen to your heart. Put love into your existence and give some love to the earth. These things will lessen any chaotic changes that are coming and increase the potential for an easy transition into a new way of living.