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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Signs In The Skies

As an astrologer I have always looked to signs and cycles as symbols of energetic patterns and portents of events, not unlike the ancients. Coming up we have a significant solar eclipse and New Moon on May 20th / 21st, bracketed by a lunar eclipse on June 4th. The Moon will not totally eclipse the Sun, but will leave a little ring of fire around it (Hmmm…ring of fire…) Eclipses happen once a year, but this one has more energy packed into it and may be nothing short of the initiation of great change in world consciousness and bringing with it powerful energetic downloads that release the past and speed you on your way to a better future.   

Eclipses are about a change or a shift, and the energy they bring can be in effect for several months or even years after the event. Solar eclipses are where the Moon, or the feminine and creative overshadow the Sun, the male energy. They indicate a crisis point where there is a new beginning or a final ending from which there is no return.

According to Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, a psychic channel, when this happens this year, it will mark “the point of no return” as we proceed to December 2012. (See the full article here http://spiritlibrary.com/gillian-macbeth-louthan/solar-annular-eclipse-20th-may-2012) I think what she is saying is that it is important what you are visualizing at this time, as it will have a stronger effect on what will manifest in late 2012. It may also mean that we will only be going forward from then on; no more backtracking, dredging up old solutions for old issues or problems. I will tell you, I’ve noticed that people seem to reject any ideas that are just replays of the past. They want new solutions. They are not being swayed by any kind of propaganda and see right through it.

The other thing she said was that it was about release of old patterns, specifically the release of the hold of the male patriarchy. This has been coming on for a while. In 2000 when I wrote a book with Kwan Yin channel Sucheta (Marjorie Muscacchio http://www.mykwanyin.com/ ), Kwan Yin did state to get ready because the matriarchy, or strong feminine energy is returning. Females will be stronger, more forceful. Males will incorporate more heart-centered energy. The two are combining to form a more balanced human being. In addition, we are in a time that mirrors the political and social unrest of the ‘60s where if you recall, women were becoming more independent and pushing against any controls over their rights.   

The point that will be right under the eclipse at the middle of the event is a little island called “Adak” in Alaska. It is situated at the tail end of the Aleutian Island chain, practically midpoint between Alaska and Korea out in the North Pacific. Adak is from the Aleutian word “adaq” which means “father”. (More confirmation of the release of the male patriarchy?)

It is said that the area where an eclipse is visible will represent the unfolding of the message and energy. In this case, it is the Pacific, Asian and West Coast of America that will see it. My first thought is “ring of fire” and earth changes, but that could be me just going for the obvious. Hopefully this will help release old energies of grief from World War II and the nuclear bombing in the Pacific in a more calm way than the shifting of tectonic plates or volcanic action. Because this eclipse is in Gemini, I don’t foresee an earth change event, but more of a societal event, or one involving humans, relationships, communication and exchange of ideas involving our daily concerns. This may be a time where we can learn something from someone or pass just the right information at the right time, or acquire new tools to help our spiritual growth.   

This will also involves the Pleiadies, which features heavily in many indigenous people (including the Mayans) who see themselves as direct descendents of the beings from that star cluster containing seven suns. Native Americans call the Pleiadies the “Rattlesnake”.

There is supposedly a Native American prophecy called “The Rattlesnake Prophecy” which talks about 2012 as being significant as a period of “Time Untime”. I haven’t found any good explanation about the “time/untime”, but it sounds like they are talking about the release of the constraints of time or some sort of inter-dimensional effect where we are able to transcend time/space. We already are creating new timelines now every day, every decision we make, but I believe they definitely are saying that we are in a new reality now.

In this prophecy, the rattlesnake gains feathers, reminding me of the Mayan feathered serpent, Kukulkan and the Aztec’s version, Quetzalcoatl, who was said to be from the Pleiadies and who is said to be returning with the sacred knowledge now. (I have been taught that this being was actually similar to Jesus or Buddha, both of whom manifested the Christ principle on Earth at different times)  Again, the snake or the serpent shows up. (We are in the Chinese “Year of the Dragon”, too.)

In my book “2012 Messages” I talk a little about this symbolism that is so prevalent and that relates heavily to 2012 prophecies. In addition, the line of influence of the eclipse intersects the “Male Dragon” ley line, or energy line, a part of the Earth grid, which snakes its way across the Earth in an undulating line. The mid-point is Adak Island (“Father” Island, as interpreted).

In addition to all this, Venus will be seen as a little black spec crossing the face of the Sun on the 5th and 6th of June right after the lunar eclipse of the 4th. This is a pretty rare phenomenon (about every 100 years). But Venus is also conjoining with Jupiter in the star system of the Pleiadies.  

Venus and Jupiter are two of the most fortunate planets and have been together since March creating a single shining star in the west. They are still together, as Venus is seemingly going backwards in retrograde and Jupiter is going forward, and they will meet exactly around the last two weeks of June. I’m hoping that this is a good omen. We could all use a little good news. This would be in the area of finance or relationships as Venus rules what we value and Jupiter adds “more” to it. Because Venus is retrograde until June 27th and in keeping with the eclipses, the energy in May and June will be about releasing (or being forced to release) relationships that have no value now and for knowing what really gives you satisfaction. You may even have to experience some kind of financial setback to help you to understand what is really important. The object is to learn from this and not see it as a roadblock, but a sign post for your future. And the future is actually being created by whatever you are putting energy in to right now.

Pamela Shelly (http://www.pamelashelly.com/) is a Pleaidian channel that gave some information about 2012 in my book. Recently she emailed me saying she kept seeing and hearing about “dragons” so much that she wondered what it was about. “For over 2 weeks I had dragons show up in my life every day and sometimes several times a day. After connecting the dots I realized I am to call on the powerful dragon energies when I facilitate the Sacred Ceremony at Mt. Shasta on June 5th anchoring their energies along with the Hathor energies into the ley lines and planetary grids.”  She is doing a seminar at Mt Shasta in California from May 31 to June 8th, and will be doing Sound Healing a well as working with the earth energy grid. See her site for details. She also has a new video featuring some of my meditation music, check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWzJmYBzYOI

Pamela says in a channeled statement about the eclipses that this “…has much more significance than humanity realizes. Some of you have parts or pieces of the puzzle and we will assist in an overall understanding. This will be a powerful cleansing and releasing of old patterns and the emotional debris you have carried with you for millennia…” And further, “This will be felt on an emotional level and many on the planet will have no idea of this purging. Many will find themselves feeling angry, depressed and anxious and may act erratic.”

She says a lot of this is bringing up and releasing portions of any negative experiences in Atlantis of “fear of causing harm again or being harmed” in order for us to be able to use our power wisely this time. This may bring up some karmic creations to be faced and cleared. She also confirms what I was talking about as this being a balancing action between male and female as “the former dominating male patriarchal energies and influence will no longer be tolerated without the heart connection. The female and male energies must come into balance.”

My advice to you is to observe this time quietly and see what develops, knowing that whatever happens is just one more step in a process that never ends. Now is a time when we can reach a plateau of consciousness from which we can ride out any difficulties down the line, seeing things from a larger perspective and with more self-awareness and compassion.