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Friday, March 21, 2014

More Psychic Predictions For 2014 plus Psychic Insight on Flight 370

It’s interesting to me when looking at random psychic predictions here and elsewhere, that they start to focus on certain themes or events. At this time it looks like they all have something about weather issues, mostly regarding storms and flooding. Also the Queen of England having health issues or even passing, a big financial downturn coming, and then there are the UFOs.

I will have a lot more on the coming economic situation which is said to be beginning around the end of this year and into 2015, or as late as 2018. As usual, many are off regarding the actual year that something happens. They may sense it as being very close while in an altered state, but this may not be the case when it unfolds. There is also freewill involved and this changes things all the time, maybe delays, lessens, or even completely changes the outcome.

However, that said, try looking for markers of events rather than years. The markers for another major downturn will be that the Dow peaks, then declines in a sawtooth shape (a down 2 up 1 type of thing) on a graph until it really gets low. Another is that before the USA hits the bottom, look to Europe to be having this already happen. I will give details on this later. Not to be afraid, but just to try to be prepared in case it does get bad (again) for a while. If you have funds in the market, and you are able, you might want to think about transferring them into more safe areas, like real gold and silver or land, etc. We are not out of the woods and there may be another twist to this which I will explain later.

I’ve heard a lot about “disclosure” involving the “alien” presence, or what most refer to as UFOs. It seems like there will be some mass sightings that no one can deny and the truth about the existence of “the visitors” will have to be admitted. Should be interesting. Again, predicted dates range from 2015 to 2020.                

And lastly, this is not a prediction, but I thought I would share something that has been reiterated by several sources about the missing Flight 370, as this seems to defy logic and has everyone baffled. As usual, you can believe what you want to, but the psychic sources I found are saying that the plane and its passengers slipped into another dimension, but ended up in something more like a parallel reality from the past. Whether this opening of this passage was deliberately done with technology or a case of being at the right place at the wrong time is still up for consideration, but they are saying that these people are alive and living on some sort of primitive jungle island. This island is one that is here on Earth, but from a different timeline than ours from the past. I don’t think those people will be returning. This is akin to the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic. The Earth has certain points that become portals into another dimension or parallel reality.

On to more predictions:


“In my interview with George Noory [January 1st on Coast to Coast radio show]  http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2014/01/01 , I said that February, September and November will be the toughest months with weather and tragic incidences.“

Here are some highlights:

-- Weather could affect the midterm election [in November in the USA]. Water/weather problems.
[This may not only be flooding, but also water pollution]

-- Expansion of the Syrian war.

-- The US has financial issues Mar. 22 to May 13. 

-- 2014 Has many issues with health: breakouts and breakthroughs.

-- Powerful year for women's movements.

-- This is an important year to go deep into your soul, your inner life...and find new answers and ways to where you need to go. A year that is good for learning, study and intense self improvement. Work on your skills or learn new ones...

-- Unexpected separations in personal relationships, or between friendly nations.

“I encourage everyone to at the very least consider starting your own business – create your OWN opportunities! This will definitely be a good year/time to do so.”

“Our Beloved Queen [Lisa is from Canada] I have a sense that this may be her last year of reign. …Charles will take reign, but of course it will not be long-lived. We will see 2 coronations in a matter of 5-10 years at the most: Charles and then William. So some very serious and major shifts begin for the Royal Family this year, and will continue on a rather rocky road for the next 5 years.”

“The Pope is in psychical danger. He is one of the best Pope’s we have ever seen … he is speaking the truth and there are those around him that are unhappy.”

“More and more people will become outraged with the geo-engineering of the weather as more and more superstorms occur. These superstorms are man-made … NOT made by mother nature so keep that in mind as a slight positive (in other words it isn’t Mother Nature punishing us).”

JODY HOWARD, psychic, healer, author

“2013 was pushing us to move into a career that gave us joy and made us feel fulfilled. If you haven’t yet made that shift you need to continue working on it.”

“For those of you who have been single and looking for that special someone, this will be the year to find them.  For those of you needing to move away from a bad relationship, you will find extra courage and strength to do so this year.”

“The energy of 2014 will really open awareness of alternative and natural health care for more and more people.  More people will search out new ways of health care and feel excited to try new things…”


She has LOT of predictions, many hits from last year and even this year even though it has just begun. Also has a lot of earth changes information. On her Facebook page she does a lot of posts about things and also will reply to those posting, which not all people do.

-- Civil unrest and protests will break out in major cities worldwide in spring, including the U.S., Russia and China this spring and summer.

-- Hillary Clinton will also be involved in another scandal bigger than Benghazi. She will not be elected President in 2016.

-- A mass UFO sighting in the near future over a major U.S. city will have everyone abuzz.

-- Increased sightings of another planetary body in our solar system. People will begin to see it near the sun at as the sun is setting.

-- Our weather is now controlled by certain governments worldwide. Hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy were manipulated to create mega storms… If you think the weather was crazy and unpredictable in 2013, wait until 2014. One minute it will be severe cold, snow and the next minute warm winds and melting. Weather flip-flops will be the norm.

-- Chemtrails in our skies are also alter our weather and in blocking the sun, cancer has increased. We are not getting the Vitamin D from the sun needed for our bodies.

-- As our leaders continue to control and deceive us and the earth changes accelerate, more and more people will awaken and realize our power lies in prayer and thought....not in violence.

-- Fukushima, Japan: This is a bad situation that will get worse in the coming months as strong earthquakes shake the area.  Although there is a cover-up by the U.S. and Japan on continued release of radiation, we will continue to see more sea creatures dying from radiation throughout the Pacific Ocean and the U.S. West Coast. Your prayers are needed now. 

-- Pope Francis will stun the world with a revelation that will upset the Catholic faithful.

-- Italy's Mount Etna will see a huge eruption and Rome experience massive earthquake. I see buildings collapsing in Rome from a powerful earthquake.

KRISTY ROBINETT is a Psychic Medium and Author

Kristy has a lot of other predictions at her site, but I chose these highlights below:

-- End of 2014 – technology issues, possibly with Apple, that will cause an uproar. This feels more like ‘Big Brother Watching’ that is exposed.

-- More cyber-attacks – may put the USA out of commission for several days

-- February – bad winter storms for most of USA (I see a heart, which represents by Valentine’s Day) [She hit that right on the nose]

-- Early May – an odd winter-like storm in mid USA (Colorado?) that causes tornado outbreaks throughout the US and travel issues.

-- Abundance of rain in Midwest [of the USA], which will cause crop/farmer issues

-- Tainted medicine (much like the Tylenol scare), but this will be with a widely used prescription drug.

-- Queen Elizabeth takes seriously ill in the springtime [There seems to be a lot of predictions regarding this and the Royals so I include it here as more confirmation]

--Autoimmune disease and Diabetes on the increase (eventually will be linked to chemicals in the foods)

That’s all for now, but if you still haven’t got your fill, here is another page online with several psychics giving their views about 2014 and the near future. http://paranormal.about.com/od/prophetsandprophecies/tp/Psychic-Predictions-for-2014.htm?nl=1

Until next time –
Listen to your heart, not to the TV.