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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Simon Parkes: The Great Shift Really Begins In 2017

If you saw the last post about ET disclosure you are already familiar with the name Simon Parkes. I didn’t go into his background except to say that he is a contactee, but there is so much more about him. (Speaking of disclosure: also check out James Gilliland’s site http://www.eceti.org He has a ranch where ET craft come in and show themselves, along with other contact phenomenon.) 

Besides his intimate contacts with off-world species since he was a boy, one of the most amazing things about this intuitive, soft-spoken gentleman is that he actually held political office in Britain after doing a little disclosing of his own. You see he actually came out and spoke publicly about his experiences and beliefs, and although there was some noisemakers who said he was nuts, they faded away and the people still elected him. Just short of serving his term, he abruptly quit and started his real work in the world as, what I consider to be, a guide for mankind and a voice of truth. See his site here: http://www.simonparkes.org/

I recently stumbled upon a Youtube video he did with a publisher named “Amadeus”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X59GDE1iXXo  In case the link has changed, go to Youtube and search “Simon Parkes. The Great Shift Really Begins 2017.” It’s a long video, so I give you the highlights here about what he said he thinks is coming in the next 3 or 4 years.

When Simon speaks about a topic, especially one about the future, he says that he always checks with several trusted insider and ET sources. He wants to be as sure as possible about what he is talking about and uses them to see if they agree on a particular topic. If so, he goes public with the information. After hearing him talk and comparing his information with many others, I do think that he is speaking of the truth as it stands now. (The future is always subject to change, no matter what is predicted or who is predicting it.)

People, we are on the edge of the precipice of a new way of being. The world will be shifting dramatically and we will live to see it happen. We are here to experience this and help to sustain the momentum of this new paradigm, one which has never been known on the planet before. But let’s start with 2012.

Simon relates that although there were no visible mass ascensions or massive earth changes, that something of monumental importance did occur which started us on this timeline. “Because on December 21st, 2012, in excess of 3 million people who were critically awake at the crucial time, pushed the planet forward.” From that time, the energy has been building like a train, gathering power, going faster and faster.

Although he says that we will see a much more positive future with people banding together to help one another, as well as gaining much more freedom, there is a little way to go to get to the other side. “What were looking at is a very difficult 2 years ahead…in the sense that there will be a lot of pain that we have to go through, because we can not come out the other end until we’ve experienced that.” By pain, I’m just guessing that it will be economic trouble, as well as people having to wrap their mind around the swift changes that will check their belief systems and test their sense of security.

In the next 2 years he says that “people will realize they’ve been lied to – not just about the alien/ET situation – but about a whole range of situations.” He says people will be fed up and wanting a completely new style of government, leadership, and a new way of doing business. You can feel it right now. You can see the physical displays of dissatisfaction and frustration with everything already, something that hasn’t been around since the 60s. Even as I write this, there is what amounts to a sit-in protest by United States congressmen and women who have parked themselves on the chamber floor and are shouting down the speaker, going against all floor rules to try to get a vote on gun control. I have never seen anything like this happen here in my lifetime.  

He says there will be “a phase where the traditional systems of power will just collapse. Not overnight. One tier will go, then five or six days later another will go and it will be like a domino effect, and there will be a critical point where there is no government.” He goes on… “When the curtain is raised, people will need stability. It is very important because there will be a vacuum in the power system on this planet for a short period of time. That’s when we have to be very careful because other negative forces may well attempt to fill that vacuum.”

I’m not telling you this to cause fear. That’s the first reaction that people have. I understand. But if this does occur, we must be ready to step up to the challenge and stay together. We will also need to be there for others who are having a hard time comprehending what is going on and to assure them that it will be okay, while gently teaching them a new, more authentic way of living.

He hopes that we can form a council-type of situation that governs, along with “exopolitics,” or extraterrestrial politics, involving only those with no egos, power trips or those seeking financial incentives, and no military influence.

At this point, he says that many of those in high places who have been working with certain forces of control may “jump ship and try and join people like me and you.” Some will be unrepentant, grabbing what they can and disappearing, but others will “wake up to the truth,” want to be forgiven and want to bring their knowledge to us. Simon advises amnesty and forgiveness for these people.

“Anyone who is alive today and stays alive through the process is so lucky, because you have manifested by choice, a role in the final joining of the circle that is this planet and what happens here.”

“Whatever occurs here on this planet will be a massive energetic ripple out to all the 12 soul families [galactic races] that are connected to humanity, and beyond that. There will be a very big beneficial effect because the energetic shift here will actually raise up other races as well. I can not describe the effect that this will have on the whole multiverse…”

That’s all for now. Relax, get your bare feet on the ground and meditate a little every day to connect yourself to the rising frequencies. If you can be silent and connect to your soul, your Source, you will be doing yourself and the world a big favor. The changes won’t affect you so much.