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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maggie Stark and the ET Connection... plus Updates From 2012 Messages Sources

I never realized what a great vehicle Facebook was until I was dragged kicking and screaming into it in late November 2010. Even then I really didn’t use it until I wrote 2012 Messages and started to meet some really great like-minded folks.

Maggie Stark is a medium, author and healer who came to me via Ryan Michaels (Psychic Kids of the Paranormal) and who resides in a spiritualist community called “Lily Dale” in upstate N.Y. along with other gifted souls such as she. When I found out she had written a book full of channeled material, I asked her what Spirit had to say about 2012 and this time period. Here is what she said:

”The messages I have received in my book, ‘A Whisper In my Ear…Spirit Writings Given to Maggie Stark’ (automatic writings) is about the second coming of the Christ Consciousness into our world, the oneness of all and the awakening that is occurring. Apart from my book, my guides have told me for years that my husband and I would be working in some capacity with the ET’s to help transform the planet. I have had ET contact throughout my life (visions, visitations etc.) As far as the timeline, they speak of a possibility of mass landings of ET’s around early 2013. Again this is not set in stone. There are two scenarios I have been given: 1st, there will be miraculous changes on the planet and thus people will be open to the ET’s . 2nd scenario: We will be facing a catastrophic event (solar flares, nuclear war, etc.) where they will intervene to help us. I don't think anyone really knows for certainty what will actually happen and when but I feel strongly the ET’s are here to assist us with our spiritual growth, technology and revitalization of Mother Earth. I also feel that we will be entering into another dimension. Many people are awakening at this time. I feel the ET's will not interfere with our free will and people will be ascending at their own pace into this new dimension. I feel we will reunite with our brothers and sisters of our star family.”

This is some wild stuff. You hear about ET’s now and again, but she seems to have some inside information from personal experience. My feeling is that ET’s have been around forever interacting with and checking up on Earth and its people. There is a good chance that we are not only related soul-wise (as in soul groups and past life), but genetically. As far as mass visibility, I think we have to get to the point where the fear factor is greatly diminished first, but who knows; sometimes the best way to learn to swim is to get thrown into the water.

“A Whisper in my Ear…” explores the concept of synchronicity as it has worked in her life, about her own experiences of visions and how her own spiritual journey has meaning for others. This collection of “spirit writings,” often called “channeled writings,” relates some of her experiences in depth and examines their correlation to mystical, even miraculous events. You can purchase it here at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Whisper-My-Ear-Spirit-Writings/dp/1931942811  Throughout Maggie's journey she has been given wondrous visions of ascended masters, angels, guides, and saints.

Carmen Harra ( http://www.carmenharra.com/) is a source from the book. I found a link to one of her interviews from May of 2011 for a book she wrote called “Wholeiness”. Here she repeats some of what is in the book but also adds to or clarifies things. Here is an edited version of what she said:

“We hear about 2012 being doomsday, and that feels real to us because we seem to be surrounded by upheaval and uncertainty. We begin to believe in the possibility of impending disaster. We get stuck in fear and negative thoughts and then we start latching on to ideas such as 2012 being a big destructive doomsday. That’s just a projection of fear. That’s NOT going to happen. When you quiet your negative feelings and thoughts and act in loving and compassionate ways, you discover your true power.”

“We’re going to see the gridlock in Washington. We’ll see the beginnings of two major changes: a total overhaul of our financial system and an overall reinvention of our governing system. We may even end up having two presidents, one to balance the other.”

“If any independents run [for president], such as Ron Paul, they won’t succeed. President Barack Obama will be challenged within the Democratic party. Hillary Clinton says she won’t run in 2012, but may have a change of heart this fall because of these events I’m describing.”

“Here’s the big news: Whoever takes the office as president, it won’t matter. The gridlock is too strong. Only a complete renovation of the government and financial systems will break it. And it’s the American people who will make that happen with the help of Divine intervention.”

I’ve heard this from other sources about the financial system and the government structure. Surely both are broken and need to change. The higher energies that are moving in now are driving this change. People are awakening to the truth. 

“We’re also going to see the type of civil unrest and revolutions we’re seeing in the Middle East spread to Europe and elsewhere. Very similarly, this year [2011] we saw the huge tsunami and radiation leak in Japan at the same time as the Middle Eastern revolutions. Next year we’ll see even more HUGE changes all over the globe, all at the same time.”

“Globally, tremendous underlying strife and anger comes to the surface and Mother Earth will calm down. The huge number of intense weather and earth events (such as the earthquakes in 2010) will taper off because we are bringing to the surface the hidden turbulence in our societies. In a way, natural disasters and the revolution of the people are meant to happen in synchronicity: one is meant to awaken us to the reality of the other, and vice versa.”

Lastly, I want to bring in Lee Harris (http://leeharrisenergy.blogspot.com/), another source in the book and a prolific FB poster. If you are on Facebook, like his page and read all his insights here http://www.facebook.com/leeharrisenergy888  

He [his guides] wanted to express the importance of managing your spiritual path along with your physical vehicle: 

“You will move through this time with the most grace if you attend to working with your body and your consciousness in equal measure….balance will be hard to maintain during the rising geomagnetic intensity you are experiencing, so extra diligence and new approaches will be required…”

And then, here is more about 2012…

“2012 will be a year of pioneers and revolutionaries. In some ways, the past 5 or so years have sent shockwaves through so many people that there has been, to some degree, a cap on what can be achieved. 2012 will blow the lid off this cap for many. You will feel more sure of what you are doing, who you are, why you are here, even if momentarily you will have to surrender to the complete uncertainty of everything and life itself in order to arrive there.”

Everybody take a deep breath and let it all out. Repeat as necessary. We are only half way through 2012 and things are not going to slow down. Some events may be stalled until 2013 or later but big change is coming and it is here to stay.


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