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Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Predictions with the Psychic Twins

Before we get to some predictions, I’m going to have a little fun with 2014. I have my own numerology theory that works for me 99% of the time. I use it in conjunction with astrology, assigning the planets a number. 2014 is a 7 when you add it up. To me, that shows the Neptune influence. Neptune is in Pisces now (its home sign), so this year will be representative of that energy that will be with us for the next 10 years. In the long term, look for issues revolving around the effects or use of oil and gas,chemicals and drugs, social unrest or social programs, spirituality or religion, and anything about water or the ocean.       

It can mean many will be relying on religion, faith or spirituality to get them through, but they could just as well try to escape reality, sometimes through drugs and such. This can go both of these ways and usually does. Neptune can produce extremes -- high one day and low the next, and with great sensitivity.

It could mean that people will be getting more psychic and sensitive and start changing their lives in a way that feels like something that they always wanted but never dared try to obtain, or in a way that just brings them joy in their heart, now that their heart is more open.

In general, this year has a lot of planets retrograding one after the other, which to me says that even though we will be going about our business in the outer world, it is our subtle, inner world that is being most affected. Lots of reflection about who we are, where we are headed and about whom we are headed there with.   

This year can also be deceptive, as people are eager to believe perfect solutions and buy into it. Under Neptune, things are inflated and either seem better or worse than they really are.

Some will see that whatever reality they hold on to actually creates itself around them. Some will point outside themselves and say “See, it happened just like they said”, or “I knew this would happen”, not knowing that they helped to create that with their energy by believing it.

Watch out for your “blind” side, which could be the part of you that is your own worst enemy, a part that is largely subconscious, reflexive and hard to locate. With some work you will be able to stand apart from your actions and reactions and, with some introspection, be able to curb or shut down any negative tapes playing in the background. This is one of the paths that lead to helping you to create the destiny that you wish to happen by freeing you from the past.

So choose to see the highest and best, have faith, call for spiritual help, but see things as they really are with your new psychic insight and by listening to your heart.

For info about my mini astro readings or one-question readings, go here http://chowell.wix.com/2012vision/astroreadinginfo or check my astrology page at my site for recent insights about what’s going on.

I haven’t  checked out the Psychic Twins before, even though I have heard of them, but I felt like I should have a look due to their longevity. They say they predicted the Boston Marathon attack and many other events. This is Terri and Linda Jamison, who have been at this quite a while.

In a Youtube video with audio from a radio show in January 2014, they do a look at 2014-2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YZujEmkyZw  The twins advocate for psychics to be more involved in helping us with things, like weather prediction. I would add ‘helping with difficult medical diagnosis’ to that, too.

-- people continue to become more intuitive and are more able to use their powers to create in their lives

-- more corporate , government and church corruption being exposed

-- currency crisis over the next few years…gradual decline of faith and value in the dollar as the world standard, subsequent loss of investment. Debt burden continues to rise.
-- a couple of sizeable market corrections over the next year or two

-- strong likelihood that Republicans will win back Senate majority in 2014 mainly due to voter frustration, much like 2010

-- Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) as becoming an unintended burden after a while. Part of that is making huge “payoffs” to insurance companies that lost a lot of business

-- Hillary Clinton will likely run for president in 2016. As we head into the next few years, women’s power will be on the rise and they will take the lead in many areas injecting feminine values

-- more terrorism threats in the USA from “hybrids”, focusing on smaller events and places like malls with low security. They mention many states all over the USA and other countries where this could possibly happen. Terrorism grows in the Middle East areas.

-- “dark vortexes” in Colorado and Texas leading to more mass shootings

-- more and more states passing medical use of marijuana or even legalizing it

-- increase of cyber attacks in all areas from banking and financial institutions to retail stores such as the recent one for Target

-- Many more secret documents from Snowden are released and cause an “uproar” politically.   

-- extreme weather the next couple years, mega storms, cat 4 and 5 hurricanes and typhoons. Gulf Coast, Florida. Violent storms and more tornadoes in the usual places in the Midwest USA with a possible F5

-- strong earthquake activity in southern  California the next year or two and that it is coming now or later, but it is “inevitable”. They mention the “Ventura” fault line and are looking at the Northwest USA. Other countries throughout the world also having earthquake troubles

-- major flooding mainly in the Gulf states of the USA and in Great Britain

-- no tsunami anytime soon for the USA, but possible for Thailand or Indonesia area

-- Fukushima is still a major problem. Explosions there have released more radioactive material which is starting to show up here in the USA. A continuing toxic situation affecting the oceans and sea life in the area. A slow process to figure out what to do

-- automation continues to displace people in their jobs

-- sees a new system in the future emerging out of the breakdown and chaos we are experiencing now

--in the next few years, a movement that values human connectedness and collaboration

That last one was highly Neptunian, the feeling that we are all connected -- separate parts that are really one unit, one world. Yet even with that type of feeling, there are those that do not want to belong to that type of world, find it boring or unreal and find their existence in the underbelly of society while they immerse themselves in a search for their own ideal world.

It’s all about your creations. What reality will you create this year?

I think that’s enough for now. It looks like more people are now coming out with 2014 predictions, so I will post some more highlights later.



  1. well now we just need to wait and see if it will come true or not

    1. Actually we can do more than "wait and see". Predictions are made to show possible outcomes. The future is pliable to a great extent. Through are personal and collective wills, we can envision and work toward a different outcome -- or on the flip side -- we can accept that this will be the outcome and get prepared for it.

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