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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Predictions And Insights Into The US Presidential Race 2016

Well, that was crazy. Those two conventions in July were like watching “reality” TV. (In case you didn’t know, realty TV shows are mainly scripted. There is virtually no reality, just entertainment “programming.”) What I saw happening was the beginning of the breaking up of the traditional way things are usually done in an election here and the imminent shift or demise of the gargantuan, controlling  Republican and Democratic parties.

This will be happening to all the large established and conventional groups or corporations, especially those that do not power share or serve the everyday people that helped them become so big, or who are not honest in their vision or intentions. Those “too big to fail” will probably be left to fail this time. Established department store chains are not immune and are closing stores at an alarming rate. (As a side note, predictions are that eventually the stores will serve as classrooms, rec areas, or in some other alternative way.) All the large systems we use are susceptible now. 

As far as the election, It could happen that the populace decides that they want to do things a different way (using free will), and simply do not participate in the traditional processes at all, pulling their energy away from these giants and watching them then collapse. A lot of these behemoths will fall of their own weight anyway as the Truth comes out. This is one of the things that will be happening more and more; the Truth must come out because the Light is getting so strong, that it is uncovering those unsavory things that have been hidden for so long. It’s part of our evolution into a higher consciousness. We are ready to see what has been lurking in the darkness the whole time and to see it for what it is.

As for predictions, Hillary seems to be the one to win, but a lot can happen in two months when energy is moving so fast. There are still some psychics who are saying it definitely will be Trump, so you can see how much energy is being poured into this event and making it extra hard to see where this is headed.

Lynn at Psychic Focus Blog http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2016/07/short-political-q-a.html gave her sense of what type of presidency would happen for Clinton and for Trump. Here it is:

“Trump: More American jobs, Business breaks for start-up businesses, Decrease in social systems with that money allocated to infrastructure, Very tight borders, Reduction in foreign business on American soil, Tuition breaks for Americans going to American schools, Increase in tuition for out of country students, There is a shift from 4 year degrees to technical / certification and apprentice programs for post secondary education, Very challenging bi-partisan voting, Healthcare feels worse before it gets better, He is either loved or hated by foreign leaders (no middle ground here), Foreign trade feels challenged, Race and culture tensions rise, Cost of goods rise and Inflation starts to stabilize.

Clinton:  Increasing divide between the wealthy and poor, Gun control will be in more and more cities, Gun tax will come about, Foreign relations will be good, Inflation will rise; Social programs will grow, More standard benefits will be included in pay / Business growth will slow due to this cost, Healthcare feels very convoluted, Retirement age will rise, and Society becomes ultra politically correct.”
Here is another comparison from Cheryl Lynn http://www.whiterose-productions.com/ , someone I’ve been keeping an eye on who seems to have had some good hits:

“IF Hillary is President, I see a lot of regulations, rules, crackdowns. She is a no nonsense president. Her husband plays a large role. Sometimes a Co-President feel between the two of them. I see him working hard behind the scenes. Russia feels tense with her. More police hired. Obamacare changed for the better. China watches her closely. Some kind of new education policy/program that is positive. New money flowing into women's health issues. She works on Student Loan reform. Military on high alert. Tough, no nonsense talks with the Middle East.

IF Trump is President, I see him surrounding himself with good people. Good advisors, good cabinet. Government shake-up. His Vice President playing a very active role. Vice President stays by Trump. His daughter Ivanka being very proactive on women's issues and making a difference. White House gets a major makeover. His wife charms world leaders with her beauty and style. I do not see him building a wall but he will be tough on immigration. World is tense. North Korea acts up.”

I just cant seem to get enough of Simon Parkes http://www.simonparkes.org/ , the soft-spoken Brit who seems to know quite a bit about what it is happening behind the scenes and where things could possibly be going. Check out some of his videos on Youtube where he answers a lot of questions from people listening live about many different topics. His take on the election here is that this is probably the “most important election here in 50 years.” He said the Republican establishment does not want Trump in, as they know that he wants to “overthrow” Capitol Hill and completely upset the dynamics there. About Hillary, he says that the monied interests want her in so they can continue business as usual. Looks like there are new alliances forming.
It is unknown exactly how dramatically things can shift at this moment. Free will can change things, but sometimes it has to reach a point where there are enough people who are “conscious” to override those pushing an agenda of control, and it’s hard to get so many people on the same page at the same time as they just keep changing their minds. There are still so many variables. A lot of folks try to reason it out and vote the best way they think will bring about what they want, some just won’t vote. Everyone is different. Everything is in flux.

I think the letdown for the Sanders followers was a real eye-opener and they will go on to try to revolutionize the political process that they felt so disenfranchised from. I hear that the leaders now who try to keep the old ways going will be the last of their kind. An adjustment is coming with the new energy, and right quick

As far as Clinton is concerned, if she does manage to make it as the next president, Jeanne Mayall (and some of her group of students) have said in general that she will be having a pretty rough time of it, as people will still be angry over the election and resistant to her leadership, even going to the point of trying to call for her resignation.

This could be more than Clinton can handle, as psychics have been getting that she is not very healthy to begin with. This has now been reported in the media, but has been met with denials. Psychic diagnosis includes blood clots in the brain (possible aneurism or stroke -- she has had clots in her leg), heart trouble or even the beginnings of MS or Parkinson's, accompanied by some sort of seizures or epileptic fits. This has been repeated by many psychics for a while now. What would really be wild is if she wins the election, but is incapacitated to the point where she is forced to bow out before she is sworn in. Or she gets in, has to leave, then the Vice President takes over. It may pay to investigate more about the Vice Presidential picks of both candidates.         

Check out Jeanne’s page here with her monthly psychic perceptions for 2016 and beyond                            She goes pretty far into the future, but updates a lot with new impressions. http://www.jeannemayell.com/psychic-predictions-2015-2016/

That’s all for now. Be safe, take care of your body, meditate a little every day and get out in nature. Your Mother Earth needs your love and attention.

Blessings, Craig

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