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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dolores Cannon and the "New Earth" Scenario

I was first attracted to Dolores Cannon's work as a past-life hypnotic regressionist when I read books from her about information she was receiving  from her clients about their past life experiences relating to historical times or to historical figures (such as Jesus).

In the 1990s she wrote a series of books which used especially sensitive clients to access the consciousness of Nostradamus to find out what exactly his cryptic quatrains were telling us. This had a lot of information about our time, as this is a great shifting for humanity, and he and every other major psychic (Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton, etc) knew it in their time.

As time progressed, Dolores began getting information that she was not asking for. The sessions started out as a past-life reading and turned into something very different. The information that was coming through was more related to how we as a soul group living on earth are changing and shifting due to a new plan.

This new plan was put into motion by God (or the Universe, or whatever you wish to name that force that is The All in All) in order to rise above the never-ending cycles rebirth and karma and begin a new age of man on earth. The 3rd dimension that we incarnate into was meant to become spiritualized matter. But what happened was that because of the density of this dimension, we fell into fear, greed, emotional and mental upheaval, and became slaves to our desires. We became stuck. If this state of the earth and soul growth progressed any further, there would be dire consequences to humanity and to everything on earth. In essence, we would have to start over again like we did so many times before.

The plan was pretty simple: raise the vibrational rate of the planet, and all those who can raise their rate with it will continue into a great experiment of shifting dimensions from 3D to 4D to perhaps 5D while still in their bodies. At that time, the earth will look very different and there will be no war, as there will be an understanding of the connection of all things to another. There will not be the feeling that we are separate from each other, separate from the earth, or from God/our souls.

Unfortunately, because of free will, people have to choose to want to go on to that other dimension, and not all will. There are so many levels of learning and awareness here. So many will not be able to free themselves to believe in such a thing, and that's okay. So when the new vibrational earth starts to come into being, there will start to be a shift of souls transiting to the New Earth, while the ones who can not raise their vibratory rate will be left on the "Old" Earth, the physical 3D earth. And evidently, there will be some hard times and drastic lessons being played out there.

(For more information on this New Earth scenario and more, just check out Youtube for her videos. She is a great speaker.)

Even if you do not believe in this particular scenario for 2012 and beyond, the best way to acclimate yourself vibrationally is to meditate every day, twice a day, 20 minutes or more each time. This will raise the vibrations of your body to match the ever-rising frequencies of the earth. If your body is not acclimated to the vibrations around it, there will be unpleasant pressure. It's like trying to put a large amount of voltage into a unit that can not take that much. The unit (your body) will malfunction. This is not to say that it will be an easy ride for those who are meditating, as even they will experience body aches, dizziness, heart palpitation, depression, etc.

(For those wanting to get into meditation, please see some of my sacred sound music available. There are some free samples as well.)

Whatever happens, I have been doing this meditation steadily since 2000 and I find it has helped steady me tremendously. I have moments of drama and anxiety, but they are very few and far between. I'm seeing things in perspective and from a non-judgmental and objective view. And I have more inner peace, which is the main thing, for as I project this into the world, I not only help the raising vibrations along, I attract peace into my own everyday world.

Next post is an interview with a trance-medium/psychic who I have known since my near fatal cancer in 1990. I'm going to ask her what she sees for 2012 and about the New Earth scenario. Until then, Peace...


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