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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Channelings from "The Cosmic Awareness"

As it seems to happen for me more and more, I go online, type in a search for one thing and end up with something totally different, yet find that what has fallen into my lap was exactly what I needed. Such is much of our syncronistic life experience at this time of quickening.

I ran across a channel named Will Berlinghof with not only information about 2012, but a forecast for 2011. What struck me was that his source "The Cosmic Awareness", had been giving the same information about the New Earth (see last post) that Dolores Cannon had been getting from her hypnosis subjects, but was dated 2008 or before. I began to read some of the voluminous info posted online at http://www.cosmicawareness.org/index.html

Let's start at the 2011 forecast. There is much more there online, but I took out a few quotes.

"It will indeed be that which could be called a breakout year, preparing many for the dramatic events of the year following, that being 2012."

He talks about rebellion being energized against the established norm, or against long-term oppression. He just didn't get the countries right - at least as of now. He did state that this would occur in the USA and Europe. This outer rebellion of the people began in earnest in January, but with Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt, and spreading among all the Arab countries now.

"Thus, the rebellion that will be seen in 2011 will challenge the very power base that those who are in control hold...This is also a rebellion on the personal level...the rebellion of each and every individual to constricting beliefs, concepts, morals and attitudes..."

For some reason, October 22 came up as a day linked to the energy of 2012. The prediction is for possible disruptive earth changes as the veil is thin at this time. He also speaks of it as being like "a mirror" and what happens when you look in a mirror? You face yourself and all you've created.

"October 22nd, 2011 may yet prove to be a very interesting date, for the date is a mirror reflection of itself from one end to the other, October being the number 10; this reflection is followed by the 22 and the 2011"

"There will be an acceleration of time beyond even that rapid acceleration that has been experienced by so many up until now and at this moment. Expect things to move even more quickly in 2011...

This has been stated many times. There is a general feeling among everyone, even those who joke about it, that there just isn't enough time in a day to accomplish what you could before. This is true. Although your outer clocks may not register it, your inner soul does There is a technical reason for this and a metaphysical one. Metaphysically, we are being forced to choose what activity is of the most value to us. There is only so much time, so only the most important things may be given precedence. All distractions to spiritual development must go by the wayside or be limited in some way.

"Many will experience instant manifestation of their beliefs and attitudes, their wishes and desires, of both negative and positive."

This has also been stated in many channelings over the years. The closer we get to 2012, the more we can see that the time between visualization and manifestation gets shorter and shorter, especially if we are in the flow, so to speak, with the Universe, or where the higher Creator Energy is trying to go.

"Much can change in accordance to each and every individual's ability to tune in to their own realities, to understand the effects of their own personal beliefs and attitudes of what is expected."

We all have free will and much of what is to come will depend on how each of us views the unfolding of this time. The most important thing I would like to pass on is to release fear. I can  not stress this enough. The buildup of fear in the world is an real energy force that pulls against the progress of the Light and the raising vibrations so as to create friction and disruption. Trust that you are an eternal soul that has great spiritual resources and protections. That even if we do pass on, our soul consciouness will come through intact and as active as ever.

December 21, 2012
"This is a date where it is already known that there will be a unique configuration of planets and stars along the central axis to that which is the central sun, Alcyone..."

This is the alignment with the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, which was predicted so long ago by the Mayans.

"...this is the date of completion for the shifting of the two planets' energetic bodies away from each other and the splitting of the energy fields of planet Earth. This has long been touted by this Awareness as the time of completion. Saying this, there are times ahead and beyond this date where there will be energetic fluctuations."

So here we are again, back talking about the New Earth theory. It's a great idea. I do hope it happens, but I keep one eye on the world around me, just in case the water starts to rise around my Rhode Island home. Just sayin.

Keep your thoughts on your highest and best outcomes...

2012 Vision site

[Note: the channeling session that was going to be in this post is rescheduled for next post.]

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