Welcome. Here you will find information gathered from many spiritual sources about what may happen after 2012 and about the Grand Shift of the Ages. It is my intent to help people to understand the significance of this event, and to discover the possible scenarios of this moment in time so that we can be prepared, aware and awakened...

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2012 Predictions and Earth Changes...putting it all together and getting a handle on it. Also, insights from Gordon Michael Scallion.

Although this is a spiritual blog, we live in the third dimension, the physical realm, as well. So my objective is to provide spiritual and practical tools to use as we proceed through this 2012 time period. And this is a period of time, not just the year 2012. So I don't get hung up on predictions on this topic as being specifically for 2012. Certain things could happen sooner or could happen later, but permanent and beneficial change is happening RIGHT NOW. It may just look like chaos for a while until the energies shift and even out. This chaos is caused by those unwilling to change and adapt to the new energies, so there is a definite struggle being played out here in our dualistic dimension between what you might call the “Dark” and the “Light”.

I still believe that we are going through a very unique and spiritual experience, but it does seem too that we are in the midst of another cycle of physical earth changes, especially in the Pacific "ring of fire". The world is also in the grips of a depression, sparking revolts and revolutions. I can see what is happening, but I know that whatever happens, I am in control of how I perceive this. I also know that the stronger the connection I retain to the spiritual realms, the more I will know if there is something I need to do or a place I need to go in order to help myself and to help others. I will also remain calm in the face of this chaos, knowing that ultimately all will be changed for the better. 

That said, I still look for future indications of possible future events from others who are gifted channels of Spirit, and pass on this information to you so that you can be forewarned and be able to make decisions based on what you see happening in your universe and your common sense.

Back in the 90s, Gordon Michael Scallion was printing up future maps of a world after a pole shift. It was pretty gloomy. Lori Toye of I Am America had another similar one inspired by visions from the Ascended Masters. I am sure that at the time, this was indeed capable of manifesting. Maybe it will eventually. Maybe it will not. Or maybe it will partially manifest. This uncertainty is because WE and our spiritual development, our conscious awareness, our free will, can actually alter these events. So predictions are really telling us "If you don't change, this can happen". Unfortunately, we won't know how we are doing until we see some things unfold. Enter the Japan earthquake and  tsunami. For some occasional updates from him, try this link http://www.matrixinstitute.com/intuitive-flash-updates

Although  New Zealand had experienced a devastating quake, he still maintains that this area will not be destroyed, but will become “..the new frontier” and  “...a beacon of light for the planet where spiritual messages will be beamed around the world giving hope for a better future.”

Now the USA, specifically the  state of Arkansas, having just experienced a good sized quake and multiple swarms, is getting ready to make way for a shift in the New Madrid fault which runs up the Mississippi river, as well as all the way out toward the Great Lakes. Here’s more:  

 “In my predictions for 2010, I saw oil prices breaking $100... it is happening now, and I believe it will go higher....[and] unfortunately move us closer to the economic downturn that I have predicted would happen this year.”

“I fear budget cuts will curtail education reform initially, but we will see that moving in the right direction in 2012-2014.”

“In the future, I see those countries now in turmoil in the Middle East creating a geographically unified country, made up of individual states similar to the United States of America. But until that happens, the area will remain volatile”

On a side note, I find it fascinating that a lot of the revolts were fueled and organized through posts on Twitter and Facebook. Even when the countries in turmoil shut down the internet, messages were still getting out through dial-up and mirror sites. It could not be stopped.

Will there be a pole shift? It’s possible. It’s happened before many times over millennia on earth. Right now the North magnetic pole is moving toward Siberia, there is no doubt. The question is, will it flip so that North and South are reversed, or make a radical shift, or both, or neither. These questions I will put to any channels I come in contact with in the future.     

For those still waiting, once again, sorry to say, I have to postpone my interview with my friend Rosemary, a great Spirit channel, but will eventually have some great info for you. But last time I talked with her, she did give me some little cryptic bits such as, “property values sink to the bottom”. So evidently we are definitely still in the thick of this depression (as Gordon Michael Scallion also concurs) no matter what the governments say. She also says “Listen to your heart” and “Justice will reign”. She also said something about “Palestine” and 2012, which I will get clarification on. She also said the calendars are off, so don’t lean too heavily on the exact year of 2012, like I mentioned before. Just keep your eyes and your heart open.

Always remember, as we see systems break down, earth changes and other dramatic situations, try to stay calm. Although still tragic, those caught in the midst of these changes, or those souls who have passed, agreed on a soul level to experience this for the sake of their soul growth. The best thing that can be done for a negative situation is to send prayers of Light for the highest and best outcome. Thoughts have energy and there is always unlimited spiritual assistance available. Let’s use it.


  1. We will have a pole shift, very soon, as all of my visions of earth changes are happening almost at the present time, and not many years in to the future,,,,, the beginning of the end for the Chicago area all the way to the golf will happen on a April, or December,,,, I do not feel the flip will happen past 2014,,,,,

    1. Hi thanks for posting. Have any of your visions come true in the past? The future is still flexible and is changing all the time. I am hearing more about the distinct proabability of the New Madrid fault causing a widening of the Mississippi and the Great Lakes to drain into it, that this may definitely happen in our lifetime. We shall see. Hopefully if there is a shift, it will be a little at a time and not so drastic.

    2. Anonymous, you say beginning of the end for Chicago all the way to the golf" but what does the "golf" refer to...someplace in the suburbs? My family lives in the suburbs of Chicago and are only now beginning to think I'm not nuts for talking about Earth Changes....can you say WHEN as to Chicago as well as they will have to uproot seriously to leave...I know it's not perfect predicting things, but please try, as I love my family.

    3. Hi Janine. That was most likely a misprint for Anonymous, it should have been Gulf not golf. The Gulf of Mexico

      In case that person does not answer you, I want to tell you that from what I know, and things keep changing, but what it seems like so far is that there is a good chance that in the future (I don’t know how far) that the great lakes will flood and spill into the Mississippi, widening it a lot as it flows to the Gulf. This would mean a lot of flooding around the Great Lakes area. Most likely this will not occur unless the New Madrid fault (centered near the river in Missouri) becomes active through a large quake, setting off the shifting motion in that area of the Great Lakes, northern NY and VT.

      We can not know if or when these things happen. It depends on the consciousness of the people and how we interact with the planet. The best thing to do is sit tight and stay out of fear, but if you do feel the inner nudge to move, then go ahead. One place is as good as another. All places on Earth will be touched by some type of earth change to some degree or another. What makes the difference is that the higher the consciousness in the area, the lesser the fear in the area, the better chance of a smooth shifting and less damage.

  2. Thanks for the clarification....I know about the Gordon Michael Scallion map showing the Mississippi widened and Chicago in trouble. A lot of people confused that with 2012, but Scallion never said that. Also others have made the same prediction, like Jude DeCoff, but none have ever seen a date or deduced one or even an era, except perhaps the era 2027 to 2035 when the two meteorites/asteroids are expected to threaten the planet. I have already moved but my family is entrenched in commerce in Chicago and wouldn't be able to move without quitting all their jobs and leaving all their homes which they would not be able to replace....I have a plan to help them but it has not manifested as yet much to my chagrine, and so I have only recently even mentioned Earth Changes. I have other gifts but premonitions I can convey has not been one of mine so far. Which is why I so much appreciate "Anonymous" if he has any predictions. Maybe it will not even happen and that would be for the best. Peace of I.

  3. Hello. I received info from my spiritual guides at Mt Shasta, CA last October, 2012 that the Earth shift on the west coast of North America would occur July 13, 2013. I know of one other person in BC who has also received this date, back in the 80,s already, although at the time she did not receive a year.
    Agnes of God