Welcome. Here you will find information gathered from many spiritual sources about what may happen after 2012 and about the Grand Shift of the Ages. It is my intent to help people to understand the significance of this event, and to discover the possible scenarios of this moment in time so that we can be prepared, aware and awakened...

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Friday, February 24, 2012

New Book -- 2012 Messages -- available NOW

To all who have been coming to this site for information about 2012, I want to announce that first, I WILL be continuing this site, but in a different manner.

In December I decided to consolidate all of the information at this site into a book, adding many more psychics, channelers and intuitives, even the Mayan Elders themselves. This has taken me months of intense work as I had a non-stop marathon of reading transcripts, transcribing videos and re-editing everything. I was searching for the best people with the clearest and most helpful info. This will be published in ebook format at first.

BUY NOW - ONLY $5.95 (for a limited time) 
Available now in ebook format on Adobe PDF
*Can be viewed and adjusted on tablets*

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As for this blog, I will post here any new information that is received about this year from any willing participant from this book, or from any of you out there who wish to point me in the direction of a good channeling, or to post the information and say where you got it. My aim is to essentially create a clearinghouse of up-to-the-minute information that can help us at this time.

All of the people who contributed to this work have been working for many years in the metaphysical and spiritual field teaching and helping so many souls find their way. Some may be more visible and widely known than others, but I have spent a lot of time searching and searching for special people such as these who can provide solid and detailed information about what may possibly happen in the future and what this time period means to us.

Some of the book includes previous posts here with new updated channelings, so there is a ton of new information. My only regret is that this could not be available sooner, but it allowed me to get the most updated info from January and February. I will tell you that the year has just begun and there is much more to come as the energy spins higher and higher, until we reach a peak around the end of the year. Then we have some choices to make as to how we as a group want to proceed. Those choices will determine a lot of what happens in the years to come. We will go on. Mellen-Thomas Benedict says that he has seen the future, and the people there called us "The giants of history".

Spoiler Alert: This is NOT the end of the world, nor the apocalypse, nor the Rapture, or anything like that. But I assure you, forces are at work that are breaking apart the status quo, bringing wild weather and asking us to step up and take our power back without fear. You have got to read this book.

Here is a list of the sources in this work:

Jill Mara Amariah and Simion
The Evolutionary Collective
Gordon-Michael Scallion
Lee Harris and Zachary
Will Berlinghoff and The Cosmic Awareness
Ryan Michaels, from Psychic Kids of the Paranormal
Lori Toye
Dolores Cannon
Mayan Elders, Carlos Barrios and Don Alejandro
Stephen Hairfield
Sherri Cortland and the Guide Group
Mellen-Thomas Benedict and The Light
Valerie Barrow and Alcheringa
Wendy Kennedy and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective
Doreen Virtue and Archangel Michael
Concetta Bertoldi
Josephine Ghiringhelli
Pamela Shelly and the Hathors
Carmen Harra
Jennifer Hoffman and Archangel Uriel

Craig Howell, Astrology for 2012 and December 21st

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