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Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Energy Updates -- Tornadoes, Solar Flares and Inner Clearing

Tornadoes again. This happened last year, too. Steven Hairfield had predicted this and more in my book "2012 Messages". He said that there is usually a tornado season, but that it has not stopped since last year and that the storms will be getting larger and more fierce. One tornado clocked in with winds of 175 miles per hour. That is an F3, category 5 (but I suspect may be larger) and that’s lot of energy. You may notice that tornadoes used to happen a lot in the Midwest (Kansas, Oklahoma, etc.) and now they are moving across the south to the east coast and up toward Indiana, Illinois and most recently in Michigan. Many have predicted that we will see this wild weather pop up in places that have not experienced this before. This is part of the energy shift.

The Earth is going through a cycle and our consciousness is a part of that. The escalation of the winds is a both a need for the Earth to shift energetically and the resistance of the people to that shifting. If I were those folks in those areas, I would be ready to evacuate quickly or have a safe basement underground to go to. If you can be in that moment without fear, you may have a better chance at survival, but when the wind is howling like a freight train and the roof is coming off, that is unlikely. Therefore, when Mother Nature strikes, get out of the way. Doreen Virtue has said in the book that there will be earth changes coming this year and that we will get a warning about this, and when you get the warning, pay attention.

Ryan Michaels’ predictions are centered a lot on Earth and our relation to it. He saw large amounts of snow being plopped down periodically in different areas and this has happened. He also said something about the weather shifting so that we experience great variations in seasonal length and temperatures. This has happened, but may also become more intense and noticeable when it is cold outside and should be warm, or vice versa. I know that the Earth has tilted a little so that the Sun is rising a little more to the south and the weather here in New England in America has been largely absent of any low winter temps. Things have shifted.          

Energetically, Jennifer Hoffman, an Archangel channel who also contributes predictions says in her latest newsletter that March is one of the "power periods" this year (especially as we approach the Equinox around March 21st). During this time we need to make a more firm decision about what we want in our life and what we do not. It may happen that we are forced to let go of something that is not good for us anyway and opens the door to the life that we really want. This time is about manifestation of our choices and allowing those choices to stand regardless of the opinions and reactions of others. This sounds harsh, but it is just standing up quietly, staying strong and claiming what you need to live a more fulfilled life.

From Lee Harris echoes the same ideas. He says to trust that what is right for you at this time is okay with the others that you are involved with. It’s time to take care of yourself, to give yourself what you need. This is way showing for those around you, to be able to do what you need to do for yourself in order to get your needs met. There is a game that we play where we become aware of what others want from us and we respond in varying degrees in order to remain in a safety zone. This game will be coming to our attention in March, and his guide Zachary asks that we "live boldly" and let go of trying to be in safety mode. So this is about relationships and what conditions are placed on them either by us or from those around us. It’s about respecting what others do, respecting who they are, and allowing this to happen. As we adjust to this physically, he says that there will be a tiredness that comes over us and this has been ongoing for a couple weeks (at the beginning of March) and will continue into April. Listen to your body and slow down. He calls it "2012 fatigue".

Solar flares are also contributing to this tiredness. He says the shift in the next 3-4 years will be intense and everyone will be finding their place as to what their role will be. He says changes will be occurring in our lives more quickly now in these first 2 weeks of March, not in a manic way, but more calmly proceeding. March 16 brings another change-up and slows things down again (about the time mercury goes retrograde—a time to go over things), so we get some inner work done. Energy balance is needed, taking care of the soul and the body

Amariah, who channels Simion, a collective group of soul energies, says that with an acceleration energy this month comes physical and emotional issues. Physical symptoms may show up, such as heart palpitation, achy joints. If you are feeling like you can’t catch up, then slow down. At this time your intentions for your creations will carry more weight and you won’t have to do so much physical work to bring them about. Better to spend time in meditation than activity. With this acceleration of energy, slow down the mind and motion.

In my book, Jennifer Hoffman predicted the solar flare activity that has been happening in March. She says that March energy will be strong, bringing in the new and clearing out the old. Jennifer asks you to put this question to yourself this month about what you are doing: "Is this something I want to create, maintain or sustain in my life?"

I leave you with a recent quote from Jennifer: "Answers come from within; reasons come from others...once you know the answer, you no longer need the reason." Think about it.

Until the next post. Namaste’

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