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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updates and New Predictions From Ryan Michaels, also psychic Cheryl Lynn predicts 2013

Ryan Michaels was one of the teens on the Psychic Kids of the Paranormal show on TV a while back. Last October he gave me some information that I put in my book “2012 Messages”. So I am talking to him again to see if there are any updates or new information that is coming to him. He has given me some things, but he is preparing to give his major predictions in January, 2013. You can go to his site and hear other interviews from Blogtalk Radio posted there and get articles and the background on his many psychic talents. He also does personal readings. www.psychicryan.com

If you live around Johnstown, PA (near Pittsburg and Harrisburg) Ryan is doing a presentation along with group readings October 20th at the Portage Historical Society from 7-9pm for only $5. Contact 814-736-9223 for more info.

Psychics aren’t always right, but Ryan had a big hit with the severe heat that spread across most of the USA this summer. He is forecasting some really bad winter weather coming up, worse than last year, as the cycle has changed, and sees that these extremes will keep coming and coming, with more intensity as the Earth tries to balance itself. This weather may come to areas that are not used to this or are unprepared as well as causing some to experience winter for a lot longer. This is a phenomenon of this time and probably “global warming”, where we have strange and unpredictable weather everywhere. Although this is not good news, he says that “people should be more worried about the Spring” when flooding and other natural disasters related to the weather will be occurring. 

I wanted know if he still thinks that December 21, 2012 will be pretty quiet. He says that there is still a lot of fear around this. This may manifest as hoarding, stocking up on water and basics in a panic. He says that we will see this in the news. What he is more worried about is not the that date in December, but the weather that will be happening, especially flooding around the islands of Alaska, Australia, Greenland with “water rising significantly enough to occupy land.”

“Everything is connected in some way…and after December 21st happens, spiritually, energetically, the United States is going to be in a better state and its going to actually help the economy”. Ryan had been predicting the fall of the economy for a while but thinks that things will get “slowly better and more calm for a while for people – not the Earth…the Earth is still rebelling against the people for what they have done.” Thus he sees that there will be a big impression on the inhabitants of the Earth by the Earth this winter and spring. People will start to realize what they have done to the Earth and have remorse for that, but the Earth will still be in upheaval from the past transgressions of humans.

Last year Ryan predicted that Obama would not be elected (and he is not alone in that), that people would want a change. So, is he still holding with that? “Everybody is saying Obama, Obama, Obama, but I still feel we are going to have a change. I still feel that Mitt Romney is going to end up with the presidency.”

“Looking toward the summer [2013] I think you are going to see a little more easing” of the economy. This is not a full recovery, but he says that “if you go out to Walmart you will hear people say that they are more satisfied with the way that the country is being run” and therefore creating more consumer confidence.

“Spiritually, religiously, financially, this world is in a world war. Physically, as in warfare, I think it is getting better…you see a lot more small bickering” rather than all-out war for anyone. But he is worried about North Korea using some “frightening conversation” about nukes and trying to scare people. This may escalate into a type of missile crisis, like the Cuban missile crisis in the 60s, but not directed at the USA.

Ryan has a close connection to the Earth, which is having a really hard time right now and says that is up to us to change, that people are still resistant to changing their ways. “We’re cutting down the rainforests, poisoning the ocean” and we are like ants on an anthill. “How can a flower grow in an anthill when the ants are digging it all up?”

I am still checking online to see if there are any more good psychics with some info about the future. Recently I came upon a youtube video of Cheryl Lynn, a psychic from Florida www.cheryllynnrose.com. I thought she seemed like another down-home, normal preson who happens to be psychic and who had some detailed predictions for 2013 and beyond. Here are the notes and quotes:

Felt a major shift in Oct 2011 and feels it will pick up speed in 2013 and 2014.

“The new American dream is that you are going to live below your means, you’re going to love and enjoy your family, and you’re going to save your money”. The American economy still struggling until about 2016. Gas prices remain within the same range and adjusting their lifestyles. Gold hits 3000 an ounce by 2014.

Thinning of the veil in 2013: “Grandma might die on Wednesday and you see her on Saturday.” The spirits will have the energy to manifest. Paranormal activity increases. Psychics will get clearer messages and those unfamiliar with this will be asking a lot of questions. The higher vibration affects our dream life and it becomes more active

Weather patterns continue kicking up twenty-fold. Earthquakes on the east coast. Major quake for the west coast, more flooding, tornadoes and “the volcanoes erupt” – inactive ones.

Power outages for many over long periods of time. She says to try to be prepared with some emergency supplies and maybe a generator if you can

China moves in as a super power in 2013, although there is internal struggle going on to the point where they will “implode”, but this will be a brief thing for China.
In March she saw Obama vs. Romney for the presidential race, but says that it doesn’t matter who gets in, that either would be a weak president and things wont change that much. “There will be a female president in the future who will take power and clean house.” This was also mentioned in my book by Concetta Bertoldi.

Violent youth protests all around the world, similar to the 60s. Youth are passionate and standing up for change, fighting with the police and may be a little scary. Kind of like a “gas stove and just turning up the heat”.

Says that there will be more autistic kids being born, but she sees them as the next step up for humanity, advanced souls like the indigos and crystal kids. These kids will be working in the new technology boom coming. Big technology boom very quick, fast, new developments in technology.

Physical libraries closing because of funding and transfer services to online, as well as children learning more online. This takes place in the future.

3d movies will progress to virtual reality where they wrap around you as if you are part of a hologram of the movie. Disney will be the first one to try that.

Well there’s a plate full of predictions for you. See you next month.


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