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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jennifer Hoffman On The End Of 3D Reality

My apologies for skipping the January post. I’ve had a rough previous month personally, capped off with a broken wrist when I slipped on my driveway while trying to clean up the 3 feet of snow left during the blizzard (I live in the Northeast USA). This injury makes life difficult, as it was my right wrist and I am right handed. It has caused me to not be able to do as much work as usual and I am self-employed, so if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

Even though this blog is called 2012 Messages, I will continue to give updates on older predictions as well as new information about the potential future. I still am asking for donations to help me take the time to do the research to find and relay any new predictions about the coming times of change. The more people that donate, the more time I can devote to this. Please use the Paypal donation button on the left and thank you.

2012 was the point where the new energy is starting to take hold and permeate the 3rd dimension, releasing and healing the old energy patterns and providing a new structure for those who are ready to lift their energy and live in the new reality. This doesn’t mean that things are magically going to change, but as we go through the next few years, maybe as late as 2024, you will notice that the pace of change will increase so much that it will be undeniable to even the most diehard skeptic. Attitudes will shift dramatically, opening the way for greater balance and fairness for those who have been held down by unchecked power and control.  

I really enjoy Jennifer’s postings and find a lot of great little gems. Her most recent statement was that March 22, 2013 (the spring Equinox) will mark the end of 3rd dimensional reality. It’s not that everything will be so different then, but that the energy of polarity (opposites) will be allowed to open so that people will see more than just a choice of “this” or “that”. It is an elevated energy creeping in. You will begin to see the log jam of controlling interests for what they are, a residue of the age of victor and victim, using fear to herd people one way or the other.

I also found her statements on the exit of Pope Benedict very interesting. For those that don’t know, Popes usually die in office. There have been a handful that did resign, but it is very rare. She does not get into the reasons why he did this, but notes that when March 22 comes around, if there is no Papal election completed, there will be no sitting Pope. The Vatican is frantically trying to complete the procedure before the Easter holy days for Christians, beginning with Palm Sunday on March 24th. This makes me wonder why he would step down at this particular moment and not wait just another month until after the holy days are past. Very strange.

Her take on this is that the Pope represents the male element of the 3rd dimension, so there may be no male hierarchy energy anchored here at that time. The male and female polarities will be coming back into balance after being male-dominated for so long (and previously female-dominated before that). You can listen to the whole show here if you want to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jennifer-hoffman/2013/02/14/enlightening-life-with-jennifer-hoffman-readings-more

I also mentioned on Facebook that there have been many prophesies regarding the end of the Catholic church by many including Nostradamus and an ancient Catholic priest named Malachy. Here is that post for those that did not see it:

What I wanted to talk about today is the news that the Pope is stepping down. It has been predicted that the conventional religions will be going through a crisis of faith and eventually come more to a general spiritual belief system with less control and dogma.

There are also prophesies from Nostradamus and a priest named Malachy that have spoken of the end of the Catholic church. Supposedly Benedict was thought to have been the last, or second to the last one. Now we know there will be at least one more. According to Malachy the last Pope is described as "Petrus Romanus" (Peter of Rome) which could mean a few things. It could mean a man from Italy, or a Pope taking the name Peter, or something else. There have also been descriptions of a man from France or ancient Gaul (a large area) and he would have a deformity, maybe walking with a limp.

One of the other reasons that this is significant is that the last Pope is said to be in league with the last "Antichrist", and will help to open up the Vatican secret repository of artifacts and ancient books, thus showing what truths the church has been hiding from the people of the congregation and the world while hastening the demise of the church as it is today.
Speaking of ancients secrets, I’m still watching for news of excavations of a chamber buried beneath the Sphinx’s paws. There have been at least a couple located already but it is uncertain what has been done there or what has been discovered. According to Edgar Cayce, a chamber beneath the left paw of the Sphinx would be discovered (one of three located throughout the world) and would yield a record of Atlantis and the real history of mankind, as well as info about who built the pyramids and how.
The truth is coming to light now, as predicted by so many in my book, 2012 Messages. As the truth comes out, we finally will understand our place in the Universe, that we are not the result of some random events, but that we are indeed created in the likeness of our creator and we have inherited that power of creation. We will no longer be children searching for the light in a darkened room, following those who say they know the way, but will each become a source of the light that shines within us as we access the true creator-being energy and understand how it works. As a great master once said, “The Truth shall set you free”.   

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