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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lori Toye: Earth Changes, The Golden Cities And The Possible Future After 2012

Well my cast is off and it’s easier to write, so here goes another post. For those looking for more updated info sooner, please check my Facebook page for 2012 Messages at www.facebook.com/2012messages

I have some backlogged info that is still relevant today. This one is about Lori Toye and her work with the Ascended Masters, non-physical beings who are here to teach and guide us through this next cycle, especially Master St Germain who I give credit to for saving my life when I had terminal cancer in 1989. I was given the Violet Flame meditation and recovered in 6 months. I also used alternative treatments, herbs and healing, but the healing begins when the energy shifts. It all starts from the Soul.     

Lori Toye is an Ascended Masters channel, clairaudient, a psychic channel and metaphysical author. She is the creator of a series of maps drawn from channeled information she received from the Masters in the ‘80s and 90s. See her site here for links to maps, books, videos and other resources. www.iamamerica.com

This information is from a radio interview on Coast to Coast in February, 2012 and can be downloaded at their site www.coasttocoastam.com  

Right now there is an etheric golden ray that is shining on the Earth which is helping to awaken people by removing belief systems little by little that keep us separated form our God Source, if you will, or that inhibit our connection to that Source. This allows us to recognize the truth when we hear it or see it. This has also brought in the New Children, like the Indigos, who are helping to raise the vibratory rate through their influence. (I have also heard from other sources that the children and the grandchildren of the Indigos will be the ones that are actually the new root race, a new type of evolved human.) As this galactic light increases we will have longer life spans and this will bring changes to the medical field.

Earth changes portrayed in her map sequences may not be as drastic as originally thought, but how this all plays out is still uncertain. We are at a time now when our spiritual consciousness can actually change or lessen the destruction and the earth changes. In her predictions for the USA, it was actually the whole world that was going through these earth changes, known as the great purification or cleansing, and would include all elements – earth, air, water, fire.

She says that many predictions such as Edgar Cayce’s have not come about because those psychics are accessing multiple timelines or different dimensions and may not apply to our particular timeline or reality. Lori got the guidance that we needed to look for events as markers rather than dates. This seems to be the way that Spirit works and also the way that some ancient prophecies work. You may have read them. They go something like, “when the_________ happens, then the ________ is near...”

Her 1997 six map scenario showed a sequence of events of what may occur in progression from not so bad to catastrophic, depending on our spiritual consciousness. She believes that some changes could occur, but does not think that it will be as bad as it could be in our lifetime. She thinks that map number 1 will be seen in our lifetime, which is pretty drastic in itself. Seattle is more like a bay with an island in it, some of the southern California coast is affected, the tip of Florida looks a little washed out, Cape Cod is nonexistent and the Mississippi has widened out a lot all the way north and south .

Even though the maps look drastic, prophecy is always subject to change. The Masters and many prophets hope that we can change and so shift the future that they foresee. It is a warning that we can heed or not.

In her maps of a future America (there is also a world map), she shows 5 Golden Cities in the USA, which will be spiritual energy vortexes of the future, similar to a chakra on the human body, each having their own purpose and energetic climate. These areas are protected for interaction of spiritual energy where 4 ley lines cross and will be protected from any disasters. She says that you can visit these areas and feel it already. People who have moved there get sleepy, dreaming a lot. She says the Ascended Masters have said that many people wouldn’t even try to move the golden cities and this is just individual destiny and choice, or karma—a learning lesson. Many will not hear the message but many will awaken in the final hours.

The Masters had actually prophesied the nuclear disaster in Japan and a major fire in Arizona, which may have been the one that occurred the summer of 2012 all through the west and south west of the USA. She sees Europe having monsoons and flooding. Through the study of Joytish (kind of like ancient Eastern Indian astrology) she predicts that in 2020 we are going to have more incredible earth changes and that the economy will shift because it is part of a grand cycle.

Lori is author to a set of books containing the wisdom and teachings of the Masters, who she is in constant contact with:.

Divine Destiny shows a map of what the world looked like before.

Points of Perception is info from the 90s and introduces the golden cities. Another topic covered is the “time compaction” anomaly happening now where many events are jammed into a short period of time. She says this is most likely will be felt more strongly just before we have a cataclysmic earth change.

Light of Awakening talks about the etheric Golden Light that has been shining on us since the 2000’s and a potential tragedy that may occur.

She says we are at the beginning of the beginning of the new times with all our structures changing. These are all-encompassing changes. There is a harmonization process that has to do with the galactic center alignment that the Mayans had foreseen that is happening now. She predicted that this would NOT all come to a head on Dec 21 2012, but rather be a gradual introduction and rise of Light on Earth which will affect the consciousness. (This was predicted in February of 2012) This will bring acceptance of the higher energies and the alignment of our will with Divine Will. As this is happening, our shadow side is coming out and showing our polarization – people feel good one day then the next not so good. It’s an evolutionary process. The Masters want us to be able to perceive the worlds that exist beyond us, beyond the third dimension. It’s about self-mastery.

She recommends prayer in any form, that even just one prayer is important and can change things, but it is also important for us to develop our spiritual practice, whatever that may be, and make prayer a big part of that. This will prepare us for the times to come.


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