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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lori Toye’s New Book: “A Teacher Appears”

I have written before about Lori, her insights about the future and her work at her company, I AM America, which prints and distributes her channeled information from the Ascended Masters. Her latest work is “A Teacher Appears” (as in, “when the student is ready…”), she just wasn’t sure she was quite ready for him when he appeared out of thin air at the end of her bed so long ago.    

This work covers lessons learned both personally and from the Masters dictation from when she first began her journey as a housewife on a farm in Idaho in the 1980’s with no knowledge of New Age or spiritual subjects, nor any desire to go there.

This book is information that was transcribed early on as part of the voluminous amount of channelings that were received, but has not been published until now.

I like this book because she has allowed me into her subjective feelings – the fears, the joys, the uncertainty -- about what she was going through as she made the leap of faith that brought her into contact with the Masters and started her spiritual work here with Master St. Germain (and many others). Or should I say, re-started that work. For as we see, in previous lives, she and St. Germain had been working together for a long time in order for her to finally bring forth the culmination of their agreement in the work she is doing now.

Although the Masters are powerful spiritual beings, they can only do so much in our free will, 3D world. They need us as much as we need them, but each must ask for help from the other. It becomes a partnership where we raise our energy a little higher and they come a little closer so that we can meet and be of service to one another.

During the course of Lori’s “initiations”, we learn many things. There are 51 small chapters, each giving some simplified teachings from the Masters as well as background information on the earth changes, the future, the Golden Cities (there are 51 throughout the world, 5 in the USA), about devices from future technology (such as the “Archtometer” which measures shifting of the Earth) and the utilization of crystal energies during the “Time of Changes”.

St.Germain says that the Earth has gone through a change like this two other times – during Atlantis (about 10,000 -12,000 year ago) and once for a civilization preceding Lemuria ( before Atlantis). We are in this cycle again, however this time there is a grand experiment going on that has never been tried before. This time will be different than any shifts that have happened, as there will be an elevation of spiritual Light that will allow us and the earth to take a leap in consciousness. We are not only shifting in a physical way, we are shifting in our overall vibratory rate, as is the planet herself.   

As I look at the map (see this and other maps here http://iamamericabookstore.iaabooks.com/maps.aspx ) the big question to me is, is this preordained or can it be changed? The Masters say “We can not stop something, but we can change the course”. Maybe they are saying that there definitely will be some huge changes, but that maybe it can come about gradually and not so traumatically by us deciding how we are going to handle it. Are we going to evolve and raise our energy or freak out in fear? According to the Masters part of this process is “the complete cleansing of the Heart Chakra of all mankind”. A tall order. But we can start with the amazing Violet Flame meditation and giving “decrees” (like affirmations).

According to the book, Ascended Master Kuan Yin was the first to utilize the Violet Flame of Transmutation and St.Germain was her student. He in turn brought this knowledge to us in modern times so that we could use it and gain Freedom from the negativity around us and inside us that hampers our path as we grow and evolve.

Personally I learned about this in 1989 from a spiritual book as I was seeking answers on how to heal my terminal cancer. At that point I was paralyzed from the waist down due to a tumor in my back, so reading and meditation was about all I could do. I did many things to improve my chances of survival physically, but I ran that Violet Flame every which way, every day at any time I could. There was inner work to do too, but the Violet Flame helped me to transmute a lot of the issues that had gotten me there to begin with. Contrary to the doctors vehement nagging, I did not die, but slowly got better and was walking in six months, by June of 1990. Think what you will. I do attribute a lot to my will to live and my inner work, but I give immeasurable credit to the Violet Flame and the Ascended Master teachings and recommend the use of this for everyone. In “A Teacher Appears” there are several decrees given to help us through various situations, even one to improve prosperity. As Kuan Yin once said to me through a channel in that Far East accent, “Try it – you will like it”.

So what does this have to do with predictions and the future? Because the changes are coming, no doubt, and the more time you invest in clearing yourself through inner work and by reducing fear, the easier the changes will be for you, the earth itself and everyone else. The Violet Flame also has an action that when used daily, spreads to those around you, silently helping them without you having to do or say anything. It also clears away any problems coming your way, wherever you may be going, adding a protective element to its use.
The big changes that Lori and the Masters are talking about have to do with excess water over the earth that puts weight on the fault lines. In addition I have also heard from others that it is because the earth is being pushed and pulled by cosmic magnetic forces. She had originally forecasted things to begin slowly around 1992 and to progress over “hundreds of years”, so we are talking about a really long timetable here unless things start speeding up, which they could.  

In a previous article about the earth changes map, here is what she had to say about the sequence of events (read the whole article here http://loritoye.com/prophecies-for-the-i-am-america-map ):
“Prior to a mega-quake in Oregon, the earth is bombarded by a massive shower of meteorites. These numerous impacts cause an ash cloud to envelope earth’s atmosphere, and tremendous rainfall. We experience massive flooding all over the world. Rivers, seas, and oceans swell. The increased water causes increased pressure on fault lines. This leads to massive earthquakes and mega-quakes. After the strike of an asteroid, there will be many earthquakes in California. This will lead to massive earth movements that inevitably leave most of California under the Pacific Ocean…Due to global warming and climate change, the United States will experience the ‘see-sawing’ of the four seasons. Winter can become summer, and spring can immediately become fall. Hurricanes and tornadoes will become common weather anomalies during the Time of Change.” She goes on with more detail about the widening of the Mississippi and much more. Also, in a recent interview on Coast to Coast Radio (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISwVWZSao8U ) she talks about the “great migrations” that begin as the earth changes increase and force people to move. For more information you can also go to Lori’s site www.loritoye.com      

These predictions were given to announce the shifting of the earth in response for the need for an adjustment, an adjustment that would mirror the changes within ourselves that are happening at this time. No one can say when. Simply know that we are in the Time of Transition and that many things are possible. How it begins and ends starts with you. As Lori says, “a change of heart can change the world” -- even if it’s one heart at a time.


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