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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jerry Hoskey And Denise Siegel On Weather, Earth Changes, The Economy And Possible Wars

Forgive me for being a little lax in posting here. I just haven’t found that much info about what may be occurring in the future. Also I have been busy with my music, which takes a lot of time and energy.

 The information presented here is from a Coast to Coast radio show in September 2012, so although it is not current, it has some good information that is still meaningful for this year.

First, Jerry Hoskey, a certified personal trainer and intuitive all in one. His site is www.PsychicFitness.com. You can find him all over Youtube.

Jerry says scientists are underestimating the solar flare situation, which will come to solar maximum at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 and how it will affect the magma beneath the Earth. This will kick up volcanic and earthquake activity This is usually an 11 year cycle where the Sun flips polarity and sends out huge flares called mass coronal ejections. These have the ability to upset the power grid. He says that they think we will be protected from them but he disagrees. Jerry says solar flare activity will increase and that right now the solar flare activity is affecting us causing extreme weather, which he sees as the new normal this year, next year and beyond. These are natural earth changes – cycles. Earth changes are going to happen and can be devastating, but also gives us a chance to come together, helping each other in response to this including a more spiritual outlook on things

I want to say here that from my teachings, the Earth is definitely going through a cyclic change and a cleansing, so those who say this is “global warming” are only partly right. It is mostly the Earth cycle that is causing the issues, but man also is accelerating the changes and causing problems with the pollution. Think of it like about 60% Earth and 40% man made. This does not excuse man from abuse of the Earth, but it is also the CONSCIOUSNESS of man that is abusive and the Earth is mirroring that back while trying to cleanse and purge.

He says Earth will not end on December 21 2012, but he thinks we are in a “pressure cooker” time period. Possible quake in California and a concern for Seattle. Hopes that Yellowstone does not blow, but is worried about that area. Undiscovered fault lines hat may be a “bigger deal” than we think. Places that are even away from the main fault lines and that aren’t being watched can become active. Likely that within 24 months (that would be before September 2014) we could get a huge earthquake as much as 10+. Once a big quake comes, it will create sort of a domino effect and people may “freak out” or at the least, it will be worrisome to people.

On the economy, Jerry says along with a global recession, the stock market is in jeopardy the next few years, especially for Europeans who are now resisting needed austerity measures. Gold has a good chance of going up no matter what. China and other nations secretly hoarding gold. He says there could be a one world currency, a one world government or a “cooperation” of some sort.

Some world religions are not going to be around because things will change in such a way as to conflict with what they believe, to cause them to question the truths they have been taught-- maybe through ET contact. The new way will be more inclusive, like universal love principles instead of separation and damnation

I say “Amen” to that.

Up next is one if my favorites, Denise Siegel, a writer, musician, astrologer and precognitive psychic. Here is her blog -- http://astrologyandpsychicpredictions.wordpress.com.
I’ve posted on her predictions before. Lately I haven’t heard much from her. She has said that she has a lot of physical ailments, like intense migraines that prevent her from posting by having to look at a computer screen. Last post was around May of this year but she will get back.

Her last posts though seemed a bit concerning as she was worried about  the economy and other things coming up about the time period May to July, but as far as I can tell there has been no real developments. The only things that have occurred mainly involved the law. There have been 2 major trials (Arias and Treyvon Martin) and some government whistleblowers (Manning and Snowdon). Jennifer Hoffman did say in the last blog post that this would be tie of new truths being revealed, so maybe the whistleblowers are doing it.

Being an astrologer (not psychic though) I have always seen the time period more like the end of July and the beginning of August of 2013, as there is a gang up of planets in tense configuration. I don’t know what will happen, but it should be visible and should be related to a crisis or emergency of sorts that requires a quick solution.            

 Denise predicted the economic crash of 2008 and the succeeding depression months before it happened, and that it was going to be a double-dip type. She was concerned for  a lot of the middle class people with investments, knowing that they may be hit really hard.

She then went on to predict that Obama would win the 2008 election, along with the states he would win in and lose. In early 2012 when Newt Gingirch was set to be the nominee, she foresaw that Romney would be the contender to Obama and that the election would be incredibly close, but that Obama would win and by a larger margin than anticipated. There will also be a lot of unseating of the Republicans. Foresaw that there may be some problems with voter suppression and that people will be rebelling about this at the polls. Thinks Hillary will run in 2016 and win. There will now be a move to the political left for a lot of people. Huge shift in understanding the wealthy “1%” type of people, showing that these folks just don’t think the way that we do.

Feels that we are “teetering” on the brink of a world war and this feeling has been with her for a while and that our excursion into Iraq started the whole issue – a series of events that could put us on the brink of war, but that with Obama it will be staved off for a while. Probably in the next decade the USA willl enter into a war within that region. Middle east countries fighting with each other but we will not be pulled into a major world war for many years after more and more instability in that region. Many regimes come and go, rise and fall. We will distance ourselves from that.

Main things are freak weather problems, worse than we ever had. In 2013 weather patterns are really going to shift extremely, Europe is going to have more problems with this. Over the next 30 years we will see the human population on this earth dwindle due to natural disasters, famines – due to weather problems, and everything one can imagine from a changing earth. Has never seen a mega quake happening in California-- as in breaking it off into the ocean-- at this point, but may occur 5-7 years down the road. Said she was in Indonesia right before the tsunami and she said she could feel it coming and also before Katrina.

Civil unrest—much polarization , people taking extreme views, she worries that we are coming close to another civil war, possible more like domestic terrorism. Economy will get better over another 2 years, but before that another wave of economic trouble from Europe, but USA is relatively stabilized.

Here is some Q&A from her blog. There is a lot more there, these are just he highlights from March to May 2013.

Someone asked how education would shift in the future and she said that “people will learn through a variety of resources, from hands on apprenticeship type of experiences to computer website based classes, and ordinary educational systems that are in place now.”
There was question about the economy and the answer was: “It will take a long time to recover, much longer than anyone realizes. Somewhere around twenty to thirty years and even then it will be a very different economy one rooted in different values and currency.” She says there will be a split where there will be those with means who still invest and use that system and then there will be most of us who are shut out of that and will use a lot of barter.

So that was Denise. I just want to add that I know there is a lot of stress about money and the economy but we will make it through somehow. It won’t be through the “job creators” or the government, it will be through our friends and our local community, and probably using the internet a lot.

You know, communities can have their own currency, too. If you had a diverse enough skill base among everyone, you can trade with money that has a set value that everyone agrees on and that they promise to uphold. This is the only thing really keeping our monetary system in place – the faith that everyone will agree to the value of the money. Without that, it’s just a piece of paper. Me, I like the Free World Charter where everything is free. Check it here www.freeworldcharter.org  

We are all in this together. We will help each other through this. There may be some people digging bunkers and stashing cash, but I don’t want to live in a world like that.

We can shift things for the better. We have the psychic power, the creative energy to focus with such force and intention on the positive outcome that this energy will spread into the physical world. We are being assisted right now with an energy that is providing more Light to the Earth. This is why you will see such negative things come to the surface to be exposed, things that have been going on forever. It is also why you will see not only the dregs of mankind’s depravity, but the apex of our spiritual light, including many seemingly miraculous events.

See you next post

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