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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coming Earth Changes – Water, Water Everywhere

All you have to do is say “Earth Changes” and there is an immediate gut reaction of anxiety. We never know exactly when they will occur or how bad they will be. We know they are happening more and more and will continue to happen, as we are in a cycle of change. The only thing we can do is try to be as prepared as possible (mentally, physically and spiritually) when they happen.

This is one of the reasons why I write these posts. I want to get everyone used to the idea that the Earth is shifting. The poles are shifting. The core is shifting. The oceans and waterways are shifting. We are shifting. The consciousness is shifting. It is a time of accelerated changes which are being seen and felt now, and may last a good long time after we are gone, but I think that we will witness many of these changes in our lifetime. If you are living here now, you were meant to experience this and you have a part to play.

As the Earth and the climates change, so do weather patterns, which then affect crops and the food supply, including distribution. It also can affect the electric grid and produce power outages, sometimes for long lengths of time. It is possible that we all will be touched by these scenarios in some way. We have to accept that we may have to be more self-sufficient at some point. This is why it is advised to start learning how to grow your food and purify your water. Get to know your neighbors. Your community and your friends will become each others’ lifeline. Don’t rely on the government for help; they will be having their own emergencies to deal with.

Lynn, of Psychic Focus Blog ( http://www.psychicfocus.blogspot.com ) has some interesting posts about Earth Changes in the near future and the problems that come with them. Lori Toye ( http://www.loritoye.com ) has also written and spoken on this for a long time and I will share some of her views on this too, as I understand them.

The major problems Lynn sees are with flooding. In most countries, obviously this is on the coastlines. The situation is that there seems to be water inundation that recedes to a point, but does not return totally back to where it came from. Then it happens again and again. This leaves pockets of water that just do not drain and land that is covered by water that is at least ankle-deep or higher at the lower sea levels.

This will make some areas uninhabitable. It doesn’t take a lot of water to flood sewer systems, roads, basements or first floors. Already we are seeing mudslides and sink holes from constant rain, or extreme rainfall over a short period. Highways can become impassable at lower levels and become eroded underneath with weak sections collapsing.

She (and Lori) also sees that the Mississippi will flood and become very wide. Lynn:

“I think that the Mississippi is going to flood the entire length of the river.  I could see up to 1/4 of Iowa being underwater eventually and I also think it will extend into Illinois as well.  I hate to evoke fear but I really do feel that the Mississippi is going to flood and consume a lot of land to the point where the United States will actually be divided by the Mississippi and we will have an East and a West United States.”

“I see this as gradual and it is just going to slowly keep rising and I have an image in my mind that, it is like it is flooded from the north but then it floods from the south also and it just like creates this plug in the middle and it just stays there.”

Here is a map from her site representing her predictions the way she sees it.

You can see the wide Mississippi, but also notice that the coastlines are pushed back a bit, sometimes a lot, as in the Maryland, Virginia, DC area which is really wiped out. Also South Florida and the eastern coast there. Cape Cod is gone as well as Long Island and southern Jersey. There is also a curious waterway on the eastern border of California connecting all the way up to Washington State.

The part about Russia and China having control in the mid-section is related to the last post I put up ( http://2012vision.blogspot.com/2014_04_01_archive.html ) about the coming financial issues and how Lynn has predicted that eventually China will call in the US debts and will not accept paper money, but want gold or land. We don’t have enough gold, so we give some kind of control over land, and they mainly want land that produces food.      

According to Lynn, one of the main reasons for the water issue is that the Earth slows its rotation somewhat and this forces excess water held at a bulge in the middle of the planet to be redistributed north and south.

Lori Toye, an Ascended Master channel who has been creating future Earth Changes maps since the 1990’s, also sees that it is very possible that we will see the Mississippi expand in our lifetime. She has created a 6-map scenario, showing Earth Changes from the least to the most drastic as has been recorded through her from the Masters, and on the first map we see that river pretty much like Lynn is seeing it. The question is, when will this happen?

Lori has said that these changes are happening now to varying degrees, but may continue for a very long time, even after we are gone. How intense they are and how fast they proceed is largely up to us. The more people that shift to a higher consciousness, the easier, or more gently the unfolding will be. For insights into “when” things will happen, she provides a sequence of events instead of a timeline of years. The first of these events is to look for a downturn of the U.S. economy, then the worldwide economy, then to look for overall global warming with major flooding, then finally, worldwide earthquakes.
Lori has also spoken of water inundation due to the melting of the poles. Since 1980, the Arctic has lost about 40% of its ice. Now the Antarctic is starting to melt off. The message she received was that the extra water pressure on the fault lines would cause major eruptions of earthquakes large enough to sink great masses of land. In response to the destabilizing proportion of land to water, there are said to be three different shifts of the polar axis a few years apart. As the water does its work and displaces huge populations, there will be mass migrations to safer areas.

Lori’s antidote to the current and future state of the Earth is prayer, or individual spiritual practice, whatever that may mean to a person. Her belief is that this will make a difference in the outcome of events by affecting the collective consciousness of Earth and therefore altering any Earth Change devastation. Lori says that there will be safe places that will also be spiritual centers, called Golden Cities. You can go to these high energy areas right now and experience the rising vibratory rate there. Learn more about Lori, her work, the Golden Cities and the Ascended Master teachings here: http://www.loritoye.com 

Also, check out her new book, Sisters of the Flame – helpful, insightful, spiritual and practical information that she received from the Masters for this time of transition http://store.iamamerica.com/index.php?_a=product&product_id=72

We can not know the future exactly, but we can shift our consciousness individually. The best thing that anyone can do is start meditation a little every day. This will connect you to your higher self, which will be your guidance and will provide some energetic protection from negative circumstances and intrusion from lower energies.



  1. Hello Craig,

    I just stopped by to see what is new on your blog. Great article! I like your writing style.

    Love and light,

  2. Lynn, thank you. If you ever see something here about your work and you feel it needs clarification, please let me know and I will edit. Thank you for your work. Love your blog, I check it very day.