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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jodie Senkyrik And The Three “World Disaster” Events, Plus Cheryl Lynn predictions for 2015

Once again I apologize for the delays in posting. I just have been swamped working on music projects and trying to get my music out there to publishers, music supervisors or anyone who can use it. This is music that I write that is like roots music, not my sacred sound music, although some of that is used as well for licensing.

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Jodie Senkyrik is a clairvoyant and counselor, who has been blogging since at least 2008, gives some great information on a variety of topics, expressed in a really simple and easily understood manner. Jodie also does readings. Here is the page that I got the bulk of the information from for this post:  http://jodie1.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/prediction-for-2015-world-disaster-event-2-of-3

Jodie predicts a huge event impacting the Atlantic (and all those countries bordering it) in August 2015, possibly starting in the islands of northeast South America and spreading slowly around up to the Caribbean , then up the US coast, eventually hitting the UK and that part of Europe. He is being mysterious about what exactly this will be, but it looks to him like the source is a combination of natural and man-made elements that would cause "greater devastation" than the Fukushima tsunami. Yet he says there is not one single natural event (volcano, earthquake, hurricane, etc) that will be involved, as there is also upheaval in social or economic conditions that occur. He sees this as beginning "not as a cataclysmic event but rather as a gradual increase of devastating circumstances – growing and spreading over time via the Atlantic Ocean." He says there will be warnings around June of 2014, but that people will not recognize them, or will ignore them.

This prediction was made in March, 2014 and he is not backing down about this. In fact you have to get a password to see more details about this right now, unless you want to wait until he makes more information public. I have read what he has to say but will not pass this on in respect to his wishes. But you can go to his site and ask for the password through the "comments" section and you will know whatever the latest is that he is seeing about this.

He labels this event as “World disaster: 2 of 3.” the first being Fukushima. "Each will be a major event affecting the entire world directly physically and/or indirectly economically." So what will the third event be? "I see the 3rd and final 'chapter' of this 'book' in 2018 to 2019. I’m not yet clearly seeing the form it will take. I do believe I’m seeing it be man-made, though." That’s all the detail about the third event so far.

Speaking of Fukushima, he has said that he believes that the radiation is definitely here on the West Coast of America, but is at manageable and non-lethal levels, except for the higher elevations which may have some problems with it. Mainly it is from Northern California to Alaska (most likely because of the way the currents run and the air carries it).  

Jodie says, "Weather is changed by human consciousness. Ignoring this fact only means it will continue on the path it is on.  Prayer and meditation affect weather." This is what I have also been taught and I believe it is true. Even though we are experiencing a great deal of advanced weather manipulation, I still believe in that power of directed positive thought and prayer with an emotional desire behind it being a great force of good. This applies to anything in our lives, including prayer for the Earth and all that lives here.

I have been following Cheryl Lynn for a couple of years now. She actually had some good hits, especially about the cyber-hacking which seems to be a monthly event now, where we get news about large chains that are hacked for credit card information. Here is her site http://www.whiterose-productions.com/home.html  She has some videos there too and she does personal readings.

She always gives predictions far in advance. These predictions for 2015 were published in February of 2014:

-- East Coast really going to get hit with bad weather, especially Florida. Advises disaster preparedness, generators, etc.  Actually mentions Boca Raton specifically

-- The age of the Feminine begins to take hold, equalizing the sexes in a way--men expressing more emotion, women expressing more masculine traits which may be a "surprise and a shock" to some. Gay marriage flourishes, decline of hetro marriage

-- She likes this Pope that we have now, will be around for a long time and will do much good, but says that the next one she gets the phrase "dark pope" around him

-- Violence and revolt in China, Japan and India (This didn’t even take until 2015, as the Hong Kong demonstrations are in full swing as of now, October 2014)

-- From 2015 on, no American is safe in the Middle East countries, even those that say they are friendly. Looks like this area will remain volatile for a long while to come, but she says that by 2032 (of all years), there will begin an "age of renewal"

I will try to get some more predictions for 2015 before the end of the year. They seem to come out around this time. I’m hoping to catch any big events that will affect people or the Earth itself before they happen and give a general timeline.

Time is such a difficult marker. I hear that on the spirit side, one day could be like years to us, and the psychics who are interpreting this may feel that urgency like it is happening right now, yet it may be many years later (or never) that a particular prediction comes to pass. My view is it is best to be aware of a possible scenario and to not be surprised. I also try to look at a lot of predictions and see parallels that indicate more than one person is hitting on a certain subject or theme. This gives a little more weight to the event.

We are in the times of transition. Upheaval on all fronts is happening due to vibrational changes, Earth magnetic shifts, and energetic cleansing of ourselves and areas of the Earth that retain negativity from the past that are aching to be released. It is really unknown what exactly will happen, but we know that things will be very different in a short time, as time is compacting and compressing our evolution into a steep learning curve, especially for those who are “asleep”, or who are not aware that this is going on and are freaking out.

Take care and many blessings to all. We are all in this together.Take care of each other.


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