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Monday, March 9, 2015

Update On The Possible Financial Downturn And Releasing Fear

I meant to put this out a little sooner so that anyone who is able to can be ready for this. As with all predictions, it is not a done deal. Human error, free will and timelines all play a part. I started talking about his early on last year and now this may be coming soon, so I feel the need to warn people in advance, even if it does not come as soon as foreseen, if at all. In the time between the last post about this, I’ve been watching the market and gathering more information.     

Raymond Merriman is a financial astrologer who has been watching and reporting on future financial trends for a long time now (http://www.mmacycles.com/). His insights are given as plain language that anyone can understand, mixed with astro talk of signs and aspects. He must be doing something right, as financial analysts and investors have been ordering his reports since he began. In 2012, he put out an article attempting to predict future trends impacting us now.

Astrology is fascinating to me because it uses cycles and you can always look back in history to try to interpret what may be coming up now. It will never be exactly the same event, but the underlying issue will.    

Here is the overview: We are in the midst of great political, economic and social change signified by the 90° aspect between slow moving Pluto and Uranus. This lasts a long time as they meet, then retrograde, and then meet again. The final meeting for this aspect will be in mid-March of 2015.

Uranus in Aries prompts individual freedom, even radical and unpredictable action, along with Pluto in Capricorn, which is going to transform many old institutions if they can not (or will not) change for the betterment of society and mankind. You might say that Pluto’s action is to purge ourselves of any poisons that have subtly come into our body mind and soul, to push us into letting go of ways that are hurting us. Unfortunately many respond to this by tightening controls through fear, causing sickness or even their own demise. Pluto will always win. I’m talking personally here, as well as the global situation.  

Merriman watches Jupiter to pinpoint the actual events of the market’s high and low points. We are coming up to another low point as Jupiter has entered Leo. Jupiter runs through about one sign a year. Leo (and Aquarius) will always correspond with a market low point in a 12 year cycle, each one coming in around the 6 year mark. This will be another repeat of March 2009, March 2015 being the 6 year mark or midpoint. At the last correction, the market lost about half its strength. He predicts that a low could hit from now to mid-March 2015, or next around September of 2015, and that the consequences of that will still be around until 2020. The good thing is that with Uranus, we have the ability to create something new, even though the event itself comes as a shock.

Merriman says that the main cause of this downturn is the “debt explosion.” I believe this is true and psychics agree as well, but there is another factor which I touched on in a past blog entry about Lynn, who writes the Psychic Focus blog (http://2012vision.blogspot.com/2014_04_01_archive.html and scroll down). What she is saying is that, yes there will be a major correction, it will be bad, but sometime after that there will be a new system of currency put in to place, one ultimately based on gold. (Here is a reading from almost a year ago about this http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2014/04/quick-question-on-us-financial-problem.html You can search her blog for more.)

Lynn had seen that the market would indeed fall after reaching a high. She saw that this would begin around December 2014 and you would see the market decline in steps. If you were to look at a graph it would be like two steps down, one step up, repeating itself until it is at its lowest point. In addition, as a sign that things are headed down, watch prices of goods and services. When they start to spike for no reason, that is another indicator. At the time of this post, the Dow and other markets are coming down a little now from a significant high point. Lynn added that the markets are “heavily manipulated” at this time.

She goes on to say that at some point after the downturn, a move will be made to promote another fiat currency (currently the US dollar) and have it backed by gold to stabilize things. She says this will be China, who has been preparing for this for quite a while. The dollar will ultimately fall in value, maybe at worst in half. That means that your money will not be worth as much as it is today. Federal Reserve Notes (US money) are not worth that much now anyway, as the Fed has been using “quantitative easing” (printing money) to prop up the economy, but this was only forestalling the inevitable.  

During the reset, there may be an interim digital currency that is used as well. We use that type of thing all the time with credit cards. She goes on to see a sad situation here in the United States and in countries over the world that have weak currency and high debt. This is the Pluto purge and the Uranian surprise, which is not really a surprise, but has been building and been ignored until it blows up.

I’m telling you this so that you can watch for the signs and take action if you can to reinvest your funds in to something tangible, or at least to know what is happening so that you are not surprised or so you can start making plans now by talking to a professional. Silver bullion is a good investment, as Lynn (and others) have said that silver will be the thing that skyrockets. She says it is being artificially suppressed in value so that the wealthy “in the know” can take advantage of this if they want to. I don’t have a time frame on this change of currency situation, but it will be after the downturn at some point, maybe a matter of years, I don’t know at this point. Just watch for the signs in case it does happen on this timeline, in her time frame. 

I know that many have investment funds that will be hit if this downturn happens and you may not be able to get at them. It’s all right. All but the richest one-percenters will be in the same boat and we will survive this by helping each other through it. The government may not be able to help you that much, if at all. We are going to need to depend on each other.

Just as a side note, remember that currency is just an exchange of energy. Any group can get together and create their own currency of exchange, with a value that is agreed upon by all. There will also be a lot of bartering going on in the future as the financial mess takes shape.

I know this sounds scary, but do not fall into fear. Fear lowers your vibration and allows you to be influenced by outside thought forms. It’s like being hypnotized or entrained, mainly by the media on commercial TV, but also from being in contact with others who are afraid. Take action if you can, and if you can not, live your life with as much joy and positive energy as you can, taking each day as it comes. This will attract spiritual protection. I also would advise daily meditation time. When you meditate, you can lift the fear vibration and connect to you higher self. You become more objective, calm and just know that everything will work out. ( I have two CDs here with many meditation songs that can help to get you into the alpha state quickly http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/CraigHowell )

Remember that we are in a great transition in all areas of our lives. Some handle it better than others, but it is here and we are all taking this roller coaster ride. We are taking a great evolutionary leap that has been foretold for a long time. As we rise from our third dimensional mind into a more universal consciousness, we not only free ourselves from fear, but also free the earth and all humanity to rise above a level that has been accepted until now, one that has also been artificially imposed on us for a long while. Now is the time. Rise up.



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