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Friday, July 3, 2015

Wild And Weird Weather Is The New Normal Plus "Planet X" Shows Up

It’s hard to think about what is happening in the heavens when we are trying so hard just to live our lives day to day. But I think it is good to sometimes think about the bigger picture, as it does affect our daily existence and will in the times to come. It also gives us more perspective on climate issues, which really hit home when it comes to shopping for food and taking care of our bodies.   

Earth right now has a wobble. I’m not sure for how long this has been occurring, but it has been a while. So we are spinning around on the axis and we get into this motion that looks like what happens when a spinning top loses its momentum and starts to slow down, creating this gyrating, drunken motion. This in turn creates some crazy climate issues. (There are manmade problems as well, due to the use of weather control – chemtrails, HAARP and who knows what else). 

Lynn, from Psychic Focus Blog (http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com ), has answered questions from readers about this effect and other things going on with Earth and our solar system right now.      

Lynn believes that there is a "solar system in tandem with ours" that has moved in and is making contact with us now. It revolves around what she calls a "sister sun" and the planets in that system are starting to get close enough to have an effect on our outer planets, and us. She says, “…it’s not going to collide with Earth, it’s not going to knock us off of our axis." So that is somewhat reassuring.

On a side note, Ryan Michaels (http://psychicryan.com ), who contributed to my book, “2012 Messages”, had said that he saw that at one time in the future one of the moons of the outer planets would be there one minute and gone the next. This would make sense if there is a strong gravitational force that knocks a moon out of its orbit.

Soon, Lynn says that the gravitational forces will be affecting Earth, making it wobble even more, thus producing even more erratic weather and earth changes. She is predicting "…bitter cold temperatures followed by moderate to warm…" happening throughout 2015. Record highs and lows everywhere on Earth. She sees all this as beginning now, reaching an intensity in about ten years, then leveling off as the system moves on.

She says in a strange twist, because of the crazy weather affecting crops, Monsanto and its GMO seed, which is genetically created to handle severe conditions, will be wanted by some to offset the growing conditions. (I think we need to use greenhouses with organic produce instead.)

In a side note, GMO’s are pretty much pervasive in our food supply now, and this includes what animals are fed, too. There are still many areas of the world that will not use this “franken-seed” (Europe banned it pretty much as soon as it came out in the 90s). When I asked a Kuan Yin channel about this GMO food, she said that it creates little “stuck” places where the food just doesn’t get used, but is stored in the body, as the body does not know what to do with it. On the good side, if your vibratory rate is high enough, she said you will just pass it right through, but that you get little or no nutritional value from it.

Along with this sister system comes what Lynn has termed "the red comet", which is not a comet, but a large planet that has this reddish look and a hazy “tail” (see the image) that is part of that system. Many have asked her if this is "Niburu" or "Planet X", a planet that has been foretold to appear in our skies, and which has been referred to in Earth's past, when this other solar system has cycled through before. To this she is unsure at this time, but thinks it may be. 

This planet, whatever it is, has been here before, thousands of years ago, and we are in that cycle where it comes around again. Unfortunately, whenever it shows up there seems to be earth changes that occur due its gravitational influence on our system.

At this time, our Sun is going through a cycle where it is becoming hotter. If you see the Sun in the sky now, it looks different than it did years ago. It is more white-colored rather than yellowish, looking brighter, harsher. This is having its own effect on Earth. I suggest that one should have a little caution when being exposed to the Sun these days, and because of that I recommend taking some vitamin D3 to compensate for that.    

In addition to this solar system and Niburu, she has talked about how Earth is also going through this slow heaving motion, kind of like it is breathing; expanding and contracting in very small increments over time. She sees Earth has actually grown over time like a living being, but growing in an east /west direction, getting "fatter but not taller.” So along with the erratic weather patterns we will get some problems with unstable areas like the plates and especially where fault lines run north and south. 

This heaving motion could also open up more vents in the ocean which are already active and pushing more heat in to the water, ultimately changing the climate systems. It only takes a few degrees of ocean temperature, up or down, to affect the conveyor belt of currents and the amount of moisture that is held in the atmosphere, which affects the temps and the amount of snow or rain.

If all this wasn’t enough, Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker as the Earth’s rotation incrementally slows down. It is estimated that it has lost about half its strength in the last 4,000 years, although rotation has been slowing for eons in miniscule amounts. I touched on this in “2012 Messages.” The Schumann Response, or Schumann Resonance, is known as the “Earth’s Heartbeat” and has been calculated as 7.8 cycles per second for thousands of years, until now. In 1980 it started rising and as of now is at 12 cycles per second, or thereabout. Greg Braden has postulated that when it reaches 13, the Earth will slow down, stop, then the prophesied “three days of darkness”, then it will start rotating in the opposite direction, the magnetic axis will flip, and east will become west. Pretty wild. We will have to wait and see about that. So many things are possible as it depends a lot on our collective consciousness at this time and how that consciousness may change the timelines.  

The slowing of Earth has another problem for us. This contributes to reduced immune system function because of the decrease in the strength of the magnetic field, hence the issue of not being able to fend off diseases as we have in the past. It is not so much that new (or old) diseases are taking their toll, it is more that our bodies immune systems are so compromised that anything that comes our way is a potential hazard. The tainted food and water supply don’t help, as well as daily exposure to EMF from phones and computers. Those who refuse to rise in consciousness or keep their energy in a low vibratory state become more susceptible to these diseases too.   

Don’t worry. We are just going through a great cycle right now where SO much is happening at once on the physical and spiritual levels. Take a day to unplug from your TV and all your devices. Relax in nature, meditate, give thanks for all the good in your life and pray for protection (The Violet Flame meditation, or asking Archangel Michael are good to use). We do have help.

Our positive ET brothers are also trying as hard as they can to do whatever they can (within their limitations) to protect us, to help us and Earth to be free to evolve. It’s an uphill climb because there is so much resistance from lower energies that like things the way they are, but we will rise above it. There is no doubt, we will rise above it all. The Light is strong and people are waking up. Wherever the Light shines, there is no Darkness, so shine your inner light wherever you go, and just your very presence will have an uplifting effect on the people and situations that you encounter on your path.


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