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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Psychic Predictions for 2016 - Planet X

It looks like a planetoid, most likely an orange-red brown dwarf, part of another solar system, will be sweeping by us, maybe for the second time in a matter of years, as it makes its way around our sun and back out. Some call it “Nemesis” and it drags some moons or small planets with it, one of them named, among other names, “Nibiru,” so-called, “planet of the crossing.”

It is thought now that our solar system is a binary system, one with two suns, and that indeed many of the solar systems in the galaxy are like this. There are two ideas about this. One is that our sister sun is far away from us, but that it does swing close enough to mingle its planets with ours, and that even Pluto may be a part of this system, but Nemesis is not. The other theory is that the Nemesis system with the brown dwarf is that other binary star system. There is debate about how often this solar system comes to orbit our sun, most agree with the estimate of about every 3600 years.  

The Nemesis system has been detected far out in the heavens since the 80s and has been predicted to arrive “at any moment” for many years. People have grown weary of the false predictions, but I believe that it is definitely on its way and will show up in the next couple of years. I believe we are already feeling the effects and seeing some strange orbs in the sky, many times near the Sun, that can not be accounted for.

It is a little confusing as the naming of the incoming bodies is so varied. Generally I am settling on the Brown Dwarf being called Nemesis and the planet that will come nearest to us is Nibiru. Some use these interchangeably along with other names like Titan, Planet X, etc, etc. The next issue is, where the heck is this system in relation to us and when will it be seen for sure. Lynn from Psychic Focus Blog has said Nemesis is now “behind the Sun” at about the 10 o’clock position. This is the other factor. Looking at something in space from our vantage point can be really deceiving. It’s hard to tell where it actually is and where it is headed without some coordinates. People say if you know the coordinates, you can see this red winged comet on Google Sky or Skyview. 


Many have done a ton of research over the years on this topic and of course there are psychics who have their take. It would be coming in at an angle, moving in from near Jupiter and Mars, through that part of the ecliptic and under them. Even at this distance, we can still be influenced by this object. NASA is strangely silent on this topic, mainly discounting any theories by anyone regarding this. I also find that a lot of researchers are calling this object Wormwood, as in the Biblical Revelations, tying it to the Apocalypse, The Second Coming, etc., so I just listen for whatever they have to offer, regardless of their belief system. It will not hit us. This is NOT an extinction event. We have a long way to go.                

Brown dwarfs like Nemesis are not hot enough to be a star and too hot to be a planet. This one is spewing something, most likely iron-oxide, which gives it the look of a comet as it rotates, as in one of those hurricane icons with wings, like on the weather charts. We have not seen its presence because you need infrared to see it, as it does not reflect light and emits very little traceable radiation, hence another name it has is “The Dark Star.” It seems to have up to 7 moons or planets with it too, which are showing up in videos as bright or translucent spheres in various locations around the globe.

The thing about the red dust is that these would be like nano particles when they influence our atmosphere, so you would see this very reddish hue along the horizon, or maybe in the whole sky at points. It could also tint the water making it reddish, if it was close enough. You can see why the biblical people latch on this, as this corresponds to one of the plagues in the time of Moses when the water was “turned to blood.” It could have been a time on Earth when Nemesis did pass by.  

This reminded me of something Gordon Michael Scallion predicted in the 90s about the coming of a red planet that gets really close, or seems really close, in his book “Notes From The Cosmos.” I remember him describing a vision where everyone was talking on their cells and just had to drop them because the phones were emitting a shock. This electrical element could very well be a part of this, as super strong lightening storms have been predicted when this rolls through.  

This system may already have slid underneath us around 2013 and let loose some of the rocks that it collects as meteors (Russia 2013). A brown dwarf is an extremely dense planetoid, like 20 times more dense than Earth, and this one is said to be up to 5 times (or more) larger in size than Earth. The density causes a massive vacuum cleaner-like gravitational pull on anything near it, something like a black hole – that strong. So when it comes by, it pulls on the magnetic poles and upsets the weather even more, increasing the erratic wobble that we already have and adding to any tectonic and weather issues. By the way, the Sun is having some massive coronal ejections now which affect the poles (the weather), the tectonics and us as we respond emotionally and physically to these bursts of energy that come our way. 

Nibiru’s system is most likely coming in beneath the ecliptic, under our solar system, as orbs have been seen a lot from vantage points mostly in places beneath or near the equator. There have been bright spheres spotted at various points very near the Sun, like a little bump practically hidden in the rays of the Sun. That may be Nibiru or one of the other bodies circling Nemesis. You wouldn’t be able to see the giant red star-like planet that it revolves around unless it got really close or you had an infrared telescope. 

(copyright, Andy Lloyd from Dark Star Blog)

Predictions are varying, but most agree March-June of this year you should be able to see Nibiru in the sky as it pops up over the ecliptic, but the whole system is moving in fits and starts through the gravitational fields of the planets, so it’s really hard to predict. Could be next year or the next, but it will be very soon. Predictions for its effects range wildly: Extreme, unpredictable weather and electrical storms knocking out power, satellite disruption (or even satellites destroyed by space debris that it drags with it), more meteor strikes, a reddish hue to our atmosphere and maybe even redness in water from the red oxide. It depends on how close the system comes and where we are in our orbit around the Sun in relation to the system.

Alex Collier, an ET contactee, has said that ETs will help in containing the debris field and the extreme gravitational pull on the Earth if needed. This is good because if any planet came too close, it could easily pull the poles and shift them to quickly, causing some great catastrophes. Collier has stated that the debris field Nemesis drags with it is very long, about a million miles, so as the system gets near enough, he says we will be going through this meteor field about five times in the next five years as we make our way around the Sun, before the planet exits our solar system.  

It will never be permitted for the Earth to be destroyed at this time, either by a planet, by ETs or by humans, and we won’t be going back to the Stone Age to start again. Although the Earth has experienced cataclysms and pole shifts with mankind starting from zero, we have come too far in consciousness and there is more to go to fulfill what you might call, The Divine Plan. This is a special time, a Grand Shift, unlike any other experiment that has been attempted by Spirit; ordained by Divine Will, you might say. It’s a new plan to get man to evolve, and this plan will not be disrupted. It is already heavily in motion.     

This is just a heads up so that if you see something like this in the sky, get ready for some crazy unpredictable weather or earth changes. I would wager you will start to see some crazy (or crazier) weather even before this thing is visible to the naked eye, starting this Spring. I would definitely keep extra bottled water, food, supplements, medicine, and get a generator, as this may take a while to get through our system. Something to think about.



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