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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ET Disclosure Is Coming

ETs have been interacting with us and the Earth since the beginning and, in reality, our souls are all ET, as our spirits came from different star systems to explore being in a body on Earth in its early formation. The ETs are our physical cousins too, as they have been tweaking our species with their genetics since the beginning of human evolution. This is what I personally believe to be the case after much study.

Alex Collier and Simon Parkes are two outspoken contactees who have been trying to inform people of the truth about this subject for years. Alex states that we are very unique as a species because of all this genetic manipulation from different races. He goes so far as to call us “genetic royalty,” a term that may be foreign to humans, but is well known by others in the galaxy (and he’s talking about our collective DNA, not just certain families). We need to recognize that. We are not better than others, but we have a lot of power because of our latent abilities and our compassion, our connection to our heart center.

As we continue the shift, rising in frequency, we will be fulfilling our potential, but in order to do that, we have to be able to live in the 3rd dimension, yet see it from a 4th dimensional perspective. The object of the shift is to lift us from the sticky pull of the 3rd dimensional energy so that we can evolve and return us to our original capacities, which included such things as telepathy and healing abilities. Meditation is key to doing this, especially at this point in the shift. (From the Shameless Publicity Department, I recommend any of my meditation music, good for beginners just trying to maintain a relaxed and focused state as well as for the advanced. http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/CraigHowell  and/or stream me on Pandora http://www.pandora.com/craig-howell )            

I believe that the truth about the ETs has been covered up and hidden for a long time for varying reasons, one of which is the fear factor that people have when faced with the unknown or with something new. Now it is time for us to know the true history of the planet and to wake up to the fact that we are not the only ones at (or beyond) our level in our galaxy. The energy that is around now demands the unveiling of the truth of all things that have been hidden.    

Alex and Simon say that there have been many agreements as to disclosure, but the USA in particular is being stubborn about admitting the truth to the public (although other countries have been more free about it). Supposedly the time for disclosure has come and gone and the concerned benevolent ETs (there are others who don’t really care anything about us) are saying that there is no more time, and they will force the issue if necessary. Simon sees the timeline as 1 to 2 years before ETs go ahead and do it their way. I don’t think the government will ever admit anything that it doesn’t have to, but may have to say something if huge ships start becoming visible in broad daylight, which according to Alex, he says this is a likely scenario at this time. Another possibility is a lot of ET contact to small groups, sort of a grassroots thing, getting people used to having them around. Alex also has mentioned “ET mentoring,” where we allow ourselves to receive guidance from another race, yet still do the work ourselves to heal the planet. In late 2015, Bashar (channel) stated that “official governmental disclosure would come from an unexpected source.” 

The space brothers want to help, but the contactees stress that we need us to help ourselves and to consciously choose not to give up our rights or power to any ET civilization. You have to understand that if you go with the program that is presented to you, as we have been, without question, you indirectly agree to the game, whatever it may be. The future we desire is near, as now we have more freedom to choose what we want for the world and the consciousness is rising and spreading fast. A better future is coming. Stay positive and envision what you want, not what you don’t want and don’t get stuck watching the misery of the world on TV.

Speaking of TV or movies, we always have a lot of alien invasion type programs or films which are subconsciously causing a lot of fear about contact. First of all, if ETs of another race wanted to (or were allowed to) wipe out the human race and claim the planet, they would have done it already, as their technology and abilities can be extremely more advanced than ours -- and we do have a lot of advanced technology. So that’s that. Realize that because we are a mix of races, and because we were born on and have inhabited Earth for eons, we have a right to be here and to live in peace without interference.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been making statements about trying to get to the bottom of the ET or UFO thing if she is elected. As it stands, that will probably not happen. Know that the president is many security clearances below that which is needed to access that information. That’s right, when the president calls and wants to know what is going on, someone on the other line informs him that it is on a “need to know” basis and he doesn’t need to know. Even the Joint Chiefs of staff, the highest generals in the military, can’t get any information. You can make your own conclusions about that.

Dr. Steven Greer (an actual medical doctor) who formed CSETI back in 1990 and who developed the Close Encounter scale 1-5, is getting more proactive about disclosure. Feeling that time is of the essence, he is now approaching this from a legal standpoint, having exhausted all his highest connections and all other options. To him, disclosure is not a magical thing that will happen, and the people must “take it and move it.” He says that if the people have the courage of conviction and push it, the leaders will follow (like the civil rights movement of the 60s). He even has a lawyer working on developing a case under the premise that the covert projects by the government are illegal -- in essence, a criminal enterprise -- so they are not able to use the law or “national security” to stop disclosure. He is collecting insiders willing to testify for immunity.       

His newest project is to create another film about this subject and release it in 2017 along with a televised concert of famous bands, hopefully reaching a billion people or more. During the concert, he intends to have a working presentation of a “free energy” machine. This is important because this technology is available and we need it now. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone had all the free energy they needed? No wars for oil. No pollution from carbon-based energy. No more worries about gas to get to work or monthly energy bills going up.   

For general information and links, go to http://www.disclosureproject.org/  
Go here for the film trailer http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/sirius-film-2/ 
Go here for the new energy information http://www.theneworionproject.org/en/       

We are waking up now in unprecedented numbers and seeing that the chains that have been around us the whole time are actually of our own making. We are seeing things as they are, not as we have been told, and those in power here on Earth are scrambling because the game is about to change. The frequencies are rising and this is shifting everything, creating an uncomfortable climate for those who like the 3rd dimension density and a more inviting and easier one for those who are of a higher consciousness or frequency.


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