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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sherri Cortland On The New Earth, Jennifer Hoffman and Denise Siegel About Truths That Will Be Revealed

Sherri Cortland gets messages through automatic writing from her guides and was in my book “2012 MESSAGES”. Her third work is coming out in July, entitled “SPIRITUAL TOOLBOX” from Ozark Mountain Publishing (Dolores Cannon’s company).

Before we proceed with information from her, I want to share an offer from her. Until May 31st, order the book, get a signed copy and $60 worth of free gifts. There is also a guided meditation CD included with Sherri speaking and it has my meditation music in the background. To order, get more info and see reviews go here http://sherricortland.com/?page_id=705

For those who don’t know, I have been creating meditation music since 2000, what I like to call Sacred Sound music. (For info, samples and links to my music go here http://chowell.wix.com/2012vision/sacred-sound )

What’s great about Sherri and her writing (besides her amusing and entertaining style) is that she’s on a mission to get concrete information from her guides that completely answer her questions about things. As a reader it is as if you are on a journey with a friend who is asking about what you want to know.

What I wanted to focus on here was the section where she tries to understand about the great new 5D Earth, or New Earth that we were told was coming. What happened to that? Many were led to believe from many sources that we were (or are still) creating a higher dimensional Earth, that we will raise our vibratory rate and at some point will wake up in this new place.

Turns out, according to the guides, that yes, the 5D Earth has been created and would not have been had it not been for a great deal of spiritual workers here on the planet. Obviously we can’t see this because we have physical limitations. This may be disappointing to some, but it seems we will stay in our bodies until we pass, THEN proceed to the 5D Earth, if our soul needs to or wants to. Bummer. However, there is still the potential for a kinder, gentler, less chaotic and dramatic 3D Earth to live on. So that’s something to look forward to.          

One of her guides says that what we’ve done is a “monumental, universal, galactic achievement. But you still have these perfectly good 3D bodies, and there’s still work to be done on 3D Earth. What’s important now is to continue to make the most of this present incarnation.”

As for a mass transition, they say “…we can’t have hundreds of thousands of people simply disappear from the face of 3D Earth. There cannot be a gaping hole in the carefully laid life plans of millions of people, and that’s what would happen if concentrating on the here and now is what will benefit them, the human race, and the planet the most at this time.”


I like Jennifer Hoffman’s prolific writings, including daily posts on Facebook, monthly energy updates and her Blogtalk Radio show every Wednesday (where, by the way, you can get a free one question reading). She was also featured in my book. You can find links to all her writings and activities here http://www.enlighteninglife.com/ 

There are a couple of things I want to relate from her. One is about the escalating violence like the Boston marathon explosions and seemingly random senseless shootings. She believes that there is more to these events than meets the eye, that these have been manufactured to provoke fear among us (including the financial/housing crisis), because when you are in fear, you are sucked into the depths of the 3rd dimension and are easily controlled by that fear. She says that she wants to believe in the best and knows everything will work out in the end, but she can not ignore what she is feeling and sensing, what she knows to be the truth, even if it is hard for people to believe.

Just a note: This is approaching what people might call “conspiracy” type thinking. There will always be negative people doing “bad” things, trying to control others through any means possible, and this time on Earth is no exception. It is good to be aware of this and to question what we are told by anyone, but I don’t like to dwell on this. We manifest what we focus on, so the best thing is to be able to watch what is happening while staying out of fear or becoming too emotionally involved, yet maintaining compassion always for those suffering.    

Here’s part of a post from Jennifer: “I was reminded of something I wrote in the 2013 predictions, that this kind of activity would intensify because 2013 is the year of truth... it is one of the themes. And in May, truths that have long been hidden from us would begin to be revealed. This revelation will not come easily, nor will it be easy to understand, but we have to know what we have been dealing with and it will be at all levels and with entities -- both private and public -- that we cannot imagine.”

She also named three more areas that will be the center of this type of activity by mid-May. These would be St Louis, Chicago and Louisiana. I don’t know if the first two have happened, but they just had the Mothers Day shootings in New Orleans.     

In addition to uncovering hidden truths, she believes that “…disclosure is upon us now… many facts about the presence of ETs and other off-earth life will be revealed soon, to the point where they can no longer be denied, I think as early as next month.”

ET phone home --  I’ll pick up. I would really like to see this happen in one way, but in another I can see people loading up their guns when the visitors show up. Is the Earth really ready for this? We can’t even get along with all the different races and cultures right here much less from out there.

One more thing, while doing some surfing I found this video interview of a CIA official giving his last testimony about what he has experienced over the years, including seeing off-world craft and alien life forms. http://www.openminds.tv/deathbed-testimony-about-ufos-given-by-former-cia-official-video-1002/

I just want to be clear that this is not Jennifer’s primary interest at all. She mainly deals with personal empowerment, instructing people through her readings on how to use their spiritual energy to manifest the life they want. It just happens that she also is a seeker of truth and when Spirit gives her the truth, she feels that it is important to pass that along to us and let us decide what to think about this information.


I initially ran across psychic Denise Siegel a long time ago and was impressed with her insights and accuracy. I’ve been following her blog, Astrology and Psychic Prediction and in her latest posts she is talking about feeling something big coming for the USA. This is related to the Uranus/Pluto square that we have been under since about 2008 (until about 2016) and which is calling for the awakening of man in the form of freedom of outer control and the regaining personal power. With this aspect it doesn’t always go smoothly, as in the Arab Spring uprisings.

Denise is concerned that the USA will be getting a big wake up call which she sees as coming from now until June, but I see this as extending even until July/August, as there is a massive gang up of planets around us that are pushing against the planets in the USA chart. These are slow moving planets and represent great shifts in consciousness.

According to her the wake up call will be in the form of the revealing of truths about how the common people have been manipulated, oppressed and used by those with power and money, mainly since the 80s (although there has always been this negative element within all human structures): 
“…The mission of turning our empire into a corporate plutocracy where the wealthy are protected and there is no longer a ladder for the middle-class and poor to move upwards will be seen in stark effect… We will see and feel first hand the sweeping changes that have been being made in secret …to block the will of the people… The good news is the veil will be lifted and people will be able to tell the lies from reality. We may take a big hit, but it will unify people and eventually shift us to a more compassionate view, raising our consciousness to a new level.”

She has a lot to say about these inequalities and how things may proceed into the future. In fact she has so much more to say, I’m going to have to continue with her next post and go more in-depth. In the meantime you can read prior posts at her site starting here with her last post and roll backwards http://astrologyandpsychicpredictions.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/  or just explore randomly as you wish.


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